George Orwell’s Carbon Credit Scheme – The Complete Control of Humanity via the Great Reset

We’ve all heard of the Paris Accord. An International Climate Change Agreement, where Countries have agreed to reduce Carbon Emissions by 2030. Depending on your viewpoint it’s either needed to save the planet, or its fake science designed to push an agenda of control over us all. Yet heres the thing, once we get cajoled into taking Bill Gates’s mandatory vaccines and we adopt his QDot tattoo certificate ID, then we may very well be facing our own INDIVIDUAL carbon credit trading scheme as the pieces will be in place to achieve this

Through a combination of AI technology, 5G Internet of things, Worldwide Electronic ID’s and wearable QDot technology it will be possible to track our individual daily carbon footprints. Each of us could easily be allocated an annual amount of CO2 emissions available and then through our day to day activities, we will see this allowance used up.

If you fly regularly, then your fund will deplete rapidly. Whereas if you are a bit of a swampy, your Carbon Credit bank will increase through good behaviour credits due to your sustainable and frugal lifestyle. Crucially there will be an International Trading System set up. Where people can buy and sell their own individual Carbon Credits that they may or may not need. Imagine you are an International jet-setter and you are reaching your limit, then just log on and purchase an African goat herders Carbon credit allowance. Thus transferring wealth to the worlds poorest, whilst making the largest polluters pay for their environmental impact.

Of course someone will have to adminster the record of your ENTIRE life actions, as every aspect of your life will incur an adjustement to your Carbon Credit bank. Who better than the traditional banking families of Rothschild and Rockerfeller who are not only bankrolling the Climate Change Agenda but who have also divested their investments over the past few years from Hydrocarbon Energy to Green Energy solutions.

Eat a hot dog? Drive to work? All will have a designated Carbon footprint cost and obviously if someone has to administer it, then there will be a small fee on EVERY SINGLE TRANSACTION THE WORLD OVER by the NWO as they use AI, 5G, Electronic IDs and a cashless society to oversee and administer such a thing. Throw in the ability to gain extra Carbon credits for people willing to rat on their neighbours for breaking the law coupled with the ability to enforce behavioural change with the threat of seeing your own personal Carbon credit allowance reduced and you will have a technological system of ultimate control over every single aspect of our lives and we will pay them for the privilege and ALL of it due to the Science and agenda of Climate Change and the panic created by the Covid-019 Plandemic.

Whichever side of the fence you sit on regarding this, it is beyond question that the technology will exist for such a thing and where money and control are concerned can you say with any certainty that it will not happen? Especially when extremely wealthy people are funding and pushing all of these schemes. Natural cynicism states that rich people tend to do things for their benefit and not ours.

If this really does comes to pass and it will, then welcome to 1984, 2020 style. A world of complete technological control over all of humanity Where the world of the past is replaced by a personal Carbon Credit scheme, which will satisfy many of the goals and aims of UN Agenda 30 to build a new sustainable world. Where Capitalism, Democracy, borders and self governance will become irrelevant as a small Cabal of unelected, uber-wealthy, individuals usher in a New Dawn for mankind of sustainable and equitable existence

Sod’s Law states that if you give something an opportunity to happen then it will and right now we are watching the groundwork and opportunity being developed all around us. George Orwell wrote 1984 as a warning to mankind yet instead it is now being used as a blueprint for a brave new world. A world where Big Brother is watching your every move. From eating a sandwich to planning a family. ALL will have a Carbon credit cost and if you do not have the credit then you will be prevented from pursuing that path, unless you can afford to pay extra of course.

As all men are indeed created equal but some will always be more equal than others, especially where there is money, power and control at stake. This 4th Industrial Revolution, this Great Reset will see you become controlled via technology from cradle to grave and if you do something they don’t like then what happens when they decide to literally switch off your life until you learn to conform?

Facebook does this now with your Social Media accounts. Post the wrong things that doesn’t conform to the group orthodoxy and Community Standards and Mark Zuckerberg will put you in Facebook Jail. Now imagine translating that power and authority to do it over your entire life? As this is where this all leads and you WILL comply, or else they will simply switch you off from the rest of this dystopian society.

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