“All Good Things Come To He Who Waits”

Dear Reader,

I will let you into a little secret.

The Military building up in Washington and around the USA right now is not due to a ‘Right-Wing’ threat to President-Elect Biden’s Inauguration.

This Inauguration will not go ahead and quite frankly was never destined to go ahead as Biden is a crook. Of that there is no doubt and his imminent Inauguration will be suspended at the 11th hour due to the timely release and publication of the Durham Report, which will see this corrupt sham halted.

Rather fortuitously due to the public ‘falling out’ between AG Barr and the Trump Administration before Christmas. Which saw the MAGA movement denounce Barr as a disappointing Deep State plant. This suspension on the contents of a report that he insitgated will not be laid at President Trump’s door, far from it in fact.

Particularly as the Mockingbird Media portrayed A.G. Barr as a principled man who didn’t bow to the bullying intimidation of man-child Trump before his recent retirement from Public Office. So much so that when the Report is released there will be sufficient ‘Plausible Deniability’ between Trump and it’s contents to prevent the claim of political inteference being levied against him.

Trump could argue quite correctly that if he had wanted to interfere with the Inauguration of President-Elect Biden that he had ample evidence to prove Foreign Interference in the election and could’ve simply used the powers of the Executive Order that he signed last year but he didn’t as the implications for the Nation and public safety weighed heavily on his mind.

Instead of getting directly involved, as many feared that he would, Trump will simply put his trust in the wonderful laws and law Enforcement Officials who make America Great. That he was as surprised as everyone else that finally law enforcement in the USA had come through and proved that maybe they weren’t all as corrupt as he had thought.

Thus Biden’s inauguration will be suspended pending further investigation and crucially the Mockingbird Media will not be able to claim that that it was down to Trump.

Which is where the assembled Military now come in. As the media have spent the past weekend bulling up stories of how soldiers on the streets would be needed to deal with the threat of ‘Right-Wing’ violent extremists who were seeking to interupt St.Joseph’s inauguration.

However once the inauguration is stopped due to the Durham report, who do you think will riot? You guessed it, the same people who ALWAYS riot. Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the rest of the George Soros rent-a-mob brigade.

How fortuitous it is then that the Military are now in position to deal with any incidences of rioting and looting that make take place by these groups as they once again resort to type and this is the reason for such numbers of Military assets being deployed right now and these people do not have a clue what is in store for them. Particularly as I imagine that the empty FEMA camps will be filled very soon with these anarchists and subversives of the Far-Left who will be left crying for mommy at this turn of events.

Of course the Mockingbird Media will have no choice but to show the rioting and violence but crucially they will no longer be able to state that these violent clashes were down to the mythical ‘Right-Wing’ thugs and extremists. As even CNN, the Communist News Network would find it difficult to suggest that Patriots were rioting because China Joe’s inauguration was suspended. Nor could they claim the moral high ground either and suggest that the people rioting were justified in their display of public violence. As this turn of events had been precipitated in the pursuit of truth and Justice by the forces of Law and Order at the Department of Justice. Who were not under the bullying man-child control of President Trump remember?

Thus Biden doesn’t become President on Wednesday and it wasn’t President Trump who stepped in to prevent it happening either. Nor did the mythical far-right riot. If this has always been the plan (it has), then the huge Military build up not just in Washington but across the State Capitols that also experienced far-left rioting earlier this year makes perfect sense.

Crucially the Mockingbird Media would have nowhere to go with their invented narrative of a far-right threat, as everything that unfolds on our screens will be down to their side, not ours. This is 5D chess and then some by the Trump Administration. Where they’ve waved their left hand at the Mainstream Media for the World to see whilst disguising what was held in their right hand. A right hand that I predict will be opened for the ‘Big Reveal’ within the next 48 hours.

Lin Wood recently posted the Olde English Proverb,

“That all good things come to he who wait’s.”

I would suggest that right now in Washington there isn’t anybody who can wait like President Donald J. Trump.

All Good Things Come To He Who Waits

2 thoughts on ““All Good Things Come To He Who Waits”

  1. Watching from the land of where that old saying originated from! Once that has been achieved,then is the time to go after the Octogon Group IN Davos Switzerland where Klaus Schwab has his WEF “Great Reset” all ready to go along with Prince Charles, in line to cull the population with their killer vaccines

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    1. I too am in the same place and how do I explain this simply. All is not what it seems. You are a Q follower. You know this has been planned a long, long time. Now we can either accept the tale that Q knows the future because he has access to a time machine. Or we can accept that what is more likely is that Epstein was turned back in 2017 after he was released early from jail. In which case all of his tapes and blackmail material now belong to US Intelligence. Which means those people under the control of the Cabal for so long, like for instance the Royal Family, are now under the control of Trump and helping to bring down the cabal. Which might explain Boris’s 180deg turnabout in April. Also Mike Pompeos tweet 2 days ago stating that Boris had been America’s staunchest friend and ally during Trumps Presidency. It would also explain why the UK gave emergency approval of the experimental vaccine before anyone else, thus ensuring we got all of the worlds supplies first before anyone else.
      Now it may have missed your attention but there is suddenly a shortage in the worlds flu vaccines. Why? And why are the military involved here and in the US with ‘delivering’ these new vaccines?
      Trump and Q have known of the Cabals plans for a long time. They know that Gates is evil. They know the CCP cannot be trusted. They know the Democrats are complicit and they know the WHO and UN are corrupted.
      You mustve heard of the phrase, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Now apply it to Boris, Americas staunchest ally and his apparent public friendship with Bill Gates. Throw in the fact that Trump now owns the Queen, who was effusive in her praise for him after his State visit in 2019 and suddenly pieces begin to fit and pennies begin to drop.
      Trump is bringing down the globalists
      To achieve this he needs allies and compromised individuals to assist, who lets be honest here are being controlled by the Bankers and have been for a long time.
      He cannot bring down the Cabal on his own. He can do with ‘friends’ playing their part however.
      Food for thought that i’ll leave you with because as I said earlier, “All is sometimes not what it seems”


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