You may now kneel before me….

After we pay the money that we do not legally owe to the EU and enter the transition period wanting a trade deal akin to Single Market membership, which the EU cannot give without imposing the 4 pillars which underpin the Single Market, only then can you see through Theresa May’s nefarious remainer plan.
We will default to a vassalage state and effectively become a colony of the EU to punish us for leaving their gang.

The EU will not agree to a trade deal unless we accept the conditions of the Single Market.

Spain will veto any trade deal unless they get joint sovereignty over Gibraltar and France today have said they will veto a trade deal unless they get full access to our fishing waters.
We will end up in permanent vassalage to the EU unless we agree to their demands and why would the EU27 drop their demands when they will have us exactly over the proverbial barrel?
What kind of British Prime Minister would countenance putting her Country into this situation?

Where the whole purpose of this Withdrawal Deal is to put us into a far worse position than we are now, solely with the intention of changing public opinion so that we decide this is worse, let’s go back in.
This is the Globalists at their worse and to think that a serving British Prime Minister and her Cabinet are willing to ruin this country, it’s democracy and our Union so as to make the people comply with their wishes and reverse the decision to Leave.
Until that time, the EU will be quite happy to tell us loud and clear,

“You may now kneel before me….”

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