Communism – A Prison Without Walls

Communism is sometimes described as a prison without walls

As any sign of individuality will immediately be seen, potentially reported and quashed by your neighbours. They will effectively act like unpaid Prison Guards. You’ve only to see how easy it is for some to believe that this is the right and proper thing to do with how many people were all too willing to ‘police’ other peoples behaviour if they sought to ignore the recent Coronavirus Lockdown rules. ‘Groupthink’ is a very powerful tool used to control and coerce

This ability to construct a ‘prison without walls’ is why the concept of Communism appeals to those in power. They do not need to police your behaviour 24/7 as your friends and colleagues will ensure your conformity on their behalf. With anyone stepping out of line or questioning Authority being immediately jumped upon by the masses and brow beaten into submission.

Any free thinker on Facebook will attest to how commonplace this process is.

Communism allows those in Authority to go largely unchallenged and unaccountable as they position themselves as being both your protector and your provider. Where as long as they are safe, you are safe and therefore anyone who questions them or their instructions is by definition putting you at risk. Just think of what you saw with the lockdown. Think of how you reacted to others breaking the rules of lockdown and why you felt so strongly about it?

It’s because you thought that their actions were putting you and others under threat. Yet here you are, right as rain and you didn’t die because somebody else went sunbathing in a park, despite your fears.

Funny that isnt it?

Now listen carefully, as this might apply to you.

Many people convince themselves that they are far too intelligent to be manipulated by the media but they tend to be denying reality because what more relevant evidence do you need of the power to manipulate than that which we have just seen? The Government yank the chain, the media relay the instruction and then some of you begin barking like a dog.

This is Social Control through Propoganda at its finest and frankly its time that more of us turned off the TV’s, as it isnt News that they report to you on a nightly basis but suggestions and instructions for some of you to take as Gospel, which lead to some of you becoming no better than members of the Stasi. Who incidentally thought that they too were doing the right thing by reporting on their neighbours whose behaviour was deemed to be endangering the State and thus by association, them

Its time for many of you to stop being so naive and actually look at how they control us, as today you have been convinced that it’s right and proper to inform on your neighbours for holding a BBQ party. Next time you’ll be the one opening the valves on the shower blocks. This slope is slippery and you’ve already taken your first step onto it

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