Author: David Winder

Brexit – Catch 22

When you hear people stating we were promised the easiest trade deal in history during the Referendum and that the Leave campaign called it wrong again as reality says otherwise. Remind them that they are correct, that we were promised such a thing by the Leave campaign but then explain that they are obviously are not up to speed with the subversion that has happened since.
Mrs May, a remainer took us down the route of enacting Article 50, which states no trading arrangements can be discussed until we have left. Her Withdrawal Agreement, which has been rejected 3 times by Parliament IS NOT the trade agreement described as the ‘easiest in history’. That hasn’t been discussed yet and it cant be as the Withdrawal Agreement will never be voted for or agreed to in Parliament and so we are left in limbo. Unable to Leave, unable to even begin discussing the easist trade deal in history.
What we should’ve done is leave under our laws by repealing the 1972 Communities Act and then offer the EU a reciprocal free trade deal, with mutual recognition of standards and citizens rights, but we are where we are courtesy of our Remain PM and Parliament.
We now need to break the impasse, as there is no reason for the EU to improve their offer right now as courtesy of the collaborators in Parliament, we are stuck in limbo, cant leave, cant get to the point to negotiate the trade deal but we are still having to pay £1billion per month in contributions to the EU.
Why would the EU change a thing?
The only way to break this impasse is to leave with No Deal and then offer them what i said before, a free trade deal with mutual recognition of standards and guarantees on citizens rights, THEN we will get the easiest Trade Deal in history but once more the Remoaners in Parliament have scuppered that by passing a law making it illegal to leave without a deal.
It’s a Catch 22
We cant leave without a deal and we cant get a deal without agreeing the Withdrawal Agreement, which is worse than remaining, so we will remain in limbo unable to get to the trade deal negotiations.
This is the reality of the situation we are in and they manage this subversion due to the ignorance of people like those who glibly state that we were promised the easiest deal in history, who are easily confused and cant tell the difference between a trade deal, Mays Withdrawal Agreement and are also ignorant of the EU law and process which states we cant negotiate the former before concluding the latter. We voted to Leave but they have manouevered us into a position where it is impossible for us to do so. If this were a game of chess, checkmate would be about to be declared unless Boris pulls something out of the hat and can get us out under No Deal by sidestepping this well crafted cell of containment we now find ourselves in

Boris and The Art of War

The showdown yesterday has been inevitable between Brexiteers and Remoaners and I wonder if Boris has decided, in typical Boris fashion, to grab the bull by the horns and face this thing head on as he must’ve known that by proroguing Parliament that it would bring the odious slimeballs inside his own party out from under their rocks.
Michael Gove said the other day that the Government will decide if it complies with any legislation brought forward depending on the wording. Which is perfectly correct and proper. As the Government cannot have its Executive Powers restricted by Parliament when dealing with Foreign Treaty’s and so they may well have no choice but to refuse to give the Queens Assent to this proposed piece of legislation. The Queens Assent is usually given by the Government during the 3rd reading of any Bill, (not to be confused with Royal Assent which is given by the Monarch to enact the Bill in its final form) as this proposed Bill actually seeks to restrict the Executives power by compelling the Government to accept what is offered. That is beyond the limit of what Parliament can do.
When Theresa May was forced to seek an extension to the Article 50 process via the Cooper/Letwin Amendment, the law passed merely stated that the PM was to seek an extension, not compelled to agree to one made. Theresa May chose, as per the Executives power when dealing with foreign Treaty’s to accept what was offered.
A point highlighted by Bernard Jenkins MP during a Parliamentary Select Committee questioning of the PM after the event.
However, the Bill proposed by Boles/Benn compels the PM to not only seek an extension but crucially also to accept it, which is by sheer definition infringeing on the Executives powers when dealing with Foreign Treaty’s. That is completely unconstitutional and over-reaches Parliaments right and i’m certain that the PM knows this also.
If Queens Assent is refused by the PM at the 3rd reading of the Bill under this overeach of power, then it is dead in the water and cannot proceed any further. I’m beginning to think that this has been a well laid trap by Boris and that the Remoaners within his party have just walked straight into it. Whereupon he has then pulled the rug from under their feet by removing the whip and backed them into a situation where he now holds all of the cards as Prime Minister
Furthermore, when or if he refuses to grant Queens Assent to the Bill, then there is no other option but to call a General Election to solve the impasse. Which has been his preferred option to break the stalemate as he is confident of defeating Corbyn. This election if called will be fought along the lines of a straight choice between Boris, democracy and a No Deal Brexit vs Remain, no democracy and a Corbyn led Government.
A choice that Boris and Corbyn both know will see Boris returned to Number 10.
Like I said, this showdown has been unavoidable and in typical Boris fashion he has decided to deal with it head on. If i’m right, then he has not only chosen the battlefield he has also put his own forces in place before “inviting” the opposition to join him, which they have blindly chosen to do so.
Note Jacob Rees-Moggs languid style during the Emergency debate yesterday and I was minded of Chinese General Sun Tzu, who wrote in his often quoted book, The Art of War that you should,
“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” It would appear that based on Jacob Rees-Moggs uninterested body language throughout, that he is fully versed with this particular quote

