The Demand for a ‘Peoples Vote’

Peoples Vote:
I see that once again, BBC taxpayer funded Gary Lineker has released a video endorsing a ‘Peoples Vote’ on the terms of Brexit. Who he thinks voted in the last Referendum I have no idea? Dogs? Sheep? Cattle? Who knows?
Maybe when we do leave the EU we can ask the nice Mr Barnier to take Mr Lineker with him so that he can continue to live with all of the assumed benefits that the EU brings? He could go as a child refugee if needs be as he looks young enough to do so. It would be very fitting considering Mr Lineker likes to wade into National debates where he feels free to criticise anyone who objects to fifty year olds being classed as children for the benefit of circumventing the UK’s refugee resettlement policies.
That aside, in the the EU Referendum I voted to Leave and I did so knowing what that meant. The binary opposite of Remain. If Remain meant staying in the EU, the Customs Union and the Single Market and i’m yet to hear anyone claim that wasn’t what it meant, then to Leave is the opposite. There is no misunderstanding on this point.
I know what I voted for and frankly all these ridiculous obstacles thrown in our way by those who still won’t accept the result is nothing more than you would expect of a spoilt brat who wants their own way, as they question the result and then ask,
“What about this? What about that?”
To their incessant whines I simply answer,
“I dont care.”
We were never asked in a Referendum if we wanted to sign up to the Treaties of Lisbon, Maastricht or Amsterdam. We were never asked to agree to all of these things that Remoaners now assert mean that we somehow cannot now Leave the EU nor in fact were we asked if we wanted the creation of an EU political Union in the first place, so as far as I’m concerned this entire affair has no binding authority whatsoever as we the public never agreed to it and the protestations that we can’t enact the results of the 2016 vote because of this simply bears no credence at all.
Not one political party campaigned at the time to sign us up to Maastricht, Lisbon or Amasterdam, yet they went ahead and signed them anyway. Describing them as ‘mere tidying up exercises’. Yet they are anything but and it was under the Government’s of Brown, Blair and Major that these Treaty’s were signed without asking the public on the matter and funnily enough its they who are now behind this idea of a ‘Peoples Vote’ nonsense. They weren’t so keen on a ‘Peoples Vote’ before they signed us up to these Treaties which created the EU in the first instance but they are all suddenly hugely keen now that we voted against their treasonous acts. Bloody hypocrites
So, it’s not altogether surprising that people like Lineker wish to ignore the one Referendum in a generation, where we were asked the question in order to defend the outcome of those Treaty ratifications where we werent consulted. I guess this passes for democracy in the weak, willed and feeble minded world of the Remoaners?
However, im not for changing my mind.
Its been a sham from the outset and now the vote should be enacted despite the wailing of anti-democratic crybabies, whose own arrogance does far more damage to our nation than any wild and hyaterical assumptions that they know better than everyone else as frankly they dont.
Project fear 2.0 is no more realistic or truthful than Project Fear 1.0 was, which has been proven to be based on scaremongering and self-interested nonsense.
If however Project Fear 2.0 isnt the nonsense that I suggest, then they’ve just made the best argument for us to leave that I can think of as the EU must definitely have impeded on our Sovereignty, when they claim, ‘we cant extricate ourselves from it’.
After all, if we were still a free, Sovereign nation this wouldn’t be the case at all.
So, we are still leaving. We aren’t changing our minds and if as they suggest itll be awful, then in 40years time at the next referendum, (yes 40 years, remember a once in a generation vote?), they’ll have no problem taking us back in and convincing people that it was all a mistake to Leave in the first place
However, we voted to Leave so Leave we must or else this country WILL descend into blood being spilt on the streets and no-one but no-one wants to see that. Yet if it is proven that votes are no longer a suitable way to settle things, then one can only assume that it won’t be long before people think of other methods to have their voices heard.

More ‘old school’ methods from the days before arms were laid down to settle things democratically at the ballot box, especially considering that we all voted in a free and fair democratic exercise and we chose to Leave. So by God we must Leave or it will surely dawn that our Democracy simply isn’t fit for purpose and at that juncture all bets will off. Where the worries and fears from those pushing this nonsense, however misplaced about the damage that Brexit will cause will simply pale into insignificance at what follows.
We are living in dangerous times and we either have a Democracy or we don’t as there can be no inbetween.

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