Brexit: If politicians told us the truth, then they wouldn’t be able to lie to us

Let’s get one thing straight from the outset. By sheer virtue of the job that they do politicians are liars. They all are and they all present a version of the truth to support their own agenda or narrative. Which is why I have found myself screaming at the television during the current Brexit shenanigans when I hear our Politicians blatantly lying to the electorate. Especially on something as important as this, which will affect our nation and its prosperity for coming generations.

I have been particulary scathing on our embattled Prime Minister Theresa May, who stated recently on the steps of Number 10 that the only options on the table were her universally despised draft Withdrawal Deal, a no deal Brexit or possibly no Brexit at all.

Now this is completely wrong, as both the House of Commons and Lords put through the EU (Notification of Withdrawal) Act un-amended and the House of Commons voted for it by a very large majority. The terms of that were clearly known to Parliamentarians at the time. Which is that all Treaties would cease to apply either when a withdrawal agreement came into force or on the two year anniversary of Article 50 being enacted.
The House of Commons in particular has voted by a large majority to exit the EU on that day. That is a decision which has been taken. Parliament also agreed to a meaningful vote on whatever Withdrawal Deal that the Government presents but crucially no provision was made for a meaningful vote on a no deal departure, as that has already been agreed as the backstop position in Act.
If when presented with the Prime Ministers deal MP’s vote it down, then we default to a no deal departure and as Parliament has already enshrined our departure to happen on the 29th March 2019, we will do. Deal or no deal.
So when Theresa May says it is either her deal, a no deal or possibly No Brexit then she is wrong, as legally there are only two options available and they are her draft Withdrawal deal or a default do deal brexit.

MP’s know this. The Prime Minister knows this and unless they can convince the public to revisit the Referendum result before this December, (and we all know they are trying) then there will not be enough time to prevent this from happening and that clock is ticking louder and louder for those looking to stop this as seen by their ever increasingly desperate attempts to scare the public into changing their mind. No Mars Bars anyone?

How this will all work out is still in the lap of the gods, as the political landscape changes by the hour but unless Theresa May can get her Withdrawal Agreement passed and approved by Parliament then we will leave the European Union under a World Trade Organisation rules Brexit on the 29th March 2019 and there is nothing that the Remainers in the Commons can do about it.

A no deal Brexit would be the worst case scenario for all of those vested interested businesses of the CBI, who assume that their profits come before the Sovereignty of the people of this Country but it would be the best case scenario for all those Leavers who voted to take back control of laws, borders, trade and fisheries as it would deliver all.

Brexit was the biggest mismatch since David and Goliath, with Goliath representing big Government, big business and a mainstream media with unlimited resources. Yet once again it was David who emerged victorious. Now we just have to ensure that we don’t let Goliath convince us that he is still able to beat us as he isn’t, the clock is ticking and come the 29th March 2019 Goliath will be no more.

So let Mrs May repeat time and again that we only have the choice of her draft withdrawal deal, a no deal Brexit or possibly no Brexit at all because if Politicians told us the truth, then they wouldn’t be able to lie to us.

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