Climate Change – Follow The Money

If the whole point of the Climate Change industry was to “fix” the worlds climate, then why are they proposing a worldwide tax and control of economic production via a carbon credit scheme instead of instigating a worldwide tree planting programme which would actually combat it effectively?

The Earth itself is a self contained, self regulating entity. If there is too much CO2 in the atmosphere then this feeds plants and trees as they literally need the stuff to grow and as is being seen by recent NASA satellite imagery, this is actually happening as the green foilage cover of the planet is increasing due to the rising CO2 levels. The Earth is literally trying to repair itself, in the way that it knows how to regain it’s delicate equilibrium.
We are told to look to nature to explain an issue and provide a solution and yet instead of embarking on a worldwide tree planting scheme to actually combat this so called issue, the IPCC want to introduce a Carbon Credit Trading Scheme as their “solution”
A system of regulating the amount of carbon emissions for the entire Worlds Economy, with financial payments or penalties running to trillions of dollars every year for any Country that wishes to exceed the limits set and agreed by them, thus making the IPCC in control of the entire World economic output and all under the notion of ‘saving the planet’
Yet heres the thing.
The Earth has shown us how to rebalance the climate. Plant more trees and vegetation. So if they were really serious about combatting this problem then why are they not instigating a worldwide tree planting scheme? Each tree costs what? A hundred bucks or so? Lets plant a billion trees a year worldwide, hell make it 2 billion. Thats a one off $200billion cost to provide an injection of aid directly to the Earth to help re-regulate itself. Make it a 20 year program with the aim of planting 10 billion new trees over 20 years. THIS would fix the climate but of course they wont do this as there is no control of the worlds economy through this method. No-one gets rich by this method as those behind the IPCC (New World Order) wouldnt gain complete control of the world and of its economic output.
If the issue of man made Climate Change was as real as they say it is, then why are they not pursuing a tree planting scheme which would not only combat it but fix it?
Instead they seek to pursue a Carbon Trading scheme whereby those running the IPCC get control of the World’s economic output by getting your Governments to sign up to their plan by utilising such useful idiots as Greta Thunberg and the Extinction Rebellion rabble to create a groundswell of public opinion and pressure to force them to do it
Open your eyes people because as in everything you have to follow the money to gain the full picture as to what is actually going on as opposed to what they wish to tell you is going on


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There Are Three Kinds of Lies. Lies, Damned Lies and Treasury Forecasts

We’ve all heard that Brexit, in all of its scenarios will be economically bad for us. This is presented as fact when it just isn’t the case because as much as I grow weary of explaining this, it wont be economic suicide for us to leave on No Deal just because the Treasury forecasts say so.

