Napoleon fell at Waterloo, May will fall at ‘What-a-mess’

Theresa May faces her Waterloo moment today and it is a battle which will define her tenure and see her Government fall. Her withdrawal agreement is simply not Brexit and puts the UK into a position which could see our Nation become a slave to the EU in perpetuity through this negotiated backstop and all without a unilateral means of escaping the situation.
For a serving British Prime Minister to even propose such a thing, no matter how much she states that it is no-ones interest for this to continue is frankly appalling. No leader of this Country should even consider for one moment this goddawful situation even being given the remotest chance of happening.
The fact that she will tells you of where her priorities lie, to keep the UK tied to the EU as much as possible even if it means subjecting the UK to rule by the EU with no mechanism to Leave. This is not Brexit and only a Remainer in Chief could ever think that it was.
When Norway entered it’s own temporary backstop position with the EU, whilst it negotiated it’s future trade deal it took 20 years to do so. That was Norway, a country whose economy is not as diverse as the Uk’s and all at a time when the EU didn’t have the 27 Member States that it does now, who all must agree to it.
Just take a moment to let that number and time period sink in and now try to relate it to the UK, with our own multi-faceted and diverse economy, coupled with a greater number of Member States making up the EU from which to gain approval from and try to guage how long it would take us to complete the same, if we ever could at all.
This is why her deal must be rejected today in Parliament and it must be rejected emphatically to see her Government fall because she is simply not up to the task of complying with the vote to Leave or of delivering Brexit.
In the 2017 General election I lent her my vote as I genuinely believed that she would put aside her own Remain inclination and implement the Referendum result fully, especially when she announced that, ‘Leave means Leave’ and the now infamous lie of, ‘No deal being better than a bad deal.’ I was wrong to have done so and never again will I lend any Remainer my vote, I have learned that painful lesson.
She has lied consistently throughout and her position, especially after this debacle is now untenable.
Business has been crying our for certainty and this d

eal delivers none of it as they cannot say for definite what will happen under this proposal.
Will we find a Northern Ireland border solution which is acceptable to the EU?
Or will we remain in the backstop forever?
Will we leave the backstop and fully leave?
What will our future trading relationship be with the EU?
The list of unanswered questions which no-one has any definite answer to, despite us having to hand over £39billion for the privelege is ridiculous and far from providing certainty is does the complete opposite.
The only sure fire way to provide certainty to business is to Leave and leave in a manner where we already know what the trading relationship will be. That means WTO rules and that is then our trading basis. Business will adapt when it has that certainty and that certainty can be provided from 29th March 2019, her deal will continue the uncertainty for business for an indeterminable period of time
As such, just on that basis alone her deal must be resoundly rejected and she must be removed from office, as she obviously will not achieve through this agreement what it is that she claims to want
Today we will hopefully see that happen and her Remain Government finally consigned to the history bin of defeats on the political battlefield. The original European empire builder Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo, Theresa May will finally flounder to ‘What-a-mess’ which is the only way to describe this appalling negotiated deal. She simply must go.

If we Compromise on Brexit: What Was The Point?

“Parliament will block Brexit unless a compromise is reached”
It is a phrase often thrown around with impunity and on the surface it seems quite a reasonable suggestion to reach a compromise between two entrenched camps on either side of the debate but examine it deeper and you will see a flaw.
The whole reason for the EU Referendum being put to the public, was because Parliament couldn’t agree on the answer. Opposing views within Westminster on our relationship with the EU made it impossible for our MP’s to come to a settled consensus. As a result they agreed to ask the public to decide in what was billed as a once in a generation vote.
We voted to Leave but then the MP’s who wanted to Remain, insisted that all voices must be heard and accommodated in the debate once again. That everyone should be heard and a compromise sought between Leave and Remain. Thus MP’s who lost the vote have managed to drag the argument back to where it was in Westminster before they agreed to ask the public in the first place.
All of this turmoil and upset in our nation over the past few years has been for nought because frankly what was the point if at the end of the day a compromise needs to be sought?
Knowing full well that it was because a compromise couldn’t be found in the first place that created the need to ask the public via the Referendum. It makes a mockery of the whole thing and is a complete affront to the concept of democracy, where Remain MP’s have used Parliamentary process to paralyse the entire affair so as to render it pointless from the outset.
Knowing this and watching it unfold before our eyes, there are only two options available to the public as we watch amazed as the belief and respect for our Parliamentary process falls away. These MP’s intent on preventing Brexit are either allowed to do this, in which case voting for anything in future will always be open to challenge and the entire concept of democracy and majority vote carrying sway will be destroyed forever.
Or the electorate finally stand up, face them down and insist that the majority vote is carried by whatever means available, as it is not an extremist position to want democracy and a vote respected. It is the extremist position to not to want it respected.
There is a fundamental principle at stake here, as the People in this realm through history have fought to be Sovereign and therefore by default Parliament, who are the People’s Representatives assume that Sovereignty. This works fine when Parliament represents but what happens, like in this case when Parliament doesn’t represent the express view of the People but seeks to impose it’s own?
Parliament was designed to be the servant of the people yet today, many within it seek to become their Masters and so the question then very simply becomes,
“If that’s the case, just what are you willing to do about it?”


