I Am Not Anti-Vaccine, I Am Pro SAFE Vaccine


When you seek to prove the effectiveness or efficacy of a new drug in a Laboratory. One part of the process is to test one control group who are given the drug, against another control group given a placebo. It is called a comparative analysis study and it is a critical step in testing the safety of any new drug or medicine.
You can, over a period of time, compare the outcomes of both groups to note the expected benefits of the drug (the efficacy), but also compare for other unexpected negative quantifiable outcomes. Such as an increase in certain life threatening conditions experienced within the live test group. These studies not only prove that the drug does what it is supposed to do and is therefore of worth but it also tests the long term SAFETY implications of using the drug on human health
Surprisingly, this kind of comparative study is NEVER carried out with new vaccines.
They simply go straight from laboratory, to licensing to injecting everyone.
No comparative studies are carried out to study if the vaccine actually does what it is supposed to do and no studies are completed to prove the long term health effects are safe.
So now do you understand that people like me are not asking for NO VACCINATIONS, we are simply calling for SAFE vaccinations. I think that is a perfectly reasonable request to make considering that they are injecting untried chemical compounds literally into the DNA of your cells without knowing the long term health complications or if it actually does what they expect it to do. Now isnt that just insane?
The big Pharmaceutical Companies and their friends in the media falsely label people like me as being “Anti-vaxxers” and how me refusing (unsafe?) vaccines, I am somehow putting the rest of you at risk. They suggest that I am being selfish, yet having explained my position I would hope that you can understand that it isn’t me putting you at unnecessary risk, its them.

I would also hope that the rest of you would also stand up and demand that these things are proven safe before injecting our children with them. Surely that isnt too much to ask is it and ESPECIALLY as they seek to roll out this Covid-019 Vaccine in record quick time?
It may well be safe to inject it into your kids but is it really too much to ask that it wont hurt them in the process and that it actually does do what they claim?

Especially considering that the Pharmaceutical Companies have managed to pressure/influence our lawmakers to pass laws that explicitly state that there will be ZERO LIABILITY against them should there be any unknown, or unexpected health implications due to the use of their vaccines.
Think about that for a second.

Zero Liability if things go wrong and no requirement for a comparative analysis study before injecting your kids with it. We have all experienced those in the Corporate world chasing the £££’s without regard to consequences. Think of the Tobacco Companies, Oil Companies and previously the Big Pharmaceutical companies who have put lives at risk for profit. It happens all the time, so surely its time that we stopped allowing these people to gamble with our lives and health just so that they can make money?
If you agree then please share this and stand with me by declaring that you too are not “Anti-Vaccine” you are “Pro-Safe Vaccine” and that isn’t the same thing no matter how much they spin it in the media

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Who are The Higher Committee For Humanity Fraternity?

Earlier this month, I posted about the Feast of St.Corona. The Patron Saint of Plagues and Infectious diseases and how her feast is held on May 14th at the Vatican. The timing of this annual celebration would I suggested, be used to conveniently deliver a joyous release from the Pope regarding the Covid-019 pandemic and here it is.


To you it may not seem much, but this is the FIRST meeting and calling for a worldwide Global event of common prayer and mission from the Higher Committee For Humanity Fraternity. Who are they you may ask? They are the group bringing about a ONE WORLD RELIGION, often cited as reason to be wary of the Globalist vision.


Back in 2019, Pope Francis travelled to Abu Dhabi, where he personally signed a declaration of fraternity on behalf of Catholics and Christians worldwide with other Religious leaders. Which effectively stated that no matter what religion you follow, we all pray to the same God and that it was God who allowed us to have diversity of belief which is why there are so many different religions.

Think about that for a second. The Pope admitting that we all pray to the same God. Which then leads to the question of how exactly? If God sent his Son, Jesus Christ to save us and he allowed him to die on a Cross for our sins, then how can the same God then send Mohammed seven Centuries later as the Pope cannot have it both ways by this declaration as there are definite fundamental conflicts in this assertion. Conficts that could destroy the very fabric of what we have been taught for thousands of years

As the Celestial Etity that all of the worlds religions pray to can only be the same God if Jesus WASN’T the Son of God, which then completely negates the whole point of the existence of the Catholic Church and exposes it all as a sham from start to finish.