Now before you roll your eyes and think here we go again, another armchair economist denouncing the experts who do this kind of thing for a living you have to look deeper than the headlines of the Treasury forecasts, which took account of every single form of Brexit and then projected their calculation of economic reality 15 years hence. They then compared these scenarios against Remaining and every single one without fail, showed a net negative, economic effect of Brexit on our economy.
Hence many now confidently state that a No Deal Brexit would be economic suicide.
Which frankly is absolute drivel, yet they rely on people, who do not delve too deeply into these forecasts to perpetuate this projection as a reality. So that they inform other busy and easily swayed people to become convinced of that ‘reality’ also. As I will now explain very simply why they are completely wrong to assert such a thing and why economic forecasts are neither to be taken as projections nor reality.
Firstly, in order to produce these figures the Treasury had to make certain assumptions from the outset, as there are many unknown variables which could occur over the next 15 years, they decided that they needed a baseline from which to compare the effect of one possible Brexit scenario against the others.
They quite rightly claimed that it would be too difficult to predict what could happen economically, socially or politically for the next 15years through changes to Government policies, global events and such like so they decided to use economic and Government policies at that moment in time as the baseline and use those to project what things would look like 15 years hence
Now think about that for a second.
No annual Chancellors Budget, no tax rises nor cuts, no spending changes, no rising of tax allowances, no increasing or lowering of corporation tax for the next 15 years. Not one financial lever, available to the Government of the day would be pulled, changed or utilised to kickstart or help the economy, such as interest rate rises or falls would occur for the next 15 years.
Not one Government economic policy would change irrelevant if we had a Conservative, Labour or whoever Government, not a single thing would change for the entire 15 year period of these projections.
Now think about that again.
We are about to undergo the single largest change to our national economy and political landscape since World War 2 and these forecasts assume that nothing will change from our current fiscal policies for 15years down the line.
Now honestly, can you tell me how accurate and reliable these forecasts are or indeed would be?
I’ll tell you how accurate they are. They wont be remotely close to reality as they arent worth the paper that they are written on. This is definitely a case of “Crap in, crap out” but thats what these forecasts assume from the beginnning and it wouldn’t bode well for our current economic policy today if Remaining within the EU didnt outperform any other possible scenario solely because our economic policies are geared towards us being in the European Union and Single Market.
They know that people will glibly repeat the headline and not delve too deeply into how they’ve arrived at these calculations. After all, its the Treasury under a Remainer Civil Service so what could possibly be wrong?
Now to prove my case only last month, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney released an updated forecast, (which is what they will do on an annual basis) and he did so knowing which actual policies and levers have been changed throughout the previous 12 month period and guess what?
The No Deal Brexit forecasted 12 months ago wouldnt be as bad as they feared it wouldve been and funnily enough, it’ll be less scary next year and the year after and the year after as we slowly reconfigure economic policy to fit our new reality. Until finally there comes a day sometime in the next 15 years whereby the reality outperforms the pessimistic forecast from back in the day and we see a No Deal Brexit as having economically benefited our economy.
THIS is the reality, not the ridiculous uninformed nonsense that it’ll be bad or economic suicide as it wont be, despite what these flawed and totally innaccurate projections claim. Especially when you understand how they have been compiled and what ridiculous assumptions they make at the outset. So don’t panic, they aren’t lying to you as such, they just aren’t allowing the truth to get in the way of a good story once again and of course it suits the Remainers narrative to keep it that way.
Yet these forecasts are what Labour MP’s are basing the urgent need for us not to leave the EU without a deal on. Think about what they are doing and you’ll soon get the feeling you are being conned out of your vote to Leave based on false assertions. I know that I am because if Disraeli was alive today he would not doubt change his famous quote of “There are three types of lies. Lies, damned lies and statistics” to “Lies, damned lies and Treasury Forecasts”


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Politics Is But A Pantomime Of Smoke And Mirrors

