I Am Not Anti-Vaccine, I Am Pro SAFE Vaccine


When you seek to prove the effectiveness or efficacy of a new drug in a Laboratory. One part of the process is to test one control group who are given the drug, against another control group given a placebo. It is called a comparative analysis study and it is a critical step in testing the safety of any new drug or medicine.
You can, over a period of time, compare the outcomes of both groups to note the expected benefits of the drug (the efficacy), but also compare for other unexpected negative quantifiable outcomes. Such as an increase in certain life threatening conditions experienced within the live test group. These studies not only prove that the drug does what it is supposed to do and is therefore of worth but it also tests the long term SAFETY implications of using the drug on human health
Surprisingly, this kind of comparative study is NEVER carried out with new vaccines.
They simply go straight from laboratory, to licensing to injecting everyone.
No comparative studies are carried out to study if the vaccine actually does what it is supposed to do and no studies are completed to prove the long term health effects are safe.
So now do you understand that people like me are not asking for NO VACCINATIONS, we are simply calling for SAFE vaccinations. I think that is a perfectly reasonable request to make considering that they are injecting untried chemical compounds literally into the DNA of your cells without knowing the long term health complications or if it actually does what they expect it to do. Now isnt that just insane?
The big Pharmaceutical Companies and their friends in the media falsely label people like me as being “Anti-vaxxers” and how me refusing (unsafe?) vaccines, I am somehow putting the rest of you at risk. They suggest that I am being selfish, yet having explained my position I would hope that you can understand that it isn’t me putting you at unnecessary risk, its them.

I would also hope that the rest of you would also stand up and demand that these things are proven safe before injecting our children with them. Surely that isnt too much to ask is it and ESPECIALLY as they seek to roll out this Covid-019 Vaccine in record quick time?
It may well be safe to inject it into your kids but is it really too much to ask that it wont hurt them in the process and that it actually does do what they claim?

Especially considering that the Pharmaceutical Companies have managed to pressure/influence our lawmakers to pass laws that explicitly state that there will be ZERO LIABILITY against them should there be any unknown, or unexpected health implications due to the use of their vaccines.
Think about that for a second.

Zero Liability if things go wrong and no requirement for a comparative analysis study before injecting your kids with it. We have all experienced those in the Corporate world chasing the £££’s without regard to consequences. Think of the Tobacco Companies, Oil Companies and previously the Big Pharmaceutical companies who have put lives at risk for profit. It happens all the time, so surely its time that we stopped allowing these people to gamble with our lives and health just so that they can make money?
If you agree then please share this and stand with me by declaring that you too are not “Anti-Vaccine” you are “Pro-Safe Vaccine” and that isn’t the same thing no matter how much they spin it in the media

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