If I Were Q


A working hypothesis to see President Trump WIN re-election without bloodshed, without the USA descending into Civil War and all with the full agreement, albeit it reluctant full agreement of Congress, the Media, the public and the Rest of the World. Who would most definitely conclude that Trump had become the Dictator they predicted if he enacted the Executive Order regarding Foreign Interference in Elections. Which I believe is just a ruse and I will explain why

So how can all this be achieved?

How can Trump gain re-election without America descending into anarchy and with the backing of the World at large?

Firstly we need to remember that President Trump is a student of Sun Tzu and the Art of War. I have read it myself and although not an expert by any means, I understand many of the methods described. For those who have never had the pleasure then let me sum it up for you very simply. To win a war you need to defeat your enemy before the fighting begins, or rather as in this case before the Election took place.

If you have been a follower of Q then you will know that there has been a plan in place for a very long time. We are told to “Trust the plan” and so we must, as the plan is absolute genius and once again shows the talents at play here in the way that the left hand distracts from what the right hand is doing.
I’m not going to bore you with where we are right now and what has led us here, if you know you know, if you don’t then it’s about time you began researching as there’s a lot to catch up on. Anyway, this is where we are right now.

The electors have voted, those votes are now in sealed envelopes heading to Washington and will not be opened until the 6th of January when both houses meet to agree on who has been returned as the next President of the USA. The media have anointed China Joe Biden as the winner and denounce anyone who says different as a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. Yet here’s the thing, “WE KNOW THAT TRUMP WINS” even if they don’t.

So how does he do it then?

Many right now are sat on the edge of their seats waiting for the Director Of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe to present a dossier to President Trump ‘proving’ the existence of foreign interference in the November 3rd election that would then give him the authority to begin a process of Military involvement of arrests, detainments and ultimately the loss of life on the streets of America.

No President in their right mind would do such a thing lightly, especially as it could potentially lead to a new US Civil War, which is exactly what George Soros and the Cabal would want. Which is why, in my opinion he will not do it. As a student of Sun Tsu it is my belief that this Executive Order along with the Military build ups we are seeing of Carrier Groups protecting both East and West coast to ward off any attacks from the UN and China are all merely distraction tactics from the real plan.
The Executive Order has a purpose, of course it does and that is to instil fear into those who are working against the US interest to offer themselves up for clemency if they blink first and offer to cut a deal. People like Georgia Governor Brian Kemp have found themselves ‘reminded’ of the existence of this Executive Order by people exposing the ‘fraud’ such as Lin Wood and Leigh Dundass. The threat and likely punishment to the Brian Kemp’s of this World for not doing the right thing is well documented and known. Best if you just come clean, comply and tell us all that you know Governor Kemp. We may even let you keep your life if you turn States evidence.

Sidney Powell and many of the other main players in this production have all used the word ‘Biblical’ in their Tweets and interviews and they have every reason to do so. On the 12th December we had the Jericho March for Trump that saw thousands of Christians and people of faith turn out in peaceful, prayerful rallies in a nod to the 7 day walk around the Walls of Jericho as the Israelites blew their trumpets to signal to those walled up inside to come out. That they would be punished only by performing a penance to God but that they would be forgiven their sins. The symbolism and meaning wouldn’t be lost when the trumpets sounded in Washington last week to all those who had sold their soul to the Deep State. The message would be clear that they too should come out from behind their walls, confess their sins then a penance would be due but ultimately their lives would be saved. A Biblical ending indeed if ever there was one.

Whether anyone took up this offer is anyone’s guess but no doubt the offer still stands to such pampered politicians like Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. Step out from behind the Walls of Jericho they would yell, confess your sins, pay your penance and your life will be spared. As make no mistake right now that threat is real to anyone who has committed treason against the USA. However, it is my belief that despite the constant reminders to the guilty party’s, that President Trump and those running this Military Operation never have had any intention of enacting such powers under this Executive Order and that it is purely to help focus minds and convince people to come forward before they were grabbed by the Military and whisked off to Guantanamo.

To enact this Executive Order may well be justified, it may well be legal but President Trump knows that to do things this way will likely see the Country fracture beyond repair as no matter how justified and warranted the action, to a die hard Democrat voter this would always be the action of a Dictator. With that in mind and knowing that Sun Tsu would never advocate such a thing, I believe that either just prior to or just past the deadline on Friday that we will see another Q Drop, reminding us to ‘Trust The Plan’ as no doubt there will be many Patriots out there primed and ready who will see this as a huge disappointment. Especially if they have all of the evidence of fraud as claimed. Which I believe they do and it will be used at a later date and here’s why.

As whilst all this is happening, many people have forgotten what the Presidents right hand has been doing, waving Goodbye to that massive disappoint Attorney General Barr, who has been slated by various Republicans and Trump supporters for not acting on the mounting evidence of election fraud. He has been exposed as another Deep State asset and highlights just how deep the corruption runs in the Alphabet Agencies. Yet what if I told you that in my opinion this has always been the plan?

