Democracy vs Communism: A Covid Response

At the time of writing England is just about to re-enter another Government enforced lockdown until the 2nd December 2020. The reality of the situation we are in is like this and whether anyone believes this nonsense or not is irrelevant as the actual proof exists.

Lockdowns and the rules we are all suppsed to follow dont work, simply because there is not a place on the planet where they have imposed these rules, for the virus to have then gone away. There isnt. Every country that locked down and imposed rules has now re-entered lockdown, so they have failed for whatever reason.

This we can all agree on as it is fact.

I argue that it has failed because the rules are nonsense and simply at odds with free will and the right of the individual. Others can argue that its because people didnt follow them and that they should be made to do so. One thing we know for sure is that this approach is not working, so we can either adopt the approach we have used for every other virus since year dot, which is protect the vulnerable and gain herd immunity that way

Or we can destroy lives and freedoms to FORCE compliance by an authoritative oppressive state to implement a policy never before used or deemed appropriate in dealing with a viral epidemic. Its your choice but personally I choose freedom. You may choose forced state oppression and thats fine.

However in a democracy is this not supposed to be put to a vote with all the information on the table as opposed to just what the Government and authorities say with every other voice silenced?

Only 12000 Scientists and over 35000 Doctors have signed the Great Barrington Declaration stating that we should open our societies back up to save lives. I agree with them. You may not do so but that again is irrelevant as the real question we should all be asking is,

“Why are they being silenced and ignored by the Government and the media?”

Shouldn’t everyone want to hear the whole story, arguments and options available in dealing with this BEFORE we lose our rights and freedoms or shall we just skip that technicality and go straight for Authoritarian Governmental control via the barrel of a gun? Which is where we are heading

Personally I choose freedom and democracy. You may choose Communist style State Control but right now we live in a Democracy and we should all be united in rejecting the imposition of the latter without first following the agreed rules of the fomer.

Surely that’s not too much to ask before the place descends into the dark days ahead of Civil unrest and violent protest?

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