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The Plan – The Storm Is Upon Us

Ok I was wrong.

There were no groundbreaking DECLAS documents to halt this travesty of an inauguration. It is still going ahead and right now I can imagine that the faith of many is being sorely tested as they believe that President Trump has failed them, the Military has failed them and ultimately Q has failed them.

As we enter the final morning of the ‘End of MAGA ‘ there are millions, probably billions worldwide who didn’t sleep well last night for fear of what this new chapter under Biden will bring but I will now break down why today of all days you have nothing to fear because the closer we get to the inauguration then perversely the more certainty we gain.

Let me explain.

There are many things that we KNOW to be true, other things that we believe to be true and finally many other things that we hope to God aren’t true but possibly are. The latter of these I will ignore for now. We all know what they are but without this sham election being stopped, then for now they are irrelevant to the explanation.

Lets go through the things that we know for certain.

President Trump loves America. He vowed to drain the swamp. He was elected to drain the swamp and even now has refused to concede the election result nor congratulate Biden on his victory. These things we know for fact.

We also know for fact that Q exists. Any anon who has done a modicum of research into this knows that Q exists. That intel is passed via Q drops and that there are hidden messages contained within President Trump’s and his inner circles tweets. What may not be fact are the interpretations of what these hidden messages may mean. That is done by various anons who have varying levels of expertise in interpreting the hidden codes and clues. Sometimes they are right, sadly sometimes they are way off. It happens.

Last week President Trump made a speech that many believed was his concession speech, even if he didn’t actually say those words out loud. Many suggested this was what was meant when he stated that he had sadly exhausted all legal routes and avenues available to him to prove the election result was fraudulent. Again this is a matter of record. He said it to the nation and it is true that he has been thwarted at every turn in attempting to have the evidence that he claim’s to have amassed be heard in a Court of Law. Again this is all true.

So to recap what we know as fact. Q is real. The world is expecting Biden to be inaugurated today. President Trump hasn’t officially conceded. He claim’s the election was fraudulent. No Court of Law would hear the evidence and there are now no other legal avenues available to have it heard.

As a result of this, President Trump has departed the White House in readiness for Joe Biden to be officially sworn in and inaugurated. All of this is factual and true.

So how do we get from where we are right now to President Trump being sworn in for four more years in a manner that would be accepted by all as perfectly justified and legitimate and without causing Civil War and International condemnation?

Let me explain how this works and I must admit to have first heard this explanation weeks ago as floated as a possible plan by Juan O Savin. When he suggested it, I found myself yelling at the TV screen calling him every colour of fraudster that I could muster. Yet as stated at the outset of this blog, the closer we get to the inauguration ceremony then perversely the more certainty that we gain. Which is why I now owe Juan O Savin a full unreserved apology as I believe that he was correct when he outlined this possible scenario.

Firstly some background information is required in that the US Military swear an oath of allegiance to their Commander in Chief and to protect the American people, the Republic and the Constitution of the United States.

However, if their Commander in Chief achieved his position via a proveable fraudulent election. The evidence of which the Deep State corrupted Judiciary refused to hear in a Court of Law. Then would Military stand by and watch that occur knowing that to do so directly threatens the American people, the Republic and the Constitution?

They wouldn’t and there’s another known fact for you!

In early December President Trump announced a new appointee Ezra Cohen as Director of Special Operations. A whole new branch of the Military as first envisaged by John F Kennedy over 50 years ago. Ezra is key to everything that is about to unfold because in his new role as Director of Special Operations he has access to EVERYTHING, including the evidence of election fraud.

When Biden steps up to take his Oath then at that precise moment it will be the final confirmation and proof needed to arrest him for knowingly committing Treason against the United States by knowingly and fraudulently accepting the office of President. This arrest will be done by a Special Operations unit as commanded by Ezra Cohen and the Military Chiefs. Hence the ridiculous and excessive amount of Military personnel on site for the inauguration. They claim it is to protect the incoming Administration during the inauguration ceremony. I say it is to make sure that none of them escape.

President Trump has said that all known legal avenues available to him to get the evidence heard in Court have been exhausted. He hasn’t however exhausted any and all means available to him via Military tribunal. An option available if the Military step in to prevent a coup of the United States by foreign actors.

When Juan O Savin floated this idea weeks ago I railed against it. I argued against this as why go down this route when President Trump already had the evidence of foreign interference and had the legal authority as President to act upon it? The answer to this is now blatantly obvious.

When Biden is arrested for treason it will not be down to the order of President Trump. If it was then the mainstream media would immediately run with the news that this was evidence that Trump was the dictator they always said that he was.

So by stepping down and vacating the White House President Trump has distanced himself from this charge and now has plausible deniability that this is anything to do with him as it is now down to the actions of a patriotic Military. Sworn to protect the Republic and uphold the Constitution of the United States who bravely stepped up and saved America from this crime.

He will of course reiterate his claim that he had the evidence. That the Courts wouldn’t hear it so he is glad that the Military have stepped in as now the evidence will have a chance to be heard in Court during Military tribunals. The plotters of this coup will face a Military court, accused of treason for which the punishment is death by firing squad, incidentally yet another amendment made to the law made a few months ago.

