Covid-019 “A Classic Whodunit?”

Sherlock Holmes once said that in order to solve a crime you first had to deduce who had the means, the motive, and the opportunity. As all are necessary to first provide a list of potential suspects but ultimately the answers to each are needed in order to prove guilt in a criminal trial. With this simple idea in mind I decided to look at the current Covid-019 pandemic rampaging throughout the world. Assuming that Covid-019 is indeed a man-made bioweapon on the loose, then the release of it would either have been done deliberately negligently or through sabotage. Either way, if this bioweapon was released by whatever means at the hands of man, then in the traditions of any bestselling Crime Novel we have to answer the simple but illusive question of, “Whodunit?”
Firstly who are the likely list of suspects capable of carrying out such a biological attack and why?
Now from the outset I am going to dismiss the usual rag tag bunch of terrorist organisations, religious fundamentalists and criminal enterprises who are the usual favoured suspects of the mainstream media and the reasoning is very simple, motive or rather lack of it. As yet no-one has come forward demanding a ransom be paid or claiming responsibility for this. So what would be the point of inflicting such a thing onto the world if you weren’t going to be paid or inform the heathen that they are being punished for not believing in your God? The lack of motive for either of these scenarios must lead us to discount these groups as possible suspects.
After looking at this intently now for some time and after reading conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory I have settled on the conclusion that to answer “Whodunit?”, we have to look at who could benefit from this outbreak and why so let’s start with where the outbreak began, China.
Prior to the outbreak, the Chinese Communist Party led by President Xi were being challenged on many fronts both internally and externally, from pro-Democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong through to the applying of painful economic sanctions by President Trump as part of his tactics to renegotiate the trade imbalances and unfair practises that had been allowed to exist unchecked througout the previous Administrations tenure. They were facing ever growing pressure from many directions and if history tells us anything about Communist regimes, then they are not averse to butchering their own people in order to maintain power. The release of this virus would serve many purposes, not least it would allow the Chinese authorities to get people off the streets and stymie the public protest and demonstrations recently experienced. Communist regimes tend to crack down swiftly and brutally on any signs of discontent. Primarily as they are fully aware of the power that a mass movement of opinion can bring and the thought which they wish most of all to remove from the minds of the people is Revolution. So they deal with any and all levels of dissent swiftly and brutally so that people do not begin thinking the ‘wrong way’
It is also interesting to note that this particular virus seems to target older people, those with underlying health conditions and the weak which is unusual as normally virus’s target the very young also. Children and babies whose immune systems are not fully developed but in this case this isn’t happening. It is mainly targeting those who many would suggest are a financial burden on a society. From a purely detached perspective it appears to be targeting those who financially contribute the least resources in a society but who take up the most. Please do not be naive to think that the science of biological weaponry hasn’t evolved to the point where it is now possible to direct attacks against people of a certain age, race or sex. The amount of money spent worldwide by Governments on developing new biological weaponry far exceeds what was spent to develop the Atomic Bomb through the Manhattan Project. The technology exists and so, the Chinese Communist Party would benefit by the release of such a virus for a multitude of reasons. They would quell dissent and avert that dreaded word “Revolution” from taking hold, spreading and gaining traction throughout the rest of the Country. They would also kill more than one bird with one stone by removing those within their own society who were a financial burden and again do not be naive to think this wouldn’t happen. It was only a few years ago that China had a policy of one child per household. Which led to the genocide of a generation of girls, as boys were deemed more valuable to a poor family because they could work and earn money. The sensibilities that we have regarding all lives being equally valid in the West are not replicated in other parts of the world, that is simply a fact of life. The Chinese can and are very literal. Something is either useful or it isn’t, there is no middle ground and so those who do not contribute are often discarded. However, now that China has experienced a financial boom unprecedented in the past 20 years many of those people who worked hard and contributed now wish to share in the nations new wealth and there is an ever growing demand for increased social care and welfare budgets to be provided. These demands are growing throughout all of China and in order to keep the costs low, it is ‘in the interests and wellbeing of the Nation’ that many of these people simply disappear. For the greater good you understand.
Finally if you can pin the blame for this virus onto external forces and enemies of the Chinese State, whilst portraying yourself as the saviour of the Peoples Republic of China, as is happening right now with the State Propaganda machine working overtime. Then in one fell swoop the Chinese Communist Party can silence dissent, remove economic burdens on their own pockets and then completely reaffirm their own grip on power by being declared as the saviours and protectors of the Chinese people. The Chinese Communist Party have the means, the motivation and the opportunity to be behind this.
Yet they are not the only ones to satisfy all three of same criteria, as the United States of America under President Trump does also. America under Trump could benefit hugely by the release of this virus, not least economically but also politically and ideologically. The economic element is self evident. If they can pin this outbreak onto China and President Trump is making it clear that he is when he calls this “the Chinese Virus” , then China will become a pariah state in the World and it’s attempt to financially challenge the United States’ financial supremacy would be ended. If it can be ‘proven’ that China released this intentionally or not, then overnight the Chinese are bankrupt and the United States reasserts its position unopposed as the sole economic powerhouse on the planet. That in itself, with the sheer financial numbers involved would be enough to satisfy the motive element but thats not the only way that the US and particularly the current Administration would benefit.
President Trump ran on a ticket of ‘America First’ and pledged to ‘Make America Great Again’ and to ‘Bring Jobs Home’ and virus satisfies the desire and need to fulfil every single one of those pledges. As what greater reasoning do you need to have secure borders and an end to Globalisation than the current Covid-019 pandemic? It’s existence and the fact that ‘it came from abroad’ will energise and validate President Trump’s desire for the US to rely on no-one but itself like nothing else ever could. If ever there was a global event which could be used to justify every policy proposed during the Trump election campaign then this is it. The only thing missing is the gift wrapping and the candles on a cake.
The USA has the motive and it certainly has the means and the opportunity to release or ‘facilitate the release’ of such a bioweapon in Wuhan. When without a doubt this can and will be tracked back to Wuhan BSL-4, the only facility sanctioned and licensed by the World Health Organisation for Biological Research in China and it cannot be a coincidence that the World Military Games, where representatives from the Military gather in an Olympic style competition took place in Wuhan in October 2019. A month before the first recorded case of infection was experienced and coincidentally the first time that these Games were not held on a military base but within a civilian setting, in Wuhan. What are the odds?
Finally we come to last of the ‘Prime Suspects’ who come to mind and this one is to satisfy the demands of the conspiracy theorists amongst us. Who for years have demanded that we all pay attention as they then went into detail of what the United Nations and the New World Order were planning under the laudable aims of their Agenda 21, Sustainable Living blueprint and what it meant for us mere mortals in the real world.
These conspiracy theories came to my attention a few years ago and whilst they were entertaining, I dismissed their validity as they usually ended with some outlandish conclusion that in order to satisfy the criteria and aims of UN Agenda 21, that the population of the World would need to be reduced dramatically by 2021. On reading that I must admit to chuckling, shaking my head and then just filing these theories and those who peddled them as amusing but tin foil hat wearers all the same’. Yet now when I look around me i see the conspiracy theories that I previously dismissed actually being played out on a Global scale. We are seeing the mass movement of people from the 3rd World to Western Europe and North America. We are fed daily news stories of how Climate Change is affecting the world and how this movement of people will become our new normal. The United Nations and the Globalists recently changed the definition of what a refugee is to include ‘anyone displaced due to climate change’. All of these things being seen today are written down under the broad brush strokes of UN Agenda 21 but in not so many words, yet amazingly the conspiracy theories that I dismissed years ago described these events that are now happening. All of these conspiracy theories are actually happening along with the most outlandish of all, the actual depopulation of the world by 2021
Not only that but if you throw into the mix that courtesy of Bill Gates and his Charitable Foundation, the UN have adopted another Globalist blueprint for the future, this one imaginatively called UN Agenda 30. Where back in 2015 Bill Gates (him again), laid out his vision for what the World will be like in the year 2030. Where he described a world without borders. Of a cashless society. Of a One World Government, where people were concentrated in environmentally friendly sustainable towns and cities. Where access to medical care, clean water and clean air could be better managed for the benefit of all. Leaving the areas of the world ravaged by Climate Change free to be handed over to the Industrialists and huge Conglomerates to farm using a GMO seed better suited to the harsher environment, in order to feed us all and finally eradicate world hunger. Where we would all be immunised against disease and where access to education would be a right for all within this multicultural Utopia. A future vision where war, famine and disease could be consigned to the darker annals of human history. This is what UN Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 30 have been born and designed to create. Where peace and equality of opportunity exist for all of the world’s people not just a select few. Many would say this is vision and dream that we should all willingly embrace, yet as those conspiracy theorists years ago were also quick to point out, this dream also has an ending where Democracy no longer exists, Freedom no longer exists and a select few become wealthier and more powerful than anyone ever before in human history.
To sum up, could the Globalists, the New World Order or whatever you wish to call them be behind the release of Covid-019?
Definitely they could, without a shadow of a doubt they can satisfy the Means, the Motive and the Opportunity but would they really unleash a killer virus onto the world, potentially killing millions to fulfil their dream of unlimited wealth, power and control even if it was dressed up in more altruistic clothes as to what was best for the world and mankind? Only a fool would think that they wouldn’t justify such an act as a sacrifice worth paying to deliver such a future.

