Revolution Has Begun For Less

Have you ever thought,

‘Why are many MP’s fearful of leaving the EU?’

It’s a simple question, with a very simple explanation in that they fear it because it will mean that we will no longer be members of the EU. That is not a glib statement, far from it as it is a fact there is an ingrained belief within political circles, that we are safer within such Supranational Unions like the EU than outside of them.

This notion is cemented by those powerful elites who actually do run the world, who inform National Politicians during such things as the Bilderburg Group soirees, that this is the way it must be in order to preserve wealth, peace and security for their people. If they do not comply, then they will be out in the cold and on their own.

So they glibly follow what they are told, as it is plainly in the ‘interests’ of their citizens and nothing to do with the gold and riches on offer to those who promulgate these policies.

After all, it’s not as if they are doing anything wrong as everyone else is in agreement also? The consequences of accepting herd mentality are at the root of many an atrocity in human history but true to form, Politicians adopt a policy of complaint cowardice.

Meanwhile the ‘uneducated’ public rebel against these imposed controls and constructs. You’ve only to see the anger across the western world as people are marching and fighting for their voices to be heard. Protests both peaceful and violent are are happening everywhere from Catalonia to Paris and everywhere inbetween. The disenfranchisment of so many is truly astounding yet our Political class continue telling us that we dont know what we are doing. That we don’t understand what we are marching for nor what are voting for. Which is probably true as they have kept the reason’s for their compliant cowardice hidden and under cover.

This leads us to where we find ourselves in the UK today.

Where despite voting to Leave the EU over 3 and a half years ago, we have a Parliament at odds with the vote of its electorate and is doing all that it can to prevent that vote from being enacted.

History will tell us that this impasse will be decided in one of three ways, either we shrug and accept it, or we continue fighting for our vote to be respected and they oppress us, or we continue fighting for our vote to be respected and we overthrow them

What happens from here on in is anyone’s guess as millions in the UK are beginning to realise that just because you vote for something, if it clashes with the view of those really in charge you won’t necessarily see it enacted.

We have to be honest with ourselves as to what we see when I state that our Democracy is a sham, as our views and opinions do not matter. We voted and they just reinvented what we voted for and enacted that instead

For many the blinkers have been removed and their eyes opened to the deceit and lies of what is glaringly obvious now before them. Our Country isn’t supposed to be this way. We are supposed to be free and to have a say over the direction that we take as a nation but sadly that isn’t the case.

Many will shrug and resume the life of apathy but dangerously many others will rail against this realisation. This is how Revolutions begin and our Politicians are genuinely afraid that once this particular genie is out of the bottle then they will no longer be able to put it back in.

Only time will tell what happens next but there are many people out there right now absolutely furious at this and a spark will be enough to see the whole lot go up.


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