What do you expect when you silence debate?

What do you expect when you silence debate?

The left is up in arms once again.

People like Piers Morgan, who holds the moral high ground on all things Islamic, screams that President Trump must apologise for reposting Britain First propaganda and if he doesn’t then he is a racist and an Islamaphobe.

Switch on any news program or talk show and what Donald Trump has just done is appalling and not befitting of the office of President of the United States.

People are looking at the videos he shared online of a boy on crutches being beaten up, a Muslim man smashing a statue of the Virgin Mary and a young boy being thrown from a roof by a mob who then beat him to death and declaring them to be propaganda and then proceeding to debunk the message attached by Britain First to these things.

The man attacking the boy on crutches in the first video was a Dutch citizen, not a migrant.

The film of the Virgin Mary being smashed was over five years old

The gang of men could’ve been from any religion and so it’s not relevant.

The flow of information relating to these before unseen clips is astounding and the entire liberal establishment is in overdrive to debunk, deflect and diminish the content.

It was said to me that the context of these video clips is everything, as without context then the 32,000 deaths in America by firearms could be viewed as being due to a country embroiled in a bloody Civil War. Where anarchy rained and lawlessness was rife in a manner befitting the days of the Wild West. This is a fair statement to make but it has one major flaw.

We know about the deaths caused by guns in America. We know why they happen. We know who does it, we know who dies from it. This information is out there, uncensored and the topic has been covered extensively by social commentators, news reports and documentaries until the cows come home.

No detail is left unexamined, no statistic left un-critiqued as we have all of the information. It hasn’t been censored or covered up. The discussion hasn’t been shut down because we aren’t allowed to talk about it as it offends sensibilities.

We talk about it in a rational, adult manner and then we all agree that yes it’s terrible, but not all American’s are rabid, gun-toting killing machines with a penchant for mass murder just because they have the right to bear arms as laid down in their Constitution

So let’s compare that equivalency with what Donald Trump shared yesterday.

Where again according to the liberals foaming at the mouth about this, context is everything.

Yet here is the thing.

We have no context for such a thing as according to our media and authorities this kind of thing never happens and therefore doesn’t exist. We are told one thing and one thing only. That Islam means peace and that Muslims are peaceful, which quite frankly simply isn’t the case.

Islam like any other religion has faults, some would say more than most. Its followers can be violent in its name and it is this misinformation on all things to do with Islam, (which incidentally means submission, not peace) which allows groups like Britain First to grow. Why are we not allowed to know this and what are they afraid of?

The videos which Donald Trump shared may as well be banned in the UK for being inflammatory and hateful solely because they depict a side of Islam at odds with the official message from the Government, and let’s be honest the Political Islamists too. Who aim to spread the word of their book and silence any criticism of it through modern-day Sharia-compliant blasphemy laws.

The whole notion of ‘Islamophobia’ is to silence debate and critique of a religion, its followers and its book.

The official Government line is to denounce criticism of Islam, so the public never get to see such imagery as we obviously cannot be trusted to form a reasoned opinion when presented with information like this, and so the debate is silenced by the use of such things like Islamophobia and ‘hate speech.’

Where if anyone dare mentions such a thing they are immediately denounced by the liberals and the left as racist, xenophobic, Islamaphobic hatemongers and therefore they are ostracised, demonised and cowed into silence.

It is the censorship and shutting down of debate which is enabling people like Britain First to exist, as only with honest, open debate, reasoned conversation and free speech can we all come to an informed conclusion as intelligent informed adults.

When this debate isn’t allowed then the context can be portrayed in any manner that groups like Britain First want.

The fact that these videos exist and our media and government still deny ANY link between violence and the Muslim world, with the debate shut down to satisfy Sharia-compliant blasphemy laws then quite frankly they are allowing context, true or otherwise to be projected by people like Britain First to be whatever they want it to be

This is where the false equivalency argument falls down, as with deaths by guns in America we have all of the information, good or bad in which to make an informed decision. With Islam, we only have one side of the argument.

If the left and Muslims themselves want to stop this spread of false information as they claim then they simply must allow debate and discussion on this. If they don’t then people like Piers Morgan who are demanding an apology for Donald Trump’s ‘Islamophobia’ will merely fuel the resentment and feed these groups.

As when you deny people a voice and attempt to suppress and silence them they will inevitably turn to others who will listen.

How many times do our Politicians and public figures need to relearn such basic lessons?

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