Q – The Timelines Are Converging

When I first began hearing of the Q movement I will admit to having been sceptical, dismissive even. I was for want of a better word a sheep (like millions of other people around me and worldwide were). It wasn’t any wonder that I scoffed at the idea of a secret military operation being run to save the world from an ancient sect with President Trump hand picked for this mission

Give me a break. Come on admit it. When you first encountered Q and if you weren’t an American you too must’ve thought, “Yeah right, as if. It’s a movie script and nothing but lairy Americans, their vivid imaginations and their hero fixations once again.”

Marvel Comics had a lot to answer for in my opinion.

Yet here I am almost four years later not only a firm believer in the Q Movement but I also finally believe that I can make sense of it all.

As an aside I also owe the largest apology ever to America and the Americans who I dismissed with an aloof Eurocentric air of assumed superiority. I was wrong. Very wrong to dismiss you and your fevered belief that you were saving the World. As you were and you did. I now realise this and I am truly sorry for my initial doubts.

So what is really going on with Q then?

Now let me begin by saying from the outset that I am a logical man. I think. I reason and I am not prone to flights of fancy. I am not so entrenched in my beliefs either so as to not change them if the evidence changes but like most rational people I will seek to explain the world around me by relating it to my own life experiences and knowledge.

Which is why I admit that many of the things I heard from some followers of Q never sat well with me.

As I heard many tales of how Q apparently ‘knew’ the future before it happened. We were told that there was a plan and we should follow it. That future will prove past and we saw it happen many times. Infact I have lost count of the number of times that there has been a tweet from President Trump, replete with intentional spelling errors. That was then dissected by QAnons, logically linked to differing Q Drops of intel from years previous, which then put his tweet into a whole differing context. Future indeed has proved past. Many times.

Once you see this happen for the first time, its puzzling. Then you see it time and time again and you become hooked on it as how can this be real? Yet you can see that this is real. That there are hidden messages within the tweets and messages of President Trump and his closest aides, which were predicted years previously by Q. Mindblowing but real. So how do they do this?

I have heard many explanations as to how this is possible. I have watched countless YouTubers and self proclaimed experts utterly convinced that this is because the US Military have captured various alien technologies that give them the ability to either see into the future or physically time travel.

I have heard tales of Alien Alliances helping President Trump and the US Military in ridding this world of the ‘Cabal’. A supposedly ancient cult of thirteen bloodlines who secretly rule the world.

Let me be clear, I am not saying that this isn’t possible. Everything is possible. Only a fool would dismiss anything outright based on their own lack of research. Something that this whole process during my own ‘Great Awakening’ has taught me. However as a man of reason and rationality, this idea of time travel, aliens and Alliances has never really sat well with me. To those of you who believe this 100% I am not saying you are wrong, merely that I believe different.

I recall watching one particular YouTube video regarding ancient Stargates. Like those seen portrayed in various Hollywood movies. Technology that would allow someone to literally step into another world and another time. Again, I’m not saying this isn’t possible. It might be, I do not know for certain but the point that struck me most was the statement that the Cabal had used this technology for so long but now the US Military had it and #ProjectLookingGlass had shown that no matter what simulations were fed into the Stargates that the timelines were going to converge at some point in the near future and that the Cabal would be exposed and humanity freed from their evil clutches.

It sounded fascinating but again I found it all a bit far-fetched. Yet the ‘proof’ of this ability to see into the future was being played out in front of me regularly via the Q Drops and Trump’s tweets. Future proved past time and time again with an alarming accuracy that something defintely odd was going on and could it really be that Q and the US Military had access to such time bending technology despite my own cynicisms?

In a short answer. No. They haven’t and I will explain why.

As a logical, rational person and an Engineer by trade I know that a fluid will always find the path of least resistance. In this case assume the ‘truth and reality’ of how this all works is water. Now water cannot flow uphill and for me at least, the idea and existence of an ancient alien Looking Glass/Stargate that can see into the future and which has been captured by a secret branch of the US Military is the Mount Everest of all uphills for water to travel up.

