Brexit: Do we have a Democracy or not?

I remember the words, I remember them being said,

“You may have won the Referendum, but they’ll never let you leave.”

At the time I dismissed this idea as the UK isn’t Ireland or Holland. Countries relatively small enough to be bullied or dismissed by the EU, to be told to vote again and come back with the right result this time.

This is the United Kingdom, the 5th largest economy in the world, the second largest net contributor to the EU budget and the largest export market for EU goods in the world, we won’t and can’t be bullied by faceless bureaucrats in a Political Union which none of us ever voted for.

I dismissed the idea outright as ridiculous, yet the day the Referendum vote was won was the day that the campaign of undermining of it began.

Immediately it was linked to an increase in hate crime taking place, which was an absolute nonsense as this idea was driven by one website which literally pleaded with people to report anything. No matter how small or how imagined. We had instances recorded where someone registered a ‘funny look given’ to them on a train. A mere passing glance was recorded as evidence of an outpouring of racism and hate.

The media lapped it up and were all too eager to report on this imagined narrative, yet it was lies but like any good lie, if you repeat it enough then it becomes planted in the psyche and merges into common folklore and belief. Even now many matter of factly claim that the vote for Brexit was xenophobic and racist, which is an appalling slur againat 17.4million people who just happen to want to leave the European Union.

Then, we had the concerted effort to focus on the bus with a £350million alternative spending proposal plastered down it’s side, where faux outrage reigned once more in the media, as they refused to listen to reason that nobody in their right mind would view that as a spending pledge, as this wasn’t a general election and the Leave campaign weren’t in Government.

The media however continued with headlines now proclaiming that the Leave campaign lied and therefore those who had voted to Leace were not only dumb, racist and old but they now didn’t know what they were voting for and were lied to.

Yet amazingly, the lies of Project Fear became irrelevant as no Emergency Budget occurred the day after the Brexit vote, the sky didn’t fall in and World War 3 hasn’t yet begun. They are now deemed an irrelevance in the clamour by the media to undermine the validity of the largest vote in UK history, a mere passing footnote against what was claimed by the Leave campaign.

Depressingly this media led narrative is having an effect on younger first-time voters. As they are told that leaving the EU is racist and is being driven by older people, who are xenophobic and unintelligent. Depressingly some believe it and genuinely believe that their parents would do them and their futures harm.

Nothing could be further from the truth, yet why let the truth get in the way of a good lie? So the media continue to peddle this narrative as an accepted reality, not once asking the question,

“If the benefits of EU membership are so great, why are those who have lived with it for longest now voting to Leave it?”

As surely, if the EU lived up to the propaganda then those with the greater experience of it would be it’s loudest cheerleaders?

By pitting younger voters against their parents and grandparents the Remain campaign are shamelessly manipulating the idealistic naivety of youth. When I hear them tell me that my generation is denying them the ability to freely travel in Europe I despair at the ease with which they are manipulated.

Everyone seems to forget that pre-1973 we had an agreement in place with the EEC for reciprocal 6-month visa-free travel, but this is now conveniently ignored and is now deemed reality that it will be impossible to make the same agreement again. It won’t, but of course the Remain campaign backed by big business, big banks and the Globalists won’t stop that myth from taking hold.

We are now to offer the EU a transitional period until 2021 whereby we will exit the EU but literally everything will stay the same. Not what most would suggest as “Leave meaning Leave”

I don’t recall the vote to Leave the EU being dependent on what is suitable for the EU, the Government or vested interests

We live in a Representative Democracy where Parliament wields power on our behalf but when Parliament directly asks the people a question, as in the case of the Referendum vote, then Parliament has agreed to seek guidance from those it is supposed to represent.

The public were asked, they answered Leave and we they did so in full knowledge of what Leave meant. The opposite of Remain, where we are out of the EU and we have full control of our borders, laws, fishing grounds and the ability to make our own trade deals around the world.

We won the Referendum vote and I scoffed at the idea of being denied what we voted for. Yet here we are approaching 2 years since the vote with prominent Remainers like Tony Blair campaigning to #StopBrexit.

In this campaign, he is eagerly assisted by the media, who are still peddling the narrative that to Leave the EU is a mistake. At the same time, our children are being worked on and told that their futures are being ruined and taken away from them. The concerted, propagandist effort to prevent a democratic vote from being enacted is appalling and frankly disgraceful.

If this happens and Brexit doesn’t occur, then our Democracy and Mother of Parliaments will be exposed mere illusion and sham.

The idea fills me in equal measures of despair, anger and astonishment.

Anger and despair, because I genuinely believe in our democratic process and it’s integrity as a free and fair system, yet this would conclusively prove that we have a system which can be manipulated by powerful people to produce the results that they wish. Our democracy can be bought and sold to the highest bidder.

Astonishment, that so many young people can be manipulated so easily so as to dismiss the voice of those with the greatest experience of life under the EU.

Where this would leave us as a nation is anyone’s guess. History may provide the answer as it teaches us that if you remove someone’s right to be heard, then the results are never peaceful. Revolt is never far away

The votes of 17.4million people, are being diminished as the manipulation continues in an attempt to reverse something which the Globalists did not expect. As they continue the campaign to undermine the vote and those who voted to Leave.

Yet, like many I am not old, dumb, racist or any other label which the media and vested interests may choose to use. I am a proud Englishman. A free man, decreed under Magna Carta and I’m damned if that right is to be taken away from me without a fight.

Cromwell once had to sack Parliament to rid it of the corruption within and the time may well be approaching when this will be needed once more. The current place is filled with the stench of corruption once more and many within have forgotten that they work for us, not the other way around.

I voted to Leave the EU, not to then be side-lined and told to vote again, so let us all hope that sanity is restored soon as the Battle for Brexit wass one thing, the battle for our Democracy is another altogether.

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