Your liberty and freedom come from Magna Carta not the EU

In the UK an individual has rights laid down since Magna Carta.
This is particularly important when a crime is committed or suspected of being committed. As under the rights laid down from Magna Carta onwards, someone in the UK is deemed innocent until proven guilty. If you are accused of a crime, the onus is on the State to prove your guilt.
The writ of Habeus Corpus prevents the State from imprisoning you without evidence of a crime.
Under the European legal system, they never had a Magna Carta of their own and as such they work under a different assumption than we do, in that you are guilty unless you can prove your innocence.
Thus, the State has the legal authority to imprison you whilst they find the evidence and formulate the case to convict you. The onus is on you to prove your innocence as there is no automatic assumption in law of your innocence.
Under UK law you have a right, as laid down under Magna Carta to have a trial by your peers, in Europe your trial will be heard by a panel of judges. It may not seem like much of a difference but it is crucial in ensuring impartiality in the legal system. To prevent abuse by the State jailing people purely for political reasons. We do not have a history of such things in the UK, continental Europe however does.
The main difference between the two systems can be summed up quite simply.
In the UK you can live your life, free of intrusion by the State as long as what you are doing isn’t illegal, in Europe you can do the same but only as long as what you are doing is enshrined in law as being legal.
This is why we Brits look at the Germans and find it peculiar that they follow rules to the letter. They have to, as their legal system tells them what behaviours and actions are allowed in law whereas ours tells us what isn’t allowed. That is such a fundamental difference to your ability to think and act freely and to go about your business without intrusion by the State because if theres nothing in law to say you cannot do something, then by default, here in the UK it is legal.
This is primarily why German society is far more ordered and regimented than here in the UK but that orderliness comes at a cost. As the State controls the people, whereas here the people (supposedly) control the State. They are supposed to work for us and not the other way around, although many in Parliament since the Brexit vote have seemingly been influenced by the European way of thinking somewhat.
This fundamental difference in law is why every Englishman has by law been deemed a free man since birth, that is our birthright and it is why I want to leave the EU. As slowly but surely, our legal system is being overidden by the prescriptive ideas of European legal thought and the rights enshrined by Magna Carta, the worlds first ever declaration of the inalieniable rights of the individual over the Institutions of State are being undermined.
That alone is reason to leave the EU and when you hear people claiming that the EU protects their Human Rights, ask them how it is protecting their rights of liberty as laid down 800 years ago at Runnymede on the banks of the River Thames?
As this seemingly obscure document signed by King John in 1215 is absolutely fundamental in ensuring your freedom and liberty that the US Constitution borrowed huge parts of it to ensure that America and Americans would have the same when they created ‘the land of the free.’
Please share this post as it is crucial in explaining what we could lose under the EU and it is worth fighting for with every fibre of your being