Today is the 31st October. Brexit date. Independence Day. The date where finally after the debacle and treachery seen under the May Administration, Boris has pledged that “Do or Die” we will be leaving the European Union. Except we haven’t left and we won’t be leaving today. We won’t be an independent nation once again and that which we voted for back in 2016 still won’t be enacted.
Of course if you listen to the usual hacks from Westminster, this isn’t good old Boris’s fault. It was Parliament’s fault. That corrupt nest of traitorous vipers. It was they who stopped him fulfilling his promise to us. Except it wasn’t, well not in the manner presented anyway.
Yes Parliament is stuffed full of Remainers who did everything possible to prevent Boris from leaving but that eventuality is nothing new. It has always been the case. Boris knew it from the moment that he walked through the door of Number 10 but he still went on to pledge to the nation that we would be leaving today. Spending £Billions of our money in the process as he planned for it and promoted it.
Yet here we are again with another three month extension and democracy once again denied but then that has always been the agenda, we the public just do not realise this. We see things in black and white. We voted to Leave so we should now Leave but Westminster and politics doesn’t work that way. Yes we know what Leaving the EU means, yes we understand the implications but that counts for nothing. Democracy, that long admired and trumpeted system by which we genuinely believe that our voices matter is a sham. It’s a fraud and has been ever since Cromwell departed.
We don’t get a say if it means declaring a view contrary to that of the Establishment. Of course if you vote in favour of their agenda then they are more than happy to carry out the ‘Will of the People’ but vote against their roadmap of intent and you end up here, with the pantomime of he said / she said played out daily from Westminster as they seek to manipulate and eventually overturn your decision.
Of course we all become caught up in this soap opera of thrust and parry. We take it at face value that the Government are trying to fight for the vote to be enacted and they are thwarted by dastardly acts of treachery by the opposition, intent on enforcing a minority view onto the majority. Yet please indulge me for a second dear reader and take a step back from the tribalism of whichever rosette colour that you blindly follow and look at what has actually happened.
As a Brexiteer I was willing to give Boris the benefit of the doubt when he became Prime Minister. I had voted for May in 2017 as I believed her when she said that ‘Leave meant Leave’ and the other bare faced platitude that was ‘No Deal being better than a Bad Deal’.
It was due to those pledges that the public accepted the Tory party renegotiating with the EU one final time, despite that not being an option on the ballot paper during the Referendum. I voted to Leave. I didn’t vote to renegotiate but of course most people are pragmatic about these things and if it was possible to finally gain a good deal now, then there would be no harm in trying. After all, if we were offered a bad deal we had a Prime Minister in Theresa May who would walk away with No Deal. Who was safe in the knowledge that the majority who voted for Brexit would back her decision to do so if that was what became of the negotiations.. There was however one flaw in our assumption. She was lying to us and had no intention of ever leaving without a deal good, bad or indifferent. As far as May was concerned she wanted any deal other than No Deal.
The dawning realisation of that infuriated me. It was a betrayal of such magnitude to know that a serving British Prime Minister was willing to bind us to the EU via the invented backstop which had no means of escape. Effectively ending any hope of a free Independent UK forever. The sheer magnitude of that betrayal is astounding. Yet when push came to shove the Tory Party, including Boris himself all voted for it during the third attempt to pass it in the Commons.
Now we can suggest that Corbyn is a danger to this nation but if the Labour Party hadn’t voted against her deal then that’s where we would be right now. Take a second to think about that. I have and the thought absolutely horrifies me.

May, along with the Conservative Party were willing to see our nation enslaved to the EU with no unilateral means of escape. That is what her Withdrawal Act would’ve brought about and we would be having to pay £billions for the pleasure. I feel sick just writing that down but it is a fact and no-one can deny that.
Once you realise the extent of the treachery that she and her party had almost inflicted upon this nation then it is amazing that we are all still willing to welcome Boris as the ‘Saviour of Brexit,’ especially as he is the man who like his predecessor before him promised things to gain your trust and hopes, which then never materialised but here’s the thing, it was never supposed to. Merely that we backed him, supported him and he used that support to bolster his own power base and keep the opposition out of power. It’s all just a game to them, a game of manipulation and always has been.
His supporters are busy today doing the rounds of the TV News studios pushing the narrative and phrasing the upcoming election as “The People vs Parliament” but that isn’t the case at all.
Think back to Boris’s prorogation of Parliament. What did it achieve and what was it’s purpose? It cost him twenty one MP’s who voted against his Government, ten of whom have since been welcomed back into the fold. That prorogation of Parliament directly led to the Benn Act. As Parliament claimed that the Prime Minister couldn’t be trusted not to scheme a way to take us out on No Deal. Those lost 21 MP’s voted with the opposition to supposedly bind the Prime Ministers hands but we knew differently. They had all fallen into Boris’s fiendishly clever trap we were told, as he instructed the Tory Peers in the House Of Lords to stand down and not to fillibuster the Bill but let it pass unobstructed.
We looked at each in amazement at the time when this happened but were told that the plan is unchanged, we still leave on the 31st October ‘Do or Die’. We readied ourselves for a rabbit to be pulled from the hat at the 11th hour and the traitorous rabble who had sought to prevent Brexit from happening would finally get their comeuppance and that day would be a glorious day indeed.
Yet here we are. On the 31st October. British Independence Day. Still members of the EU as the extension so graciously offered by our EU Masters has now been accepted and written into UK law. All eyes are now firmly on the upcoming General Election. Where Boris, the Great Saviour of Brexit will seek to return a whopping majