Nationalism is not to be feared, it’s Socialism and all of it’s guises that is to be feared

Nationalism is not to be feared, it’s Socialism and all of it’s guises that is to be feared

Nationalism is such a feared word.

A word usually associated negatively with the Third Reich and the Nazi’s on account of their actions were deemed to be the epitome of Nationalistic excess.

Yet the word Socialist in the context of National Socialists is deemed completely irrelevant.

Why is this and is it fair?

Nationalism can be defined in many ways but it can be summed up as devotion or loyalty to one’s own country, of patriotism, of the desire of national advancement or political independence and as a doctrine of asserting the interest of one’s own nation viewed as separate from the interests of other nations.

This does not seem a dangerous mindset to harbour.

In fact, it could be argued that Nationalism should be a prerequisite for anyone who wished to lead a Nation. As surely the whole point of the role should be to put your nation and it’s people first?

The idea that this is now deemed to be such a dangerous concept is frankly ridiculous as any politician who wasn’t a Nationalist would be by definition not willing to put the interests of their own nation or electorate first.

Hardly a good qualification for someone wanting to govern a Country?

Yet why is it that Nationalism as a concept gains such a bad reputation?

The reason is very simple and its a case of denial, disassociation and disinformation.

We know that Socialism has been responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths throughout its short existence.

From Stalin to Mao when Socialism gains power there is an inevitability that anyone deemed not on board with the concept is a danger and is, therefore, an enemy of the State and expendable.

All that matters is the collective, with individuality being deemed persona non grata. Socialism has a history of this. Of oppression of the individual for the so-called greater good with the predictable fatal consequences.

Socialists themselves are responsible for the idea that the ‘Socialism’ aspect of the National Socialists be overlooked as being an irrelevance to the evil committed under its name.

It is the Socialists who have distanced themselves from Hitler whilst ignoring the Socialism aspect of his political ideology. It is they who have perpetuated the myth that it was the Nationalist aspect of his ideology which was responsible for World War II and that he wasn’t a Socialist at all.

However, a cursory internet search will bring up many speeches from Herr Hitler himself highlighting his Socialist credentials. Yet these are dismissed by modern day Socialists as being a smokescreen. That Herr Hitler was merely attempting to confuse the German people into believing that he was a Socialist when in fact he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Much like Tony Blair is deemed to now be a Tory plant by the Corbynistas of the modern day Labour party.

The argument continues that Hitler couldn’t have been a Socialist as he fought against Communist Russia and therefore must have been right wing as the Communists are left wing.

Yet Hitler never saw Marxism as a left wing ideology but as a Jewish strategy to subjugate Germany and the World.

Yet it is this facile argument that perpetuated the myth of Hitler being solely right wing in his politics whilst completely ignoring the fact that he fought against the Capitalist West too.

In fact in one his better-known speeches declaring his Socialist credentials he categorically stated,

“for we are Socialists, the enemy of the Capitalists”

Yet as the narrative is now portrayed this is deemed an irrelevance, but it was a fact that Hitler saw himself as an anti-Marxist and anti-capitalist as he saw both as Jewish instruments designed to corrupt Germany.

This is yet another well-known trait of the Socialist, alongside the death of millions, is their ability to denounce any other branch of Socialism as not being true Socialism and therefore nothing to do with them or their ideology.

This is evidenced throughout history where Stalin denounced Marxism and Lenin denounced Stalinism and it is this denial which is used to argue that the academic concept of Socialism is pure and that it just hasn’t been implemented correctly.

It is this continuing delusion and fallacy which allows the idea that if a true Socialist State existed, it would work perfectly and we could all then enjoy a utopian society to continue. It is this denial which removes any guilt by association for crimes against humanity where Socialism has been tried before and failed.

It is this exact disassociation from failed Socialist endeavours which allows the Socialism aspect of the National Socialists to be dismissed as an irrelevance and the entire blame for their ideology to rest on the Nationalist aspect of their political makeup.

Yet is this fair?

When we look through 20th Century history at Nationalist leaders who prized their nations above all else, then the list reads like the Who’s Who of people most would consider the great and the good of the modern world.

People like Kemal Ataturk of Turkey, Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya, Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt and Mohammed Iqbal of Pakistan.