Additionally, by openly signing this document Pope Francis has publicly declared that the historical excesses of some previous Pope’s, who fought wars and conducted witch hunts and purges that saw millions die throughout history to defend the concept of Christ as the Son of God, were in effect wrong to do so and defending a lie. A lie that they must’ve known to exist. Take a second. Think about the rammifications of this. It isnt the signing of this document that is the issue, it is the whole can of worms it opens by implication.

Yet if Christ is still assumed to be what we have been led to believe, the Son of God, then the “God” that others pray to CANNOT be the same being. Which then suggests that through the signing of this declaration, Pope Francis has committed heresay. Of taking Gods name in vain, by also declaring Catholics worship false Gods, deities and idols at odds with the explicit instruction of Ten Commandments given to Moses by God as he led the Jews towards the Promised Land.

Which is why there are many within the Catholic Church who believe that this Pope isn’t a servant of God at all but the prophesised anti-Christ himself.
You decide

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Q-Anon The Great Awakening

I cannot be the only one whose head is currently spinning from events that I see happening around me? Yours must be too?
Anyone who follows the Q Anon movement over in the States, the much vaunted “Great Awakening” of the public where the shadowy figure of Q. Seemingly connected at the highest level to the very top of the Trump Administration drops a trail of cryptic clues known as Q Drops, like a trail of Gingerbread crumbs on the floor of an enchanted forest for you to follow.

The thousands, possibly millions of Q-Anons then pour over them to interrogate and decipher the message, ultimately connecting the seemingly unconnected dots so as to progress to the next staging post of enlightenment.
Its a movement where its followers (and I am one), are convinced that like Alice in Wonderland, we are being encouraged to enter certain ‘rabbit holes’ in order to discover for ourselves the realities of how things truly operate in the world as opposed to what we have been told is the way that it works.

The layers of conspiracy and control that have been placed all around us in order to prevent us from discovering the truth are slowly revealed. Controls such as the “Fake News” to shadowy Organisations within Organisations are all there for one reason. To present the world around us in one light and to hide the reality of the world and the horrors within from our gaze. Knowledge is power and Q exists to awaken and to guide us to knowledge, not to simply reveal it.

Rather than tell you what is truly happening in one step, Q presents a clue and leaves it to the Q-Anons to head down the various rabbit holes to discover things for themselves. As knowledge gained through ones own efforts of time, energy and research is far more persuasive and powerful an educator than that which is simply spoon fed. You actually earn that truth, which means you are invested as you haven’t just been given it and each subsequent Q-Drop, each breadcrumb takes you on a Discovery of Knowledge in small manageable steps.

Why do it this way?

The answer is simple. The truth revealed in one go, would simply be too great, too astounding for any of us to just glibly accept. Such is the level of deceit and control that has been estsblished. Hence why the pursuit and pathway to the Great Awakening is filled with countless “Ah-Ha!” and “Oh My God!” moments. So many that I have lost count over the past months and I have genuinely only begun to scratch the surface of this.

If only a tiny percentage of what my own research has revealed is true then the World as we know it truly is cloaked in a cloak of deceit. Where unimaginable horrors exist and have existed for a very long time.

If you are not familiar with Q, the Q-Drops or the Q-Anons then maybe its time that you should be. As for the Great Awakening to happen, for the cloak of deceit to be lifted, then people must be willing to be brave enough to stand up and willingly head down those particular rabbit holes in search of truth. To seek answers to the questions that you are told that you cannot or rather should not ask.

There is of course a great cost to this, as something once seen can never be unseen.

That probably means nothing to you yet but trust me when i tell you that it will soon do so but in order to truly understand I cannot simply tell you what I have seen and researched. As your cognitive dissonance, formed by your own deeply held ‘beliefs’ (not truths but beliefs), will simply not allow you to accept it. You must discover these things for yourself as only then will your mind process the information and allow you to accept what has been revealed. It will terrify, upset and make you question EVERYTHING around you but never forget that the Truth, is the Truth, is the Truth. That is all you can cling to.

“Seek and ye shall find” but remember dear reader, Q is simply the Gatekeeper, he cannot make you enter. You must be ready and willing to take that first step for yourself. Knowing that once you do, like Neo in the film The Matrix taking the Red Pill, that there will be no going back to this carefully constructed version of reality that you have so blissfully, ignorantly lived in up until now. As remember, “Once seen, never unseen.

