The Tories promised Brexit but deliver Betrayal

The Tories promised Brexit but deliver Betrayal

At the last General Election I voted Tory.
I’m not proud of it but I lent them my vote as they promised Brexit, instead they will deliver betrayal.
We voted to Leave the EU so that we can take back control of our laws, our borders, our fisheries and our trade deals. So that we could become a fully-functioning, Independent and Sovereign nation once again.
Yesterdays transitional deal doesn’t deliver on any of that.
Yes, we will leave the EU but we will still follow all of its laws and rules without say for a further 2 years. We will still have Freedom of Movement so we have no control of our borders.
Our fisheries will still be under the control of the EU and even though we can make Trade Deals with other nations during this period, we cant use them until the end of this vassal state transitional arrangement.
On top of all this we’ll still make +£40billion contributions to the EU budget at a time when our Public Services are on their knees. This isnt Brexit. We voted to Leave. Not Leave but stay and its a complete stitch up so that we Leave the EU in name only.

The public voted for jam today, not jam tomorrow and this is a Tory backstab to the 17.4million who voted for Brexit and Mrs May has agreed to all of this BEFORE even obtaining a trade deal agreement with the EU for when this transitional period will end. Which frankly is unlikely to ever happen.
We will be in a situation with the worst of both worlds. Out of the EU so we are no longer able to have a say at the top table but still members of the Single Market and Customs Union, whereby we simply accept all EU laws and Regulation without any input into them. We become a law taker rather than law maker and all this at the same time that we cannot take advantage of the benefits of Brexit by enacting Free Trade Agreements with other nations.
Its a disgrace.
We have no control of laws, borders, trade deals, fisheries or contributions and the Tories are claiming this is a victory. I dont think so.
The Tories promised Brexit but have just delivered Soft-Brexit which isnt the same thing at all, as it doesn’t let us achieve ANY of the things which we voted for.
There are Council elections coming up in May, and if you are one of the 17.4million who voted to leave the EU, or just another member of the public disgusted that the vested interests will overturn a democratic vote in this manner, then please show your displeasure at the ballot box.
Im voting UKIP as they are the only party who have consistently wanted Brexit, but if you cant bring yourself to do that then vote for anyone who wants to leave the EU.
No longer can you just afford to vote along party lines as thats how they manage to stitch the public up time and time again. Vote for an Independent who wants Brexit, anyone but the cosy cartel of Lab/Lib/Con who time and time again promise the earth and then blatantly lie to our faces as they don’t deliver.
Im voting “UKIP for Brexit” in the upcoming elections as those traitorous Tory bastards can go swing from now on. 🇬🇧

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