So there you are. Take your pick.
Was it President Xi and the Chinese Communist Party and their desire to squash dissent, neuter the beginnings of a Revolution and save themselves the astoundingly high financial cost of Health and Social Care for unproductive members of Chinese society?
Was it President Trump and his putting America First strategy? Which would see the USA emerge as an unchallenged Economic powerhouse on the world stage, with China finally put into its place, whilst satisfying the Nationalist agenda of bringing US jobs home and ending the Globalist vision of the past 40 years?
Or finally was it the Globalists and the New World Order? Who on seeing their plans and vision of a One World Government under threat from Trump and his ‘Build the wall’ rhetoric who decided to double down and bring their plans into action and thus confirming that Conspiracy Theories that have been doing the rounds for the past 30 years?
All have the means. All have motive and all have had the Opportunity to unleash this virus onto the World. You may ask who do I think is responsible for it? It is impossible to state with any certainty as far as I can see one way or another. So for now I shall keep my own tinder dry as I am minded once again of the words of Sherlock Holmes, who so eloquently said,
“That when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”
We haven’t yet determined what the “impossible” is in my opinion but given more time, I am certain that all involved will inform us as to why their name should be removed from the list but other’s names should remain. For now keep I shall keep an open mind but I will question all that I am told. I would suggest that we all do the same.

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