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The Myth of the Irish Border

The Irish border issue is a political invention.
The Good Friday Agreement states that there should be no Security Checkpoints on the border and no hard infrastructure. This relates to military checkpoints as used to exist during the ‘Troubles’
When the UK leaves the Single Market and to protect the integrity of both the Single Market and the UK internal market, there will be a Customs border between the two, as youll have two seperate regulatory markets with a land border. It is important to note the distinction between Customs checks and Security checks as laid out in the Good Friday Agreement as they are not the same thing.
Both sides insist that in the event of No Deal, neither will erect hard infrastructure at the border, as Customs checks do not need to be carried out at the physical border, they can be carried out at the points of entry to the Irish ports or airports and the vast majority of internal movement of goods will be done through the trusted trader scheme, as is in place already.
Use of the TIR Rules already exist and are used throughout the EU for goods entering the Single Market from a third Country customs declarations are computer generated and controlled in any instance and they do not need every consignment of goods to be checked but a random selection to be physically checked based on intelligence and experience, again as happens already.
The backstop position contained within Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement and put there not by the EU but by Theresa May and Olly Robbins, suggests a Customs border may need to exist down the Irish Sea to deal with this politically invented border issue. Effectively hiving off Northern Ireland to the EU and Single Market
However, as the DUP quite rightly argue, if Customs checks are carried out on the ferries as they leave the UK, what is the difference if those checks were to be carried out as they arrived in the ports of Ireland and Northern Ireland?
Goods do not change regulatory standards en route across the Irish Sea and so it is irrelevant to insist that checks can only be carried out at arrival into Ireland and not at departure from the UK.
If done at departure then it means that Northern Ireland would not need to be treated as part of the EU, it remains part of the UK and the border between Northern Ireland and Eire effectively moves to any departure point from the UK. EU customs officials can check and seal any goods bound for Eire on UK soil, akin to what happens jn Calais now with UK Immigration staff based there.

Which is why this whole thing is a political invention and decision, not one based in necessity or reality. As its an invention purely to push the Withdrawal Agreement as a solution to an issue that doesnt need to exist as Customs checks are not Security checks as defined in the Good Friday Agreement. Both sides have catagorically stated, deal or no deal there will be no hard infrastructure erected on the border. Customs checks can be carried out on arrival in Ireland and not just on departure from the UK mainland and the use of ‘Trusted trader’ schemes negates the need to physically search every load passing between the internal border.
As said previously, the return to a hard border, the premise that this will breach the Good Friday Agreement and risk peace in Northern Ireland is a nonsense. Its yet more Project Fear and propaganda put out by the Remain campaign but more specifically Theresa May and her Remain negotiating team, who will do and say anything to stop us leaving the EU, whilst paying lip service to the Referendum result itself.
Anyone who claims that the Irish border is a reason why we cannot just Leave the EU are either ignorant of the realities but if not, then they assume you are. The issue is an invented one. Invented by Prime Minister Theresa May and endorsed by ex-Prime Ministers Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and John Major who are all on record as saying Brexit must be stopped. This is the way they think it can be stopped but people need to be aware of the realities.
Please share this post to inform them of the Project Fear being used once again to manipulate public opinion and to subvert the vote to Leave

Revolution Has Begun For Less

Have you ever thought,

‘Why are many MP’s fearful of leaving the EU?’

It’s a simple question, with a very simple explanation in that they fear it because it will mean that we will no longer be members of the EU. That is not a glib statement, far from it as it is a fact there is an ingrained belief within political circles, that we are safer within such Supranational Unions like the EU than outside of them.

This notion is cemented by those powerful elites who actually do run the world, who inform National Politicians during such things as the Bilderburg Group soirees, that this is the way it must be in order to preserve wealth, peace and security for their people. If they do not comply, then they will be out in the cold and on their own.

