Will They Now Cancel Brexit?

All of the opposition Parties have stated that they now want a No Deal Brexit taken off the table in order to reach a compromise but there can be no compromise found. Parliament has tried repeatedly over the years to reach a compromise between its members but its never been able to find one, which is why the Referendum was held in the first place. Parliament couldnt agree so sought the view of the people to give instruction.
To suggest now that they will seek to find a compromise is ludicrous, it just wont happen.
Liam Fox, the Minister for Trade has just been interviewed by Sly News as he left the Commons following the Government succesfully winning the vote of no confidence, and he was asked if the Prime Minister would take No Deal off the table and he replied that there were now only 3 alternative endings to this.
Her Withdrawal Agreement, No Deal or No Brexit and Parliament yesterday took her Withdrawal Agreement off the table. He then went on to rubbish Corbyn’s plan as complete nonsense as entering into a Customs Union with the EU will mean applying the common external tariffs, so there goes your ability to strike trade deals, and he then claims to want control over which tariffs apply and the EU will tell him no chance
So his entire wish list is nonsense, unworkable and will be rejected outright by the EU.
This leaves No Deal or No Brexit, unless Parliament agrees to change its mind on her Withdrawal Agreement, which isnt likely.
Now for the first time ever I can see No Brexit possibly happening, as there just is no appetite for it between any of the MPs except the real Brexiteers in the Tory party.
The Remainers in the Government, coupled with the Labour party, the Greens, the SNP and the LibDems will outnumber those in favour of No Deal by around 2 to 1.
The question then is, will Parliament actually have the balls to form a Union of Brexit and announce as one that Brexit is to be cancelled? No one party would do so alone, as to do so would see that party annhialted at the polls but what happens if they form a Council of Unity and all come out as one?
I never thought that they would have the balls to do so but right now, if those are the only two options on the table then there will be a majority not so much in favour of stopping Brexit but definitely to avoid a No Deal departure from happening.
Will they or won’t they will only be answered if they all join together and announce that it is their opinion that Brexit under a No Deal scenario is an act of such monumental self harm, that despite the risk of Civil unrest, they have to suspend the process and withdraw article 50 until a consensus can be reached.
I never thought they would have the balls to attempt such a thing but right now, if the option is No Deal or No Brexit, then im certain they’ll all assume that there is safety in numbers if they act in unison to stop it. I hope that I am wrong as the rammifications will see blood on our streets and I am genuinely concerned that this is where we are headed but until the Prime Minister comes out and states unequivocally that we are to pursue a No Deal Brexit, then I am genuinely concerned for the first time in this entire process that our Democracy may be about to fail and a vote refused for the first time in our history. The thought makes me genuinely feel ill

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