That Barr wasn’t supposed to get involved in the investigation because if he did then all of the evidence that Lin Wood, Sidney Powell and Rudi Giulliani were uncovering would not be allowed to see the sight of day whilst a Criminal Investigation was ongoing and it is crucial to this whole plan that the public are exposed to fraud, so that you can ‘see’ the extent of the corruption and deceit that has occurred. If AG Barr got involved then all of this would be kept away from the public gaze so as to not prejudice any future criminal trials. As even those accused of stealing an election are allowed a fair trial, so Barr had no option but to remain on the side lines even though he did admit that the Department of Justice were still investigating and if any evidence became apparent that they would act

(Spoiler Alert: That isn’t the plan)

AG Barr has now announced his retirement and President Trump has tweeted his disappointment that he never acted on the obvious fraud. Those loyal to the President have gone further in their condemnation than just expressing disappointment. For all intents and purposes, AG Barr is now nothing more than a Deep State plant in the eyes of Trumpers and the Democrats and media now see him as a brave, principled Attorney General who despite being pressured by that bullying oaf in the White House, stood his ground and stuck to his words when he took office that he would not allow any political interference in his Department and he will follow the law and not pursue Partisan actions to please the Oval Office. He has stuck to his word and therefore from here on in until he retires, any action he may or may not take will be deemed non-partisan and certainly nothing to do with President Trump. After all AG Barr is a principled man of the law and has already shown that he is not to be pushed around by a President who is used to getting his own way.

That is why it is my opinion that AG Barr is now the perfect man to bring down the Cabal and do it in such a way that even the most dyed in the wool Democrat couldn’t explain what is about to happen as purely a politically motivated hack by ‘Orange Man Bad’ in the Whitehouse.

Q has said previously that the first arrest will shock the World, which is why I feel that in the not so distant future a crime will be exposed that is so appalling, so heinous that outgoing Attorney General Barr will have no option but to start the ball rolling for the ‘Great Reveal’ by arresting and charging Joe Biden with a crime that will literally leave the World staggered. A crime so appalling that AG Barr had no option but to act. Remember this arrest will have nothing to do with President Trump, that is important so as to not see the entire Country go up in violent reaction.

What that crime will be I have no idea but it will see Joe Biden ultimately facing a very long time behind bars and will be so completely abhorrent that the Worlds media will have no choice but to actually report what he has been charged with. Again this will not be President Trumps doing as this decision to arrest Joe Biden will be on AG Barr and no-one else.

As stated earlier the sealed envelope containing the electors votes to determine the next President will be opened on the 6th January. Ordinarily a Presidential election would have been decided by now but due to tireless fight of Rudi Giulliani and his team along with Lin Wood, Sidney Powell and their teams the whole result is up in the air. If the Election result is disputed then what should happen according to the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution, is that every declared state gets one vote each, just one. Which means that President Trump won 30 States to Joe Biden’s 20 States so it doesn’t take a genius to work out who wins the US Presidential Election in this eventuality.
Yet that isn’t the plan or at least it isn’t all of the plan in my opinion. You see to unite the Nation there must not be any controversy nor sour grapes over the way that President Trump is re-elected through this little known route. Which is why it is my belief that due to the seriousness of the crime that Joe Biden is accused of, that at this point no Democrat State will cast a vote for him to endorse his Presidency.

If I was Q then this would be my plan. It would see President Trump take his rightful place back in the Whitehouse. It would see unity in the United States for the first time in years as both Houses would be united not only in disgust at what Joe Biden did but also in thanks that him being appointed President had been avoided. There will be no Civil unrest. No Civil War. No bloodshed on the streets of the USA over the Christmas period despite George Soros and his evil wishes.

America will be saved. President Trump will serve four more years. Bloodshed will be avoided and the public will finally be awake to the high levels of corruption, lies and deceit committed on a daily basis by the Deep State and it’s complicit Fake News media. Once achieved if I was a member of Trump inner circle at that moment, then it would be backslaps all around as we then turned our attention to the draining the Swamp with the full backing of the American public, Congress, the Senate, the media and the World at large.

Again, this blog is only my opinion on what happens next but if Q ever needs a sounding board for any future Machiavellian plans then I am currently free for the next 30 years or so, even if I am limey Englishman


If I were Q….

2 thoughts on “If I Were Q

  1. “Again, this is blog is only my opinion on what happens next…” as a fellow Limey Englishman hailing from Sussex (the home of Satanistic Rituals…think Cowley, Chanctonbury Ring, Wiston Park….Goring/Georing Family, and Steyning etc), I can assure you,you live in a fairy land of “wishfull thinking” regarding Trump and Q. There is NO intention by the British Monarchy/Empire/The Rothchilds/Pilgrim Society, to permit Trump to prevail and overturn their plans for their NWO as fronted by Klaus Schwab and Prince Charles’ WEF’s “Great Reset” agenda.
    They (includingTrump) are fighting a “War” which Homo Sapiens are being fought over LITERALLY for the resons explained in this video presentation.HomoSapiens needless to say WILL prevail after a fight which I suspect Trump will aid us with, even though (Hopefully) the outcome will be positive for Humankind.After the last attempt at the Atlantis debakal, we might this time suceeed in banishing the evil entities from our world for good?????


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