Hopefully your interest and curiosity will be piqued by this. You know deep inside that something is wrong in the world even if you cannot put it into words. You simply know that something doesn’t add up. I did and that is why I hope that our paths will cmeet down the next rabbit hole of discovery. We need each other if we are to see this come out in the open and I have discovered enough already to know how this ends.

It will end with something as simple but ultimately as dangerous as TRUTH and that is why there must be more than enough of us ready and already informed, so that we may help and guide those who haven’t experienced it in preparedness.

As illusions and realities will come tumbling down at such a pace to be truly incomprehensible for many. They will experience panic and terror by this new revelation and dawning reality. Many will fight to hold onto their false beliefs of how they think the world genuinely is. It will be your job to provide the reassurance, the love and understanding to help them accept the unfiltered truth. However unpalatable.

To realise that for their entire lives, they have been misled and lied too by many people in positions of authority whom they trusted and respected will see many refuse to entertain the idea that many Celebrities, Politicians, Clergy, Royalty and Scientists are part of and complicit in this deceit.

Even as i write this down and despite the things that I have seen, I too find it difficult to accept that the world presented to us isn’t real but it just isn’t and the truth will always be the truth no matter how unprepared or unwilling you are to accept it. You cannot hide from or ignore it.

Q is the only the beginning of the Great Awakening and we are told that in order to achieve the Global Takedown that we must “Trust The Plan”. A plan 50 years in the making involving Tesla, JFK and now Trump. There has been an actual war being fought right under our noses and we didn’t even notice. We thought and were led to believe that it was simply politics. Where an ideological battle of ideas was being waged within the corridors of power but it isn’t that simple. It is something far deeper and far, far darker.

This is a war between those who have collaborated and perpetuated this notion of reality and those who seek to expose them and the truth for what it actually is. No matter how frightening and unnerving that reality genuinely is.

To win this war, we must embrace Q and we must be willing to seek only the truth. Wherever that truth takes us. As our motto states, ‘Where We Go One, We Go All’. So I will hopefully see you down the next rabbit hole, as we’ve got this and they are on the run. The Truth will finally at last set us all free.

Even if it terrifies and sickens us in the process


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Communism – A Prison Without Walls

Communism is sometimes described as a prison without walls

As any sign of individuality will immediately be seen, potentially reported and quashed by your neighbours. They will effectively act like unpaid Prison Guards. You’ve only to see how easy it is for some to believe that this is the right and proper thing to do with how many people were all too willing to ‘police’ other peoples behaviour if they sought to ignore the recent Coronavirus Lockdown rules. ‘Groupthink’ is a very powerful tool used to control and coerce

This ability to construct a ‘prison without walls’ is why the concept of Communism appeals to those in power. They do not need to police your behaviour 24/7 as your friends and colleagues will ensure your conformity on their behalf. With anyone stepping out of line or questioning Authority being immediately jumped upon by the masses and brow beaten into submission.

Any free thinker on Facebook will attest to how commonplace this process is.

Communism allows those in Authority to go largely unchallenged and unaccountable as they position themselves as being both your protector and your provider. Where as long as they are safe, you are safe and therefore anyone who questions them or their instructions is by definition putting you at risk. Just think of what you saw with the lockdown. Think of how you reacted to others breaking the rules of lockdown and why you felt so strongly about it?

It’s because you thought that their actions were putting you and others under threat. Yet here you are, right as rain and you didn’t die because somebody else went sunbathing in a park, despite your fears.

Funny that isnt it?

Now listen carefully, as this might apply to you.

Many people convince themselves that they are far too intelligent to be manipulated by the media but they tend to be denying reality because what more relevant evidence do you need of the power to manipulate than that which we have just seen? The Government yank the chain, the media relay the instruction and then some of you begin barking like a dog.

This is Social Control through Propoganda at its finest and frankly its time that more of us turned off the TV’s, as it isnt News that they report to you on a nightly basis but suggestions and instructions for some of you to take as Gospel, which lead to some of you becoming no better than members of the Stasi. Who incidentally thought that they too were doing the right thing by reporting on their neighbours whose behaviour was deemed to be endangering the State and thus by association, them

Its time for many of you to stop being so naive and actually look at how they control us, as today you have been convinced that it’s right and proper to inform on your neighbours for holding a BBQ party. Next time you’ll be the one opening the valves on the shower blocks. This slope is slippery and you’ve already taken your first step onto it