Brexit – Catch 22

When you hear people stating we were promised the easiest trade deal in history during the Referendum and that the Leave campaign called it wrong again as reality says otherwise. Remind them that they are correct, that we were promised such a thing by the Leave campaign but then explain that they are obviously are not up to speed with the subversion that has happened since.
Mrs May, a remainer took us down the route of enacting Article 50, which states no trading arrangements can be discussed until we have left. Her Withdrawal Agreement, which has been rejected 3 times by Parliament IS NOT the trade agreement described as the ‘easiest in history’. That hasn’t been discussed yet and it cant be as the Withdrawal Agreement will never be voted for or agreed to in Parliament and so we are left in limbo. Unable to Leave, unable to even begin discussing the easist trade deal in history.
What we should’ve done is leave under our laws by repealing the 1972 Communities Act and then offer the EU a reciprocal free trade deal, with mutual recognition of standards and citizens rights, but we are where we are courtesy of our Remain PM and Parliament.
We now need to break the impasse, as there is no reason for the EU to improve their offer right now as courtesy of the collaborators in Parliament, we are stuck in limbo, cant leave, cant get to the point to negotiate the trade deal but we are still having to pay £1billion per month in contributions to the EU.
Why would the EU change a thing?
The only way to break this impasse is to leave with No Deal and then offer them what i said before, a free trade deal with mutual recognition of standards and guarantees on citizens rights, THEN we will get the easiest Trade Deal in history but once more the Remoaners in Parliament have scuppered that by passing a law making it illegal to leave without a deal.
It’s a Catch 22
We cant leave without a deal and we cant get a deal without agreeing the Withdrawal Agreement, which is worse than remaining, so we will remain in limbo unable to get to the trade deal negotiations.
This is the reality of the situation we are in and they manage this subversion due to the ignorance of people like those who glibly state that we were promised the easiest deal in history, who are easily confused and cant tell the difference between a trade deal, Mays Withdrawal Agreement and are also ignorant of the EU law and process which states we cant negotiate the former before concluding the latter. We voted to Leave but they have manouevered us into a position where it is impossible for us to do so. If this were a game of chess, checkmate would be about to be declared unless Boris pulls something out of the hat and can get us out under No Deal by sidestepping this well crafted cell of containment we now find ourselves in

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