Just Imagine That He Got Brexit Done

Sit back and just imagine this for one second…..

“You’ll never get another arrangement like the EU” screamed Barnier as he slammed the door shut with such force, that another brick loosened in the crumbling bloc that he called home.
“That’s kind of the whole point” replied Boris wryly.
Shaking his head in astonishment he let out a little chuckle.
We were free he thought. Finally free from this oppressive regime and its straightjacket of control. Taking a deep breath he filled his lungs with the sweet air of success and his chest swelled with pride. He had done it. He had actually done it. He couldn’t actually believe it himself. He knew that the war had been won but that it would be the ‘Prosperity through Peace’ that would be his greatest challenge.
Turning on his heels and without a backward glance he gazed at the world of opportunity that lay before him. The horizon that stretched as far as the eye could see was once again begging and willing this nation of explorers to travel towards it.
Lets do this for Queen and Country he thought as he strode purposely forward. Safe in the knowledge that the people had his back and he their’s.
Together we can and we will make this work thought brave Sir Boris. He had actually got Brexit done and he still couldn’t believe it.”

Now tell me that this isn’t a dream worth continuing this fight for?


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