Napoleon fell at Waterloo, May will fall at ‘What-a-mess’

Theresa May faces her Waterloo moment today and it is a battle which will define her tenure and see her Government fall. Her withdrawal agreement is simply not Brexit and puts the UK into a position which could see our Nation become a slave to the EU in perpetuity through this negotiated backstop and all without a unilateral means of escaping the situation.
For a serving British Prime Minister to even propose such a thing, no matter how much she states that it is no-ones interest for this to continue is frankly appalling. No leader of this Country should even consider for one moment this goddawful situation even being given the remotest chance of happening.
The fact that she will tells you of where her priorities lie, to keep the UK tied to the EU as much as possible even if it means subjecting the UK to rule by the EU with no mechanism to Leave. This is not Brexit and only a Remainer in Chief could ever think that it was.
When Norway entered it’s own temporary backstop position with the EU, whilst it negotiated it’s future trade deal it took 20 years to do so. That was Norway, a country whose economy is not as diverse as the Uk’s and all at a time when the EU didn’t have the 27 Member States that it does now, who all must agree to it.
Just take a moment to let that number and time period sink in and now try to relate it to the UK, with our own multi-faceted and diverse economy, coupled with a greater number of Member States making up the EU from which to gain approval from and try to guage how long it would take us to complete the same, if we ever could at all.
This is why her deal must be rejected today in Parliament and it must be rejected emphatically to see her Government fall because she is simply not up to the task of complying with the vote to Leave or of delivering Brexit.
In the 2017 General election I lent her my vote as I genuinely believed that she would put aside her own Remain inclination and implement the Referendum result fully, especially when she announced that, ‘Leave means Leave’ and the now infamous lie of, ‘No deal being better than a bad deal.’ I was wrong to have done so and never again will I lend any Remainer my vote, I have learned that painful lesson.
She has lied consistently throughout and her position, especially after this debacle is now untenable.
Business has been crying our for certainty and this d

eal delivers none of it as they cannot say for definite what will happen under this proposal.
Will we find a Northern Ireland border solution which is acceptable to the EU?
Or will we remain in the backstop forever?
Will we leave the backstop and fully leave?
What will our future trading relationship be with the EU?
The list of unanswered questions which no-one has any definite answer to, despite us having to hand over £39billion for the privelege is ridiculous and far from providing certainty is does the complete opposite.
The only sure fire way to provide certainty to business is to Leave and leave in a manner where we already know what the trading relationship will be. That means WTO rules and that is then our trading basis. Business will adapt when it has that certainty and that certainty can be provided from 29th March 2019, her deal will continue the uncertainty for business for an indeterminable period of time
As such, just on that basis alone her deal must be resoundly rejected and she must be removed from office, as she obviously will not achieve through this agreement what it is that she claims to want
Today we will hopefully see that happen and her Remain Government finally consigned to the history bin of defeats on the political battlefield. The original European empire builder Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo, Theresa May will finally flounder to ‘What-a-mess’ which is the only way to describe this appalling negotiated deal. She simply must go.

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