Who are The Higher Committee For Humanity Fraternity?

Earlier this month, I posted about the Feast of St.Corona. The Patron Saint of Plagues and Infectious diseases and how her feast is held on May 14th at the Vatican. The timing of this annual celebration would I suggested, be used to conveniently deliver a joyous release from the Pope regarding the Covid-019 pandemic and here it is.


To you it may not seem much, but this is the FIRST meeting and calling for a worldwide Global event of common prayer and mission from the Higher Committee For Humanity Fraternity. Who are they you may ask? They are the group bringing about a ONE WORLD RELIGION, often cited as reason to be wary of the Globalist vision.


Back in 2019, Pope Francis travelled to Abu Dhabi, where he personally signed a declaration of fraternity on behalf of Catholics and Christians worldwide with other Religious leaders. Which effectively stated that no matter what religion you follow, we all pray to the same God and that it was God who allowed us to have diversity of belief which is why there are so many different religions.

Think about that for a second. The Pope admitting that we all pray to the same God. Which then leads to the question of how exactly? If God sent his Son, Jesus Christ to save us and he allowed him to die on a Cross for our sins, then how can the same God then send Mohammed seven Centuries later as the Pope cannot have it both ways by this declaration as there are definite fundamental conflicts in this assertion. Conficts that could destroy the very fabric of what we have been taught for thousands of years

As the Celestial Etity that all of the worlds religions pray to can only be the same God if Jesus WASN’T the Son of God, which then completely negates the whole point of the existence of the Catholic Church and exposes it all as a sham from start to finish.

Additionally, by openly signing this document Pope Francis has publicly declared that the historical excesses of some previous Pope’s, who fought wars and conducted witch hunts and purges that saw millions die throughout history to defend the concept of Christ as the Son of God, were in effect wrong to do so and defending a lie. A lie that they must’ve known to exist. Take a second. Think about the rammifications of this. It isnt the signing of this document that is the issue, it is the whole can of worms it opens by implication.

Yet if Christ is still assumed to be what we have been led to believe, the Son of God, then the “God” that others pray to CANNOT be the same being. Which then suggests that through the signing of this declaration, Pope Francis has committed heresay. Of taking Gods name in vain, by also declaring Catholics worship false Gods, deities and idols at odds with the explicit instruction of Ten Commandments given to Moses by God as he led the Jews towards the Promised Land.

Which is why there are many within the Catholic Church who believe that this Pope isn’t a servant of God at all but the prophesised anti-Christ himself.
You decide

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