Yesterdays Men Should Not Ruin Our Tomorrows

The Country is completely divided and it is entirely the fault of successive Prime Minister’s. Brown, Blair and Major for their part in signing us up, without asking the electorate, to EU Treaties which fundamentally changed our relationship with Europe. Cameron and May continued the arrogance by asking a ridiculously simplistic question in the 2016 Referendum and now by trying to convince us that they are following the wishes of the public by presenting a deal which will result in us leaving the EU in name only. This arrogance on the part of our Political leaders has to stop and we need someone to step forward with the vision to put right, these wrongs.

We have to find a way to fix this divide, before it decends into violence and all faith in politics and the concept of democracy is lost. The only way in which I can see that we can achieve this is to fix the underlying problems which caused the division in the first place. Namely, they never asked our permission to take us in this direction and then when they did ask our views, they now seek to undermine what we voted for. This arrogance and disregard by the Government and by Parliament has to stop.
In 2016 we voted to Leave the EU but those who dont want to do this, are causing so much antagonism in refusing to accept it. Particularly those who are pushing for a “Peoples Vote” on things. As if it wasn’t the people who voted to leave the EU in the first place!
This complete arrogant dismassal of the 2016 vote is fueling further resentment and anger in the wider Country. Where a feeling of complete betrayal in huge swathes of the populace is only making people more resistant to the idea. It is perverse in the extreme in wanting to overrule a vote from 2016 before it has even been implemented. If this happens then what is the point in voting ever again? As voting for something can then be undermined, ignored and overuled. This is an extremely dangerous path to take. As to many this was the first time that they were given a say on this issue and yet it’s being suggested that they vote again, even before the first vote is implemented. If this happens our democracy dies.
Those pushing this idea are stupidly fueling tensions which could very easily boil over into violence. It has to stop. As a nation we need to take action now to calm this down and we have only one opportunity to do so but our Prime Minister Theresa May, is part of the problem by trying to please all sides of the divide. The path she is navigating cannot and will not work as you cannot satisfy anyone by presenting a deal which no-one voted for. Therefore, I can see no option but to remove her from position as she lacks the foresight and imagination to embrace the Brexit fully and she must be replaced with a Prime Minister who will put DEMOCRACY not Party Politics first and foremost in their thinking.
To achieve this we must Leave the EU, lock, stock and barrel under a WTO deal.
That is the ONLY way that the promises of the 2016 Referendum can be fully met, where we were promised that by voting to Leave we could take back control of our laws, borders, money, trade deals and fisheries. WTO is the only way to deliver this. It must be done.
This will fully satisfy the demands and vote of the 17.4million and deliver Brexit.
However, there are also 16 million people who wanted to remain within the EU and those people cannot just be ignored either. Democracy does not end at a point in time and so we re-engage with everyone from all sides of the divide.
To do that, the next Prime Minister must make a vow to go back to the people once we have left the EU, in order to gain a mandate for our future relationship with them.

All options should be on the table for this vote.
The electorate should have been asked under Blair’s, Brown’s and Major’s leadership but weren’t, as they arrogantly bounced us into something without asking our permission to do sot. These errors of the past need to be corrected and to do that we need a new Democratic exercise once we are fully out to finally put this issue to bed for the next 40 years.

Or else we will never gain a consensus and bring this nation back together.
So we Leave fully. No questions, we voted to Leave so we must now Leave. This respects the vote from 2016 and doesn’t leave a sense of grievance in those who voted for it by trying to impose a political stitch up as to what was meant by a vote to Leave. It was a simple concept, it was the opposite of Remain.
Then we hold a further referendum on our future relationship with the EU to correct the mistakes of previous Governments, all options should be on the tale, to include as a minimum the following,
1) Remain fully out
2) Enter EEA
3) Free Trade Deal Canada +++
4) Rejoin EU
The pros and cons of each should be put to the electorate in reasoned, factual debates and then we all vote, that is the only way to satisfy democracy
Remainers cried foul when there were masses of people who this decision affected who were excluded from the vote. I’m speaking of 16 year olds and foreign nationals.

Again it is my opinion that we were right to do this but we need to open this topic up again as by just dismissing a grievance doesn’t make it go away, it merely increases the demand for it. In a mature democracy we should not be afraid of debate because we might not like the answer, it’s that attitude which has led us to where we are. So we must revist the debate to give the vote to 16 year olds, to also include foreign nationals who pay taxes here also. I don’t agree with it and I will be campaignjng against it but everyone who works, lives and contributes in this society has a right to have a say on what happens to it and what direction we take. This is democracy and it is a concept that we gave to the world and it is in my opinion, the only feasible way of sorting out this mess that we all find ourselves in.

Mr Blair, Brown and Major are right when they belatedly demand a Peoples Vote as we do, but we need a Peoples Vote on what relationship we have with the EU at the point of entry, not by simply repeating the mistakes of the past and bouncing us into a relationship that suits the likes of Brown, Blair or Major without taking the consideration of the electorate into account.

We voted to Leave, not to half leave as vested interests and political has-beens demand we vote again before we have left. It was their mistakes by not giving us a vote in the first instance which has led to all of this and so we shouldn’t let yesterdays men once again fudge our tomorrows.

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