Climate Change is a hoax

Did you know that there is no conclusive, peer reviewed paper using real world data and not computer modelled data which proves that CO2 drives global temperature rises?

The raw data, quite rightly shows that CO2 rises follow a temperature rise not the other way around. Which makes sense as when the earth warms, the ocean evaporates and as the oceans are the single largest areas of CO2 capture on the planet, the CO2 which is stored there is released into the atmosphere as the water evaporates.
Its only when Climate ‘Sciences’ computer modelling is used that miraculously the rise in CO2 precedes the temperature rises. Its complete bullshit and if you had a modicum of knowledge about the energy companies like Shell, BP and Exxon etc as I do having worked in that industry for 30 years, youd know that these companies are the ones far more heavily invested in renewables than anyone else. They ARE the renewable energy industry
They are in receipt of huge amounts of taxpayer subsidies to develop new, energy sources and their profits are enhanced because of it.
Why would the world and his dog be doing this?
Quite simple, look back to Donald Rumsfeld in Gulf War 1, who stated that the West needs to find a way to stop being dependent on Middle Eastern oil so as to stop being dragged into endless regional conflicts. Look at the obscene focus on plastic straws and plastic packaging. All to save the planet. The switich to electric cars to save emissions. ALL with the same aim. To get us off our reliance on oil.
Thats what the entire climate change myth is about, its not about saving the planet as the issue they describe isnt real but they are willing to peddle it and bring onboard the oil companies who will be given taxpayer funding to produce new technologies that they can then exploit in perpetuity for ‘free profits’ and for the chemical companies to corner the world food markets via GMO seed that is patented and conveniently will produce higher yields in a warmer, more hostile world than traditional, natural seed. Even a warmer more hostile world that only exists in a distortion of reality
Once that patented, genetically modified material cross pollinates other crops it will provide them with more money than God as they sue for royalty payments from farmers who never planted their seed in the first place (its happening already just Google it).
Both of these industries, who funnily enough are the largest donors into Climate Change research, will be allowed to make $$trillions from a non existant problem if it solves the other problem in the Middle East. THATS what this whole thing is about and whilst it may be laudable in aim, I protest hugely at being lied to again and then to have that lie repeated by useful idiots who have swallowed what they’ve been spoon fed and havent the insight nor intellect to understand that they are being played.
No wonder they continue to lie to us when such a large percentage of the population who simply accept what they are told without question. I truly despair at the lies that are peddled, the money that is wasted and the fake agenda being pushed
Those protesting now about fake Climate Change, will be same idiots protesting and complaining about companies like Bauer and BP holding the world to ransom through their monopoly positions in 50 years time but by then the damage will be done and the Corporate giants will have us all over a different barrel.
Some just cant see the wood for the trees

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