We have been let down by cowardly politicians

Douglas Murray said in his book “The Strange Death of Europe” that our politicians are like rabbits caught in the headlights as they have no idea of how to deal with Islam, which they themselves brought into Europe under the multicultural agenda, foolishly thinking that it would assimilate into our Western ways.
What has happened, according to Trevor Phillips the ex-head of Commission for Racial Equality under New Labour, is that 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation muslims are becoming more isolated and fundamental in their views compared to their parents or grandparents. Our Government call this radicalisation but it isnt, its a natural pattern for Islam and demonstrates exactly how Islam spreads. Islam will not assimilate, its sole purpose is to dominate and either convert the world or subjugate it.
If you havent read Douglas Murrays book then I highly recommend it, or just Google him and watch his debates on the subject.
He is so clear and concise on the threat which we are facing, yet as he claims our politicians are so afraid to admit that they got it wrong, that instead of dealing with the primary cause they will instead address the secondary or third causes as they are easier to confront.
So they wont deal with the ideology which causes so many to turn to terror and use whatever means available such as cars to cause death and destruction, no instead they will suggest that we remove the roads which the cars travel upon as one MP this morning suggested in the wake of the failed terror attack in Westminster. A secondary causation rather than the primary.
They won’t confront or remove the ideology of the man driving the car but instead remove the medium which a car uses to travel. It makes no more sense than to suggest removing petrol as an adequate means of combatting this terrorist threat.
Then they will no doubt clamp down on criticism of Islam, so that anyone linking this to Islam will be prosecuted for Hate Speech as the cowardly rationale runs along the idea of, “If we dont provoke it then it wont hurt us,” which completely contradicts the official line peddled that Islam is peaceful
All of this continued threat, which we are all being uneccessarily exposed to is directly attributable to the stupidity, naiveity and cowardice of our political elite, who foolishly thought that the mixing races and cultures could be achieved in a peaceful manner, through the now failed concept of forced multi-culturalism.
It may well have worked if they hadnt brought in a supremacist, regressive ideology which is hell bent on converting, asserting itself on and subjugating us all. Islam means submission not peace and until we have a Government willing to acknowledge their mistake and confront this, more innocents will be killed as this wont go away if we ignore it.
It will only go away if we remove it or convert to it. Those are the only two rational choices available

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