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The Brexit Mousetrap

To some, the events of the last few days have been an affront to democracy. The Speaker of the House, John Bercow seemingly choosing to overule centuries of Parliamentary protocol by allowing Dominic Grieve’s amendment to be heard has seen some Parliamentarians having palpatations at the gall.

This amendment now sees the Government required to return to Parliament with a Plan B in 3 days rather than the previous 21 day window should Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement be voted down in Parliament. Which let’s be honest here, it will be embarassingly so.

There are many reasons why MP’s will not vote for this worst of all worlds proposal, not least of all that it is a complete dog’s dinner, which will see the UK in a far worse situation with the EU than if we had just remained with our current membership status as it was. So much for the pledge to take back control which for many was the whole point of voting to leave the EU in the first place.

Therefore, on all known reality this agreement is just waiting for the inevitable and to be put out of it’s misery. Yet despite this, Theresa May will continue pushing it as the only available option left to avoid a No Deal Brexit because frankly it actually is, but perversely this amendment tabled by Dominic Grieve now makes that situation even more likely than before not less.

Previously the Government had 21 days to return to Parliament with a Plan B but now they have only 3 days in order to do so. The EU27 have adamantly stated throughout this whole process that there can be no more negotiation and that the deal is the deal and the only deal available. Yet we all know that when push comes to shove, especially where £39billion is at stake, there was previously an outside hope that within the existing 21 day period, the Government would have time to cajole, persuade, plead and beg for further concessions to the satisfactory agreement of all EU27 countries. Now Theresa May has only 3 days with which to do so. An improbable task now made totally impossible. If it wasn’t going to be possible before, then this amendment has just removed even the glimmer of possibility of a renegotiation as the EU27 couldn’t agree to who wants tea or coffee in 3 days never mind a reworked UK withdrawal agreement.

Plan B can only be that we leave under the already agreed scenario of a No Deal Brexit as that is what has been agreed by Parliament, the Government, the Lords and by the Queen herself through the Act of Parliament.

The opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, has openly stated that should Mrs May’s deal be rejected by Parliament, that he will then, when the moment is right and he feels that it has the best chance of success call for a vote of No Confidence in the Government in an attempt to force a General election. He may well achieve this and yet here is the thing.

In order to win the vote of No Confidence in Mrs May’s Government, many of her own Remain MP’s will have to vote with the opposition. Conservative Association’s up and down the nation would never forgive such treachery should this happen and any MP who did so would face a deselection challenge for daring to risk a Socialist Government.

Yet, here is the kicker and it is the ace up the sleeve of Theresa May, as the pieces of the Brexit mousetrap have just very conveniently fallen into her lap and I cannot see her not using this to her advantage being the hardened political animal that she is. Having already publicly stated that she will not remain as Tory leader to fight the next General Election, knowing full well that she has no election appeal amongst the public at large, despite doing her utmost to fulfill the near impossible task which she inherited by respecting the wishes of the public and the Referendum result

She will never fondly be remembered as another Conservative Iron Lady but she could very well yet be remembered as their first Lion Lady, who was willing to put her Country and its Democracy before that of her own political career and the political games of Parliament itself. As under the terms of the Fixed Parliament Act, it is incumbent on the Government in the event of a vote of no confidence to fix the date for the next General Election.