I’m sorry, I just do not and cannot accept this idea as the most obvious explanation for how Q is seemingly able to predict the future. You may believe it but I don’t. So if this isn’t the case then how can Q predict the future? The answer to that is very simple, if not a little bit boring but for me at least, it is the explanation that allows that hypothetical fluid the path of least resistance.

We are led to believe that what happens during our lifetime is all pure chance. That our lives are all perfectly random and that our lives happen and evolve according to every single persons free will, subsequent journeys and random world events. As this is what happens in a free society. Chance events and random occurences happen and because of these things your life will meander in random, disorganised directions based on your reaction to such life events. This is how life works. A sequence of unconnected, random and chance events shape your future based on your own free will, choice and chance.

Now imagine if you will that the World is one giant Company. A Company cannot survive on reacting to chance events. It must have a plan. As prudent planning for all possible eventualities will ensure not only the continued survival of the Company but also the Board of Directors who run the Company. The Company must have a future vision and plan in place to survive. Else can you imagine 7 billion plus workers within your Company all working in a random reactionary manner of chance?

If that was allowed to be the case then the Company would likely fail very quickly and a new Board of Directors put in place as they would be held accountable for the failings by its work force.

This is why Companies have plans in place. There may be a six month plan, a twelve month plan, a five yearly plan but all the same there are plans and obviously as a worker within that Company you do not need to know everything that is planned. That is not your place. The Board of Directors will relay the information you need to know when they see fit via the various structured levels of management.

This new instruction and direction received will be new news to you because you were not aware of this part of their plan until now. It will not however be new to your Board of Directors because they are working 6 months, 12 months or even further ahead of where you are within this particular timeline.

You both belong to the same Company but your realities differ. In effect they would be living within a different timeline than you were. Now imagine if there was someone else within the Company who was privy to the Board of Directors plans and thry began dropping you cryptic clues as to the ‘future’.

To someone ignorant of the plans already agreed elsewhere and in place, it would genuinely seem like they could predict the future. This is Q.

Let me relate this concept to my own personal experience. As back in 2019 I became aware of the World Economic Forums ‘Great Reset’ plans and told friends and family about it. They obviously were not aware of any of it and yet through the knowledge of this plans existence, I could if I presented it correctly appear to be able to predict future events.

Rightly or wrongly most people obtain their ‘information’ from their TV sets and as their TV’s hadn’t told them about what was coming, then I found myself dismissed as a Conspiracy Theorist, despite having read about it on the World Economic Forums website and having read the Hansard record of Parliamentary Committee debate. It was all there if they had just bothered to read what I had read but they refused, obviously.

Their information now comes from ‘experts’ on their TV and as such the vast majority of people will only receive this knowledge and insight when the Fake News media decides that they need to know it.

This control of the information and timing of its release has effectively allowed the Global Board of Directors to shape the future. Not literally but figuratively as they are working to a different timeline than the rest of us mere mortals because they have already decided behind closed doors what the future for the World will be without informing us about it.

I cannot be the only one who has been proven correct on many things such as vaccination passports, lockdowns and such like over the past year?

I do not have a crystal ball. I cannot see into the future but I can dig for information. I can research and I can read what is planned and what is coming down the pipeline for us. This has seen me labelled as a Conspiracy Theorist by many friends and family but like many of you I imagine, I have seen these things come to pass as predicted and I have observed the slow drip, drip of information via the mainstream media which allows them to shape and form public opinion over a period of time.

Now just take a second here and think that if you knew the plans of the World Economic Forum months ago, just how long ago did the architects of this Great Reset plan know about it before you did? How many years in advance of your timeline are they working on?

Q must be working on their timeline and this is how Q seemingly knows the future, he is on theirs.

He must have the information and plans that the Global Board of Directors are working towards. They must have it all.

