MP’s Continue to Frustrate Brexit

MP’s Continue to Frustrate Brexit

Imagine sitting down with your ever expanding family and deciding that you need more space to accommodate everyone. Dad wants an extension so as he can have a workshop where he can retire for a bit of peace. Mum wants a garden room, where she can curl up with a good book and close the door on the bedlam and just breathe in the beauty of nature from the garden. The kids want a games room extension complete with game consoles, gaming chairs, big screen televisions, surround sound and LED lighting and a sound system capable of making your eardrums explode.

Finally, after much discussion, a decision is reached. Dad can get a bigger shed, the kids can take over the lounge TV for their computer games and mum can get the garden room she desperately needs for her own sanity.

A builder is called, you discuss your requirements and you pay him the deposits. These things take time to organise and so a few months later you contact the builder to check where things stand.

“I’m just talking to all my builder mates about your requirements in order to agree the best way to do this”, he replies.

A few months pass again and finally, the builder turns up with his gang of merry men and they begin digging the foundations for your agreed garden room extension. Halfway through he turns to you and says, “There’s been a slight change of plan actually since last we spoke. Now I know that you asked for a garden room but you never actually stipulated what that meant. So as I’m the expert in these matters and after discussing it all with my builder mates I’m going to build you a conservatory with a hot tub as to me that is a Garden Room”

This is where we are right now with Brexit. We’ve employed people to build something to our request, but it appears that they wish to build something completely different and to their own notion of what it should be.

Would you ever allow a builder to dictate to you? So why an MP?

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