What odds that she fixes that date post the 29th March 2019 by which time we would already have left the European Union? Parliament and the Remain campaign cannot stop this, it is already enshrined in law with their agreement

By doing this, she would not only meet her primary obligation and objective when first assuming the Office of Prime Minister to see that the wishes of the people and their instruction to Parliament was respected. As we will leave the European Union on the 29th March 2019, deal or no deal under the agreed legal terms of the EU Withdrawal Act and she is well aware that there are only two ways in which this can be achieved. Either through her negotiated Withdrawal Agreement or by the default option of No Deal. Once her Withdrawal Agreement is rejected, then there can only be one way to satisfy the result of the Referendum and she has doggedly shown a resilience throughout to see that achieved.

This No Deal departure cannot be changed by any amendment tabled by the opposition or Remain MP’s, it can only be changed through Primary legislation, which itself has to be proposed by the Government and that is simply not going to happen under Theresa May’s leadership as to do so would see the Referendum result overuled, her own party not only split but electorally destroyed forever and her legacy would be set as the Leader who not only oversaw the death of the Tory party but also Democracy in the UK.

Therefore, I can only conclude that she will lose the Parliamentary vote on her Withdrawal Agreement and that because of the Dominic Grieve amendment will have no time in the 3 day period to present a viable, agreed Plan B signed off by the EU27 to present to Parliament.

Instead Plan B can realistically be nothing else but leave under a No Deal scenario and she will fight, as is her nature to ensure this happens to honour the result of the Referendum.

Mr Corbyn will then table his motion of No Confidence and enough rebellious Tory MP’s will vote for the proposal in a last roll of the dice to prevent a No Deal departure but it will be to no avail as the Prime Minister herself will decide the date for the next General Election and it is my prediction that she will set it for after we leave the EU on the 29th March 2019.

Thus satisfying the demands of Referendum result and crucially allowing the next leader of the Conservatives to claim moral authority during the ensuing General Election campaign over Jeremy Corbyn and the opposition, who will have just demonstrated that their willingness to attain power far exceeds their wish to respect the democratic wishes of the electorate.

Even Diane Abbott could calculate the probable electoral result of this.

In doing so, Theresa May would ensure that the Tory Party and our Democracy survives. The EU Referendum result is upheld and delivered. The opposition are exposed for the self-interested opportunists that they are. The Tory MP’s who backed Corbyn are deselected but crucially and probably for her the most sarisfactory of all, the Brexit Mousetrap has been sprung and she can then retire to the House of Lords, with her head held high as a Champion of Democracy.

Not so much the Iron Lady but the Lion Lady, who put her Country and the democratic wishes of it’s people first and in the process cemented her place in history, whilst conveniently destroying the Socialist threat of Corbyn and his cronies in the process.

Donald Trump once said that Theresa May was a tough negotiator and a very astute, effective politician. As Brexiteers we can only hope that at long last, the Lion Lady is about to roar.