Many are seen to be the Fathers of their respective nations who brought Independence and prosperity. As political leaders, they put their Country and it’s people first and they are revered to this day. Crucially they all did so without being responsible for the deaths of millions of people.

Contrast that list with a list of 20th Century Socialist leaders and we get such luminaries as Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Castro and Ceausescu. All of whom were responsible for the repression and death of millions and the impoverishment of their own nations and people.

Yet its the Nationalist element of the National Socialists which is the danger?

All known evidence would support the idea that it was the Socialist element of Nazi policy which was the danger, but as Social Marxism advances and infects Western Universities so too does the denial and disassociation.

So here we are in 2019 with the UK tied to the EU by those who are the very antithesis to the idea of Nationalism, the Globalists.

They nurture the concept of Social Marxism and are still striving for an academic Socialist utopia. Where borders, Nation States and their people are secondary to the dreams of their ideology.

Look at the way in which the EU has effectively sacrificed the people of Greece, Spain and Portugal for the greater good of the EU Superstate.

How established democracies and their people are sanctioned and overruled if they dare to challenge the top-down edicts of the EU and it’s Institutions. The whole premise of the EU is the eradication of Nationalism and anyone who challenges this is marginalised, vilified and issued thinly veiled threats. This is evident in the attitude of the EU to such European leaders as Viktor Oban who has dared to defy the EU on refugee resettlement quotas.

So sure are the Globalists in their own denial of the excesses of the past that they are willing to repeat the same mistakes.

They now use 21st Century methods to dehumanise critics of their ideology by denouncing any dissenter as a racists or peddler of hate.

We see it throughout the Western world with people like Corbyn, Clinton and Merkel. All willing to demonise anyone who doesn’t think the same as they do.

So whilst not expressly condoning intimidation and violence themselves against such people as Nigel Farage and Donald Trump, they won’t condemn it either. Letting their followers act with a perceived justification and countenance that if something happened to these people that it would be deserving for their hateful views.

It is said that if you fail to learn the mistakes of history then you are doomed to repeat them and Socialists have always been violent to ideas different to their own. That their aggression is justified as they are fighting on the side of good.

Stalin did it, Lenin did it, Hitler did it and now it is happening again

As free speech and wrongthink are silenced by fear of Political Correctness. Where the removal and rewriting of history which doesn’t fit the narrative and the statues of those who founded and contributed to the birth of nations are demanded to be torn down or erased.

When you look at Western politics today with the likes of Momentum, Antifa and Black Lives Matter you have to ask just how different are these tactics to Nazi Germany? Where brown shirts willingly attacked and outed anyone who wasn’t on board with the collective movement?

It appears that the left has once more have resorted to type and have embarked on a campaign of intimidation and violence which they feel has moral justification in order to gain their objectives.

Many are attracted to the ideology as it does appeal on such a base level. That your situation in life isn’t down to your own failings but by your oppression due to someone else.

Be it your sex, your race, your sexuality or your religion. You are oppressed.

We are living in a world where identity politics divide people and then those who are doing the dividing and pigeon holing, accuse anyone who questions this as being the very people who spread the hate and oppression they are campaigning about.

It’s a self-feeding notion of identity politicking. Where we have a scenario that anyone who doesn’t agree that I’m oppressed is, in fact, oppressing me.

If it wasn’t so dangerous a concept it would be laughable but it is this feeling of resentment and victimhood which has caused Socialism to kill hundreds of millions of people throughout history who disagreed with it.

None believed they were doing harm.

All believed they were doing right to end their oppression.

All refused to accept any blame, association or failing of their ideology throughout history and that is the biggest tragedy of all.

As it is the false blaming of Nationalism which will ensure the recurring legacy of Socialism will be experienced time and time again as they fail to accept and own the failings of its history.

Like the EU who will coerce Countries to vote again if the result went against their view, so the Socialists will inflict their ideology again and again as they never got the right answer the last time they asked.

The level of denial is astounding and this willingness to deny reality continues as was highlighted by President Trump during his speech to the UN on problems being experienced on Venezuela, where he stated,

“The problem is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented”

Yet they will still blindly insist that the issue and danger is Nationalism and not Socialism despite the lessons from history saying different.


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