The EU has failed Working Class Communities

The EU has failed Working Class Communities

“People were lied to, if there was a vote today then the result would be different”

We’ve all heard this but is it true? Not from the people who I speak to it isn’t. If anything the fact that people’s intelligence is being questioned hardens their convictions as you are now insulting them to boot.

A curious fact of the EU Referendum is that according to Eurostat, the poorest regions in Northern Europe are all areas of the UK who voted for Brexit. No surprises there as the people look at them and decide that Project Fear holds no fear at all. As poverty and deprivation are nothing new.

The economic benefits of EU Membership haven’t reached the back streets of places like Rochdale, where only the negative aspects of membership are experienced through uncontrolled immigration and the competition for minimum wage jobs and let’s be honest, if you’ve never competed for a job paying minimum wage with new arrivals who are far more academically qualified than you are, then you have no idea of the unfairness and unjust reality felt by those who have.

EU membership has failed these communities and so when given the chance to fight back they overwhelmingly voted to Leave. Can you blame them? However having received the short end of the stick for so long, to then be told by the Remainers that they are either too stupid to understand, they are all xenophobic racists or they would vote differently if it was run again is the biggest scandal of all.

These are your fellow countrymen and women who have genuine reasons to leave the EU, and yet despite the hardships, they have faced for a generation some on the Remain side would still like their votes to be ignored and over-ruled.

Shame on all of those MPs who would like to see their votes and intentions subverted and undermined with such nonsense as, 

“They didn’t know what they were voting for, we must vote again.” 

They knew what they were voting for and it was a vote for change and to deny them this chance is to condemn them to yet another generation of lost opportunity and further decline.

We are supposed to be one country and it’s about time that we were all allowed to enjoy in its prosperity. Where manufacturing and production jobs are not moved to other EU Member States with cheaper overheads, and where you have don’t have to fight to get one of the remaining minimum wage jobs with EU nationals.

Brexit was and is the only hope for these communities but is it any wonder that London and the Metropolitan liberal elite have no point of reference to their plight when they are so far removed from the realities of anyone outside their bubble having found themselves at the top of the list for the richest areas of Northern Europe. So far removed from huge swathes of the UK who are at the bottom.

EU membership has increased the financial disparity between regions in the UK so is it any wonder that those at the bottom have no fear of Brexit? They’ve nothing left to lose so what does it matter?

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