Project Optimism Wins Everytime

First of all before I begin, let’s take a moment to clear up a few media myths.
Parliament has already decided that in the event of a deal not being agreed between the EU and Parliament, that we leave the EU irrespective under a No Deal scenario. This is enshrined in law, it is Primary Legislation and the chances of that being overturned is near as dammit nil. As to do so, our Government would have to propose new legislation to remain in the EU and with the divisions in her party,coupled with the Constitutional crisis this would cause, most probably leading to the breakdown of our entire faith in democracy, then we can be pretty certain that this will not happen unless public opinion demanded it.
The same rationale can be applied to revoking Article 50, so again we can discount that unless public opinion changes between now and January 21st 2019.
Article 50 itself could be extended, however only until 2nd July 2019 when the European Parliament elections happen, as to extend it past that without having the ability to vote for candidates would be in breach not only of our Constitutional rights but our Human Rights enshrined perversely under the EU, so again not really practical and for this reason alone the chance of a Second Referendum is a non starter unless public opinion changes and there is no evidence to suggest that it has or will.
Therefore, realistically we are left with only two possible outcomes to Brexit. Either Theresa May’s negotiated Withdrawal Agreement or a No Deal, WTO departure.
Yesterday, the cabinet met to discuss and approve the implementation of the steps necessary to prepare for a WTO departure. Many would suggest that it was about time. The Prime Minister however, is adamant that her negotiated withdrawal deal presents the best option for this nation despite the DUP, Parliament and her own backbenchers insisting that they will never vote for it and that it will never be accepted. She is still committed to the idea that the deal that she has negotiated is best for the UK and she will now present Parliament with the choice between her Withdrawal Agreement or No Deal., convinced that Parliament will choose what she feels is the best of the two worst options.
Whether Parliament will do as she is calculating is open to question, as there simply is no way that the DUP would ever countenance voting for the separation of Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK. In fact it is inconceivable that any Parliamentarian would do so but there are many, especially within her own party who will simply toe the party line.
The biggest problem facing the Prime Minister in her quest to see her deal pushed through Parliament, is that now she has acknowledged the possibility of a No Deal departure option and by doing so she must tread very carefully to walk the fine line between Project Hysterical and of providing some reassurance to the public, the markets and business that in the event of a WTO departure that the sky won’t actually fall in. We know that briefings to the press so far have been overly pessimistic regarding such an option, however that must now change or else she will face a Country in turmoil and desperate panic when or if Parliament veto’s her Withdrawal Agreement.
Project Hysterical must now be tempered with the release of optimistic reports of what we could achieve under a WTO departure. Free from the EU and with the world of opportunity opened to us once more. When that particular dam is breached, when Project Optimism is allowed it’s voice then the Prime Minister, despite her assurances that her deal presents the best option for the UK, may well find herself and her deal swept away by the tidal wave of renewed optimism of the future of our Nations prosperity outside of the EU. It is an extremely fine, delicate balancing act that she is attempting to perform.

Akin to trying to contain five boisterous, playful kittens into a box which can only accommodate four of them. Eventually the strongest, most persistent and focussed of them all will prevail and escape before you are able to close the lid onto them all.
On all known evidence, the one that is most likely to escape will be the desire of the British people to leave the European Union and to make that departure a success for the nation and for our children, as that desire is still as strong as ever. Maybe stronger.

Remainers claim that we didn’t know what we voting for but we did, we voted for a better future and that is why the positive message of Project Optimism, once allowed it’s voice will defeat the negativity peddled by the proponents of Project Hysteria.
On that basis alone and despite both options still being left firmly on the table, I would suggest that we finally put this uncertainty to bed and accept that on the balance of probability that we will be leaving with a clean, global Brexit under WTO rules.

As when push comes to shove, people will always choose the option of bright optimism over the doom and gloom peddled by the likes of Anna Soubry, Tony Blair and the Remain campaign.
When this happens and after two years of being held underwater, by those who never want wanted us to leave in the the first place, we can finally free ourselves of their clutches and kick for the surface. Whereupon we finally take that first deep breath as we breach it, filling our lungs with optimism, coughing and spluttering as we do so. Relieved that not only is our democracy intact, our nation will be also. Despite concerted attempts to destroy it.

Then with one final glance downwards into the cold water beneath us, we can watch those who we left behind sink ever deeper. Drowning in their own despair as we simply clear our heads, turn and kick for the nearest point of land and safety without a second glance behind us. We will have escaped and with that relief we will have a renewed ambition to make the future better than the past that we left behind.
This is the vision for our future and it is a vision that fills me with optimism not fear. We will survive this and we will emerge stronger and more focussed on what is really important. Our friends, our family, our neighbours and our nation.Project Optimism wins every time and this will decide which option on the table that we finally embark upon.

Is Parliament fit for purpose?

We have reached a stalemate in the whole Brexit debacle, primarily because Parliament and every politician within has forgotten that they are there to represent and not dictate.

The problems of our adversarial system became evident when Parliament firstly convinced itself that those who voted to Leave, didnt know what they were actually voting for. So that, after receiving the mandate from the electorate, Parliament chose to tell the people that a vote to Leave actually meant a Vote to negotiate a deal, this despite not one person putting a cross in a box marked ‘negotiate for a deal’ on their ballot paper.

