The Democrats Arrogance Will See Them Jailed

Off to Gitmo for Joe Bedridden

as when the level of corruption and fraud FINALLY gets exposed, Trump will win BIGLY!!
You see the Democrats arrogantly thought that they could steal this election through demoralising Trump’s support with fake polls, fake news, social media manipulation, censoring of actual real life corruption involving their man Joe Bedridden. They had everything in place.
Mail in ballots were needed due to Covid, allegedly
Various Computer Software packages used in the count which could and would be compromised courtesy of #Hammer and #Scorecard to manipulate the results were in place. Not to massively manipulate the count but just enough so as to get the job done but remain undetected. They had it all in place.
The one thing they never expected was the sheer number of Patriotic Americans turning out to vote for Trump. They expected after their 4 year assault on him that his popularity would fall. They were wrong. His base grew stronger and more resolute to see their guy re-elected. The burning cities under Democrat control had showed them what would happen if you let the Democrat party near power again.
So they turned up in their droves to vote for President Trump who would be their salvation against the Globalists and the anarchists of the far-left. The sheer scale of his voter turnout and increase shocked the Democrats. So sure were they that they assumed only a tiny manipulation of the Computer systems would be needed to ensure victory. A manipulation so small that it would be undetectable even under forensic examination. As the evening count proceeded the dawning realisation that a small manipulation could achieve this outcome was blown out of the water. The manipulation needed was so huge that they had to crank up the deception to levels that immediately aroused suspicions with huge spikes noticed for no apparent reason. This was their first mistake.
However this manipulation of data still wasn’t enough to defeat the massive scale of Trumps vote. Bear in mind they were panicked, things weren’t going to plan, they had to do something and do it quickly as they needed more votes or their guy was doomed. So the counts were suspended for the first time in living history in order to buy them some time to try salvage this.
There are many witnesses now coming forward signing affidavits that mail in votes were brought in en-masse and literally submitted into the system without the requisite checks or legal oversight. Basically they panicked and brought in a shit ton of extra votes, included them in the vote count and then expected no challenge because their friends in the media dismissed the accusations of impropriety as unfounded. Big Tech silenced anyone questioning the events and they literally tried to brazen it out with Joe Bedridden being declared President Elect by the Media. This was mistake two and three.
As no way would Donald Trump allow his re-election be criminally hijacked this way by the corrupt Deep State and the Democrats. His Nation, your freedom and the existence of the United States itself depended upon him demanding transparency and explanations. So he set in motion legal challenges to these accusations and he will win and be re-elected as President of the United States. I am certain of it. Which is why I can now declare that Joe Bedridden will very soon end up behind bars, along with the rest of his co-conspirators. Frankly that time cannot come soon enough.

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