5G – What is the Concern?

First off let me state that I am no expert on this and I will admit that even a week ago I was of the opinion that the claims surrounding 5G were a load of nonsense but as in all things I like to keep an open mind and decided, as we are all in lockdown to do some digging. This is what I understand right now.
5G is next generation internet. Its superfast and is needed to allow the “Internet of things” to happen. i.e driverless cars etc
All very useful, the future of the world basically and it sounds great.
Yet to get this internet of things, they need a whole new network of transmitters, far more powerful than ever before and which operate on a frequency just below what some scientists have declared as unsafe.
Now the tech is being installed worldwide, it has been planned for at least 15 years and has been in many places now for a year or so. Anyone who says it isnt in many countries with Covid-019 are talking out of their behinds. 5G isnt availble in many places domestically yet but commerically in airports and train stations, or even for certain businesses its been in use for over 12 months.
Our Governments have invested $trillions in this, so it has to work.
They base their scientific justification on whether the tech is safe on an Organisation called the ICNIRP. Who are funded by World Governments, the UN and EU etc to determine if this is safe. They produced a report which says it is. Its on their website. You can read it. I have. It states that on all known evidence the tech is safe. Yet look at what tests or experiments have been done and its patchy at best and serious flawed and lacking at worse. Dont take my word for it. Go read their report.
I only heard of 5G radiation a week or so ago before then I dismissed it as nonsense yet heres the thing, firstly our media are bought and paid for. They are inventing nonsensical stories that people with concerns about 5G are claiming all sorts of out there theories such as 5G cause the virus. Utter crap. Thats the media spin on peoples concerns designed to make them appear nutcases. Those who glibly accept what they read in a newspaper, the sheeple of this world all laugh and bleat in unison at how stupid some people are, yet no-one suggested that. Thats the media spin and those who cant think for themselves swallow it and dont question it. Sad really.
Anyway the media dismiss concerns of 5G as a baseless conspiracy theory and they quote the ‘experts’ of the ICNIRP – International Convention on Non Ionising Radiation Protection who state that on all known evidence 5G is safe. However if you go onto their website and under their legal notices section you find this little gem:-

“ICNIRP e.V. undertakes all reasonable measures to ensure the reliability of information presented on the website, BUT DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE CORRECTNESS, RELIABILITY, OR COMPLETENESS OF THE INFORMATION AND VIEWS PUBLISHED. The content of our website is provided to you for information only. We do not assume any responsibility for any damage, including direct or indirect loss suffered by users or third parties in connection with the use of our website and/or the information it contains, including for the use or the interpretation of any technical data, recommendations, or specifications available on our website”

None of our media quote this at you, they just print that it is safe but you pay your money and you make your choice but why are we trusting an Organisation who wont even stand by the accuracy of their own publications?
Surely we need to learn the lessons of recent history, where Company’s such as DuPont, Monsanto, Exxon, BAT and the rest of the huge industrialists who poisoned the earth, killed people and destroyed lives, who all claimed after the event,
“We didnt know it was unsafe, we just followed the expert advice and they said it was.”
Yet in this instance the experts wont even vouch for the accuracy of their own conclusions but based on their findings they are  rolling this technology out worldwide. Surely we should ACTUALLY make sure that 5G is safe BEFORE conducting what is in effect a worldwide live experiment? Especially when the symptoms of 5G Radiation poisoning are pretty much identical to the symptoms of Covid-019. Again dont take my word for it, go and search for it and compare them. Simply compare the symptoms of Covid-019 with Radiation Pneumonitis, which is the medical condition brought on after exposure to radiation. It is this that the 5G luddites are banging on about. Again dont take my word for it, go and google the condition yourself and see.
I will add that I dont know if its safe or not. I dont know if it is connected to the Coronavirus outbreak either directly or indirectly, i dont know. But based on all known evidence I would also say that any expert who claims it is safe is lying. It cant be as the evidence they are using to support this is as solid as a chocolate fireguard, hence why the experts themselves are inserting legal get out clauses on their own findings.
Finally I will add that I have read that Lloyds of London have refused to insure the 5G Industry from any future health claims as its been suggested that this could be another situation like Asbestos. Whereby it was deemed safe by all years ago, installed everywhere and then 40 years later it was proven to cause Asbestosis but by then all those who installed it had taken their money and ran, the ones remaining hid behind the suggestion they were following the known expert scientific advice as known at the time. Im guessing Lloyds of London have learnt from that costly mistake and dont wish to be exposed to similar in the future. Again that doesnt mean it isnt safe but there are enough concerns to warrant turning down insurance cover over

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