The main issue began however, when after realising that they couldn’t agree on the answer to the EU question, Parliament went to the public to seek guidance. Alas, Parliament took the answer received and agreed between themselves that they would respect the vote and the wishes of the public but that they would seek to find a consensus between the two opposing sides, namely the 17.4million who voted for Leave and the 16million who voted for Remain. Which by default completely negated the need for the entire exercise of asking going to the public in the first place.

This decision by Parliament has rendered the entire premise of the EU Referendum null and void because if they are going to ask a question, to then receive a definitive answer, to then decide to find a consensus between both sides suggests that the entire process has been for nothing. As all they have achieved by this ridiculous notion is to end up back at the starting point from where they were before deciding to ask the public, deadlocked and in a stalemate.

All of the turmoil, upset and uncertainty within our nation has been for nought and is one huge self inflicted, completely avoidable own goal by our elected officials within Parliament.

Therefore, we have to ask the question, is our entire democracy and the concept of voting now a complete waste of time or is it that our Parliament and those who inhabit it, are simply not fit for purpose and have corrupted the process for their own ends?

After all, if we had a truly representative Parliament, with members who actually represented the wishes of their electorate then we would’ve left the EU by now. I know which I believe is to be at the root of the issue.

Amazingly, though without a hint of irony, the very same people in Parliament who have done all that they can do to thwart the result of the EU Referendum, now wish to put the question back to the electorate in a ‘People’s Vote’ stating that they will definitely honour the result this time around.

Somehow I doubt they will be true to their word because if they lose that vote then no doubt they will want another, then another, then anothet.

I suggest that rather than asking the people again, the people instead seek to replace every Parliamentarian who has sought to represent their own view and not that of their electorates as it’s time that these parasites were reminded that they are appointed to work for us and not for us to work for them.

You may now kneel before me….

After we pay the money that we do not legally owe to the EU and enter the transition period wanting a trade deal akin to Single Market membership, which the EU cannot give without imposing the 4 pillars which underpin the Single Market, only then can you see through Theresa May’s nefarious remainer plan.
We will default to a vassalage state and effectively become a colony of the EU to punish us for leaving their gang.

The EU will not agree to a trade deal unless we accept the conditions of the Single Market.

Spain will veto any trade deal unless they get joint sovereignty over Gibraltar and France today have said they will veto a trade deal unless they get full access to our fishing waters.
We will end up in permanent vassalage to the EU unless we agree to their demands and why would the EU27 drop their demands when they will have us exactly over the proverbial barrel?
What kind of British Prime Minister would countenance putting her Country into this situation?

Where the whole purpose of this Withdrawal Deal is to put us into a far worse position than we are now, solely with the intention of changing public opinion so that we decide this is worse, let’s go back in.
This is the Globalists at their worse and to think that a serving British Prime Minister and her Cabinet are willing to ruin this country, it’s democracy and our Union so as to make the people comply with their wishes and reverse the decision to Leave.
Until that time, the EU will be quite happy to tell us loud and clear,

“You may now kneel before me….”

“No taxation without representation” – Revolution is in the air

“No taxation without representation” is a slogan originating during the 1700s that summarized a primary grievance of the American colonists in the Thirteen Colonies, which was one of the major causes of the American Revolution. In short, many in those colonies believed that, as they were not directly represented in the distant British Parliament, any laws it passed affecting the colonists (such as the Sugar Act and the Stamp Act) were illegal under the Bill of Rights 1689, and were a denial of their rights as Englishmen.

Now compare and contrast that backdrop to the events of today, where the Judiciary have just ruled in favour of a Remain Parliament seeking to delay and in many cases overule the democratic decision taken by the public to Leave the EU. Our representative Democracy only works if Parliament actually represents and doesnt dictate to us in more of a manner like a Soviet Politburo. The seperation of powers after the Civil War was done to prevent this exact thing from happening.

Remember todays date, the 24th September 2019

It is the day that Parliamentary democracy died and unaccountable technocratic control by 11 unelected judges was established. We are no longer represented by our elected MP’s. We have taxation without representation. Revolution must surely once more be in the air.