Facebook are out of control

I awoke this morning to a Facebook notification. Now we’ve all had them but this one stood out as I had been given a 30 day ban. Banning me from posting content to my personal page, my groups or from using Messenger.

Surely this had to be some mistake?

A 30 day ban, to take me through until November 5th without being able to connect or post regarding Brexit. Just as we are approaching exit day of 31st October? Seriously?

Amazingly as coincidence would have it, this also happened to me back in March as we then approached the original exit day of 29th March. I got banned then for a 30 day period also. Which then prevented me from posting, discussing and vocally criticising online what was happening with regard to the appalling state of affairs where a British Prime Minister was going on bended knee to the EU to ask for an extension to Article 50.

By the time that I regained my privileges the Country had moved on. It was just a coincidence I thought at the time but here it is happening once again. Now I don’t claim to be any great shakes when it comes to Brexit or that my voice is so waited upon by millions. It isn’t but what Facebook has shown is that the right word, post or comment CAN be seen by millions. I know this to be true as my recent blog informing why Boris Johnson didnt need to seek an extension under the Benn Act has gone viral and is racking up hits by the minute. This is dangerous to those in power.

Which is why I now genuinely believe that this ban today and the ban I received in March are politically motivated to silence those who are outspoken.

You may ask what was my appalling crime for the news that I awoke to this morning?

I had read a story on a Brexit page last night of how Boris Johnson was going to ask Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister to veto any Article 50 extension request. Now I knew that this wouldn’t happen, as I had actually emailed Viktor Orban last March when Theresa May was about to ask for the previous extension and amazingly he sent me a reply, telling me that he couldn’t get involved. That he couldn’t veto the request as it was being made by the democratically elected British Government. I posted screenshots of my emails up and explained that this course of action wouldn’t work and here was my justification for claiming as such.

Now as a Brexiteer you are imbibed with a certain level of healthy scepticism. So I wasn’t overly concerned when someone on the forum immediately claimed that it was fake. That I had photoshopped the emails and that I was a Remoaner spreading fake news.

Now I’ll be the first to admit, that it isn’t every day you see someone claiming to have emailed and received a personal reply back from Viktor Orban, but I geniunely had. So rather than just ignore or dismiss his witterings I made my fatal mistake, I decided to engage with him using reason, so as to point out where he was wrong in his assertions. That the emails were genuine and to suggest that I was a remainer in disguise, spreading fake news was crossing a line.

I explained this to my online doubter but he was having none of it. So certain was he in his incorrect assumptioms. Now, becoming frustrated and i’ll admit irked at his now increasingly outrageous unbased allegations, I checked his profile to see that we had a mutual friend in common. A fellow Brexiteer. So I tagged her into the thread, asking that she had a word with him which she did. Explaining that not only could she vouch for the authenticity of the emails but that I also ran a Brexit group on Facebook and he was way out of line as I was a committed Brexiteer.

To no avail.

He continued with his rantings of fake news and conspiracy theories. So I blocked him. Commenting that he was an idiot. It was that comment,

“Stephen B******ke get a grip. You are an idiot,” which has seen me wake up to a 30 day ban, which conveniently takes me past exit date before I can comment on Facebook again.

Now usually, I would accept that calling someone an idiot wasnt my finest hour but he was and in my defence I could’ve easily descended into the language that he was using at the time but I didn’t. I was actually quite restrained in my response. So all things being equalmmaybe I could’ve accepted a 24 hour ban. I wouldn’t have liked it but fair enough, I shouldn’t have pointed out to the idiot that he was an idiot but a 30 day ban. Come on? For that?

Even in North Korea, to take away someomes social media privileges and their ability to exercise that most basic of human traits to communicate would be deemed excessive. Yet this is 21st Century Britain. A so called free society where freedom of speech is the cornerstone of our democratic society.

Is this excessive ban politically motivated? Have Facebook got a list somewhere of people whom they class as undesirables? People who they know are outspoken and who have an audience and platform for their viewd?

So much that they seek to silence us when it suits their needs? Damn right they do.

So I have been silenced for 30 days. That means no discussion, no debate and no criticism online of the Government or of the EU until everything is done and dusted post 31st October. I called someone an idiot and they take away my voice. The deep state take away your vote and then silence you when you complain about. Some freedom.

I expect there will be a raft of other outspoken critics in the lead up to Exit Date who will also find themselves silenced by being banned for excessive amounts of time. Often over the most innocuous and incredulous comment. This is how they try to win the debate by silencing those who criticise their plans. Watch this space. I won’t be the first and I certainly wont be the last in the final weeks of the run up to British Independence Day on 31st October

So be careful what you post.

Dont engage with idiots like I did, even the idiotic ones and please repost this blog everywhere. Let my friends and family know that I’m safe and haven’t been kidnapped by the thought police. Make everyone aware that they are monitoring us and for the slightest thing they will kick the stool out away from under our feet. Dont give them the opportunity to do so as these excessive bans are no longer a coincidence anymore. The purge of Conservative voices in the run up to Brexit has begun once again and they intend to silence us all through whatever means they can.



If you like this article, feel free to donate so that i can produce more but more importantly please share this blog to every group and forum out there. The purge has begun again and they cannot be allowed to silence us


6 thoughts on “Facebook are out of control

  1. Second attempt.
    As l said l am following DD ( Graham M—-) and got linked to you and so got to your site and confirmed subscription , read an item which at the end asked if l would donate .
    Did this but do not understand why paypal payment went to Seok Fern Chin is this a con or did l donate to the cause.
    22.50. 7/10/19.


  2. Could you give brief comments on:
    1- Letwins garbage amendment which the remainiacs are pinning all their hopes on.
    2-If you think the Supreme Beaks might be able to stop Brexit
    3- Could Boris use the CCA to over-ride them. To set aside the Surrender Act and FTPA as a temp measure in order to set a GE date. As the CCA is supposed to be reviewed by House/Courts after 7 days–given that the CCA is for emergencies–could Boris tell the H/C that since they are the cause of the emergency then they WILL get their review but not until after –A-Brexit day
    B- the GE.
    Could that be done?


    1. Boris could do lots of things but he wont. We are all harbouring under the idea that he wants Brexit and he does but his version. Which isnt necessarily your version. Its a game they are all playing. We think that we know the rules but its plainly evident that we dont


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