American Food Standards to Fight Extremism and pay for the Wall?

American Food Standards to Fight Extremism and pay for the Wall?

Imagine if you will that it’s the year 2020.

Donald Trump is still the President of the United States and he has carried out his election promises to tackle extremism worldwide. Being the canny businessman that he is, he realises that this task is so immense and costly for NATO members to bear and it will no doubt fall on the American people to shoulder the huge financial burden.

This does not sit well with his election pledge of putting America First and so he has an idea. An idea so profound that news of it causes the mainstream media, left-wing commentators and all manner of Civil and Human Rights groups to denounce it immediately, but the public love it

He proposes a worldwide American Food Standard, whereby all food production, harvesting and handling is done in accordance with American Food Standard Agencies overseeing it.

So that standards which his administration sets are met. 

The cost of these inspections is passed onto the food manufacturers and producers of the world to then pass to their retail customers through marginally increased prices. Failure to meet these exacting standards and to gain American Food Standard Accreditation will exclude any and all food items sold to the American public via the American retail market for that manufacturer or supplier.

Food producers the world over are desperate to maintain access to the largest consumer led food market in the world and so comply with the new requirements, proudly displaying their ‘Bald Eagle’ information label to show that it meets the required standards.

An annual re-certification fee is then introduced alongside the inspections to ensure that the standards are maintained year on year. 

The profits from these fees which are huge are then ploughed into the US-led fight on worldwide extremism. Details of what exactly it funds are not available which has led to a flurry of commentators speculating on what, where and when but in one foul stroke though, President Trump has engineered a way in which the world and its inhabitants will now fund his spending plans and his war on extremism and the American public will not cover the cost.

Its a genius plan of such simplicity that if America is to be the policeman of the world then the world should be made to contribute towards the cost of this

Back to the present day and of course this is a work of fiction. 

However Halal food certification isn’t and there are no protests worldwide about it which is odd. No left wing media losing its mind over huge fees being collected via religious inspired worldwide food standards organisations, which are then channelled to various Islamic charities, NGOs and Islamic Schools. The activities of these organisations are very often clouded in secrecy and no-one really knows where the money goes to, or what it funds, or for what end?

Islam uses Halal to fund the spread of Islam worldwide that is a fact which cannot be denied

Surely a counter project using the same model cannot be objected to without bringing Halal into the sphere of criticism too? 

If so then Halal needs to be challenged too as to whether it is morally and ethically acceptable.

If it doesn’t then America has a potential new worldwide revenue stream which will generate $trillions to fund the US-led war on extremism, build a war or fund Universal Healthcare. Either way, President Trump once again fulfils his election pledge to put America first and it will.

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