So they glibly follow what they are told, as it is plainly in the ‘interests’ of their citizens and nothing to do with the gold and riches on offer to those who promulgate these policies.

After all, it’s not as if they are doing anything wrong as everyone else is in agreement also? The consequences of accepting herd mentality are at the root of many an atrocity in human history but true to form, Politicians adopt a policy of complaint cowardice.

Meanwhile the ‘uneducated’ public rebel against these imposed controls and constructs. You’ve only to see the anger across the western world as people are marching and fighting for their voices to be heard. Protests both peaceful and violent are are happening everywhere from Catalonia to Paris and everywhere inbetween. The disenfranchisment of so many is truly astounding yet our Political class continue telling us that we dont know what we are doing. That we don’t understand what we are marching for nor what are voting for. Which is probably true as they have kept the reason’s for their compliant cowardice hidden and under cover.

This leads us to where we find ourselves in the UK today.

Where despite voting to Leave the EU over 3 and a half years ago, we have a Parliament at odds with the vote of its electorate and is doing all that it can to prevent that vote from being enacted.

History will tell us that this impasse will be decided in one of three ways, either we shrug and accept it, or we continue fighting for our vote to be respected and they oppress us, or we continue fighting for our vote to be respected and we overthrow them

What happens from here on in is anyone’s guess as millions in the UK are beginning to realise that just because you vote for something, if it clashes with the view of those really in charge you won’t necessarily see it enacted.

We have to be honest with ourselves as to what we see when I state that our Democracy is a sham, as our views and opinions do not matter. We voted and they just reinvented what we voted for and enacted that instead

For many the blinkers have been removed and their eyes opened to the deceit and lies of what is glaringly obvious now before them. Our Country isn’t supposed to be this way. We are supposed to be free and to have a say over the direction that we take as a nation but sadly that isn’t the case.

Many will shrug and resume the life of apathy but dangerously many others will rail against this realisation. This is how Revolutions begin and our Politicians are genuinely afraid that once this particular genie is out of the bottle then they will no longer be able to put it back in.

Only time will tell what happens next but there are many people out there right now absolutely furious at this and a spark will be enough to see the whole lot go up.


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Will They Now Cancel Brexit?

All of the opposition Parties have stated that they now want a No Deal Brexit taken off the table in order to reach a compromise but there can be no compromise found. Parliament has tried repeatedly over the years to reach a compromise between its members but its never been able to find one, which is why the Referendum was held in the first place. Parliament couldnt agree so sought the view of the people to give instruction.
To suggest now that they will seek to find a compromise is ludicrous, it just wont happen.
Liam Fox, the Minister for Trade has just been interviewed by Sly News as he left the Commons following the Government succesfully winning the vote of no confidence, and he was asked if the Prime Minister would take No Deal off the table and he replied that there were now only 3 alternative endings to this.
Her Withdrawal Agreement, No Deal or No Brexit and Parliament yesterday took her Withdrawal Agreement off the table. He then went on to rubbish Corbyn’s plan as complete nonsense as entering into a Customs Union with the EU will mean applying the common external tariffs, so there goes your ability to strike trade deals, and he then claims to want control over which tariffs apply and the EU will tell him no chance
So his entire wish list is nonsense, unworkable and will be rejected outright by the EU.
This leaves No Deal or No Brexit, unless Parliament agrees to change its mind on her Withdrawal Agreement, which isnt likely.
Now for the first time ever I can see No Brexit possibly happening, as there just is no appetite for it between any of the MPs except the real Brexiteers in the Tory party.
The Remainers in the Government, coupled with the Labour party, the Greens, the SNP and the LibDems will outnumber those in favour of No Deal by around 2 to 1.
The question then is, will Parliament actually have the balls to form a Union of Brexit and announce as one that Brexit is to be cancelled? No one party would do so alone, as to do so would see that party annhialted at the polls but what happens if they form a Council of Unity and all come out as one?
I never thought that they would have the balls to do so but right now, if those are the only two options on the table then there will be a majority not so much in favour of stopping Brexit but definitely to avoid a No Deal departure from happening.
Will they or won’t they will only be answered if they all join together and announce that it is their opinion that Brexit under a No Deal scenario is an act of such monumental self harm, that despite the risk of Civil unrest, they have to suspend the process and withdraw article 50 until a consensus can be reached.
I never thought they would have the balls to attempt such a thing but right now, if the option is No Deal or No Brexit, then im certain they’ll all assume that there is safety in numbers if they act in unison to stop it. I hope that I am wrong as the rammifications will see blood on our streets and I am genuinely concerned that this is where we are headed but until the Prime Minister comes out and states unequivocally that we are to pursue a No Deal Brexit, then I am genuinely concerned for the first time in this entire process that our Democracy may be about to fail and a vote refused for the first time in our history. The thought makes me genuinely feel ill

Napoleon fell at Waterloo, May will fall at ‘What-a-mess’

Theresa May faces her Waterloo moment today and it is a battle which will define her tenure and see her Government fall. Her withdrawal agreement is simply not Brexit and puts the UK into a position which could see our Nation become a slave to the EU in perpetuity through this negotiated backstop and all without a unilateral means of escaping the situation.
For a serving British Prime Minister to even propose such a thing, no matter how much she states that it is no-ones interest for this to continue is frankly appalling. No leader of this Country should even consider for one moment this goddawful situation even being given the remotest chance of happening.
The fact that she will tells you of where her priorities lie, to keep the UK tied to the EU as much as possible even if it means subjecting the UK to rule by the EU with no mechanism to Leave. This is not Brexit and only a Remainer in Chief could ever think that it was.
When Norway entered it’s own temporary backstop position with the EU, whilst it negotiated it’s future trade deal it took 20 years to do so. That was Norway, a country whose economy is not as diverse as the Uk’s and all at a time when the EU didn’t have the 27 Member States that it does now, who all must agree to it.
Just take a moment to let that number and time period sink in and now try to relate it to the UK, with our own multi-faceted and diverse economy, coupled with a greater number of Member States making up the EU from which to gain approval from and try to guage how long it would take us to complete the same, if we ever could at all.
This is why her deal must be rejected today in Parliament and it must be rejected emphatically to see her Government fall because she is simply not up to the task of complying with the vote to Leave or of delivering Brexit.
In the 2017 General election I lent her my vote as I genuinely believed that she would put aside her own Remain inclination and implement the Referendum result fully, especially when she announced that, ‘Leave means Leave’ and the now infamous lie of, ‘No deal being better than a bad deal.’ I was wrong to have done so and never again will I lend any Remainer my vote, I have learned that painful lesson.
She has lied consistently throughout and her position, especially after this debacle is now untenable.
Business has been crying our for certainty and this d

eal delivers none of it as they cannot say for definite what will happen under this proposal.
Will we find a Northern Ireland border solution which is acceptable to the EU?
Or will we remain in the backstop forever?
Will we leave the backstop and fully leave?
What will our future trading relationship be with the EU?
The list of unanswered questions which no-one has any definite answer to, despite us having to hand over £39billion for the privelege is ridiculous and far from providing certainty is does the complete opposite.
The only sure fire way to provide certainty to business is to Leave and leave in a manner where we already know what the trading relationship will be. That means WTO rules and that is then our trading basis. Business will adapt when it has that certainty and that certainty can be provided from 29th March 2019, her deal will continue the uncertainty for business for an indeterminable period of time
As such, just on that basis alone her deal must be resoundly rejected and she must be removed from office, as she obviously will not achieve through this agreement what it is that she claims to want
Today we will hopefully see that happen and her Remain Government finally consigned to the history bin of defeats on the political battlefield. The original European empire builder Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo, Theresa May will finally flounder to ‘What-a-mess’ which is the only way to describe this appalling negotiated deal. She simply must go.