The chess pieces are all in place, the plan is being executed as told by Q but misinterpreted by the anons either intentionally or otherwise but either way, I genuinely believe that we are about to watch THE GREATEST SHOW in the history of the world unfold today as this movie hasn’t ended because as someone very wryly stated, Stacey Abrams hasn’t begun to sing yet.

Finally you may like to be reminded that Sidney Powell, the Kraken keeper herself and main prosecution lead. Who has been trying to get the evidence of the fraud heard in a Court of law is also a fully qualified military tribunal prosecutor. Which could possibly lead you to think that maybe this whole thing had been the plan from the outset via some crazy conspiracy theory involving a high level military intelligence operation linked to the Trump Administration?

Which would then bring us nicely back to Q but that cannot be true because CNN said that his followers were just tinfoil hat wearing crazies on the internet who believed that President Trump was sending them secret messages via his Twitter account. Obviously.

The Storm is Upon Us

“All Good Things Come To He Who Waits”

Dear Reader,

I will let you into a little secret.

The Military building up in Washington and around the USA right now is not due to a ‘Right-Wing’ threat to President-Elect Biden’s Inauguration.

This Inauguration will not go ahead and quite frankly was never destined to go ahead as Biden is a crook. Of that there is no doubt and his imminent Inauguration will be suspended at the 11th hour due to the timely release and publication of the Durham Report, which will see this corrupt sham halted.

Rather fortuitously due to the public ‘falling out’ between AG Barr and the Trump Administration before Christmas. Which saw the MAGA movement denounce Barr as a disappointing Deep State plant. This suspension on the contents of a report that he insitgated will not be laid at President Trump’s door, far from it in fact.

Particularly as the Mockingbird Media portrayed A.G. Barr as a principled man who didn’t bow to the bullying intimidation of man-child Trump before his recent retirement from Public Office. So much so that when the Report is released there will be sufficient ‘Plausible Deniability’ between Trump and it’s contents to prevent the claim of political inteference being levied against him.

Trump could argue quite correctly that if he had wanted to interfere with the Inauguration of President-Elect Biden that he had ample evidence to prove Foreign Interference in the election and could’ve simply used the powers of the Executive Order that he signed last year but he didn’t as the implications for the Nation and public safety weighed heavily on his mind.

Instead of getting directly involved, as many feared that he would, Trump will simply put his trust in the wonderful laws and law Enforcement Officials who make America Great. That he was as surprised as everyone else that finally law enforcement in the USA had come through and proved that maybe they weren’t all as corrupt as he had thought.

Thus Biden’s inauguration will be suspended pending further investigation and crucially the Mockingbird Media will not be able to claim that that it was down to Trump.

Which is where the assembled Military now come in. As the media have spent the past weekend bulling up stories of how soldiers on the streets would be needed to deal with the threat of ‘Right-Wing’ violent extremists who were seeking to interupt St.Joseph’s inauguration.

However once the inauguration is stopped due to the Durham report, who do you think will riot? You guessed it, the same people who ALWAYS riot. Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the rest of the George Soros rent-a-mob brigade.

How fortuitous it is then that the Military are now in position to deal with any incidences of rioting and looting that make take place by these groups as they once again resort to type and this is the reason for such numbers of Military assets being deployed right now and these people do not have a clue what is in store for them. Particularly as I imagine that the empty FEMA camps will be filled very soon with these anarchists and subversives of the Far-Left who will be left crying for mommy at this turn of events.

Of course the Mockingbird Media will have no choice but to show the rioting and violence but crucially they will no longer be able to state that these violent clashes were down to the mythical ‘Right-Wing’ thugs and extremists. As even CNN, the Communist News Network would find it difficult to suggest that Patriots were rioting because China Joe’s inauguration was suspended. Nor could they claim the moral high ground either and suggest that the people rioting were justified in their display of public violence. As this turn of events had been precipitated in the pursuit of truth and Justice by the forces of Law and Order at the Department of Justice. Who were not under the bullying man-child control of President Trump remember?

Thus Biden doesn’t become President on Wednesday and it wasn’t President Trump who stepped in to prevent it happening either. Nor did the mythical far-right riot. If this has always been the plan (it has), then the huge Military build up not just in Washington but across the State Capitols that also experienced far-left rioting earlier this year makes perfect sense.

Crucially the Mockingbird Media would have nowhere to go with their invented narrative of a far-right threat, as everything that unfolds on our screens will be down to their side, not ours. This is 5D chess and then some by the Trump Administration. Where they’ve waved their left hand at the Mainstream Media for the World to see whilst disguising what was held in their right hand. A right hand that I predict will be opened for the ‘Big Reveal’ within the next 48 hours.

Lin Wood recently posted the Olde English Proverb,

“That all good things come to he who wait’s.”

I would suggest that right now in Washington there isn’t anybody who can wait like President Donald J. Trump.

All Good Things Come To He Who Waits