The six monthly, annual, five yearly plans and beyond. All of it and it is because they know their detailed plans that not only have they been able to counter them, they have also begun to run their own counter-insurgency timeline plan alongside this.

A seperate timeline and plan with the ultimate aim of exposing and destroying the deceit and control which they have been exerting over the World. A deceit and control which is kept from us by a fake news media because we are not in their loop and we do not need to know these things until they decide that we do.

This is how Q ‘knows’ the future and why they now have the Global Board of Directors panicking because our differing timelines and theirs are now converging. Their long laid down secret plans, usually concealed and disguised from the prying eyes of the public, (who would surely revolt if they knew what was planned) are being dragged very quickly into the light from the dark.

You only have to look around you to see the evidence of this in regard to the Covid pandemic. As make no mistake about it this has been planned for a very long time.

It has been planned purely as a mechanism to bring about the Great Reset as championed by the World Economic Forum. It isn’t simply a random fortuitous event that suddenly fell into their laps, which conveniently allows them to achieve all that they wanted. Please do not be so naive. This has all been part of a long term scheme put in place to achieve their favoured outcome.

Sadly for them, Q is messing it all up because the tale of ‘the boiling frog’ comes to mind. If you are not familiar with this, the story goes that if you put a frog into a pan of boiling water, it will immediately notice sudden increase in temperature and jump out to escape. However, if you put a frog into a pan of cold water and then bring it to the boil, it will not notice the creeping temperature increase and will sit there oblivious of the rise until it boils to death.

This is how they have managed to deceive us all for so many years. The temperature increase has been so slight so as to not be noticeable. We have effectively sat there inside their pans of water and been boiled to death without even realising it.

Now thanks to Q and President Trump it seems that their plans are being rushed and they are making mistakes. People are beginning to notice that things are not right with what we are seeing in regards to their response to Covid. It’s all rushed. They are boiling us too quickly. We are feeling the temperature rising and we don’t like it, it is rising too hot, too quickly and we are feeling it.

Back in October 2020 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, released a video where he spoke of the ‘Great Reset’. Apparently Covid had allowed a small window of opportunity, which Canada and the World should seek to take advantage of in order to reshape our economies to ‘Build Back Better’.

A sentiment echoed around around the world by Prime Ministers, Royalty and Presidents. Yet within days that video of Trudeau was deleted from his Social Media account and any mention of the Great Reset was dismissed as a Conspiracy theory by the fake news media worldwide. Why? Quite simply he jumped the gun. He turned up the heat too high and people began to notice the temperature rise.

So they panicked, removed the offending video and once again dismissed, denied and downplayed what he had revealed only days earlier. Claiming that anyone who spoke of this was a conspiracy theorist. This alone proves that they are being rushed into making mistakes.

To those still asleep, our World just plods along and things happen as they occur naturally. Yet to those of us awake we know this to be false. That the World as portrayed by our TV screens is fake, contrived and in many cases downright false. We are being lied to and deliberately controlled on a mass scale by our unelected Global Board of Directors, the Cabal and that this is all about to change.

Our divergent timelines are converging and it is nothing to do with aliens or ancient technology. It’s to do with Q exposing their plans in real time and that exposure is showing us how they have guided the world by an unseen hand for Millenia. For their benefit and enrichment and to our detriment.

Throughout this journey I have had many doubts regarding Q. Whether we were being played. Whether this was all a scam yet I now realise that we are indeed heading for a Great Reset. A Great Reset of the timelines and ultimately the Cabal’s control over the direction of the world and of us. So sit back and enjoy the show. Future will prove past and ultimately God will win because “Where we gone one we go all” and I will meet you on your personal timelines when we get there.

One final thing, President Trump won the Election and many of the bad guys have already been arrested and in some instances executed. You just aren’t aware of this yet that’s all because we are on differing timelines but you will soon enough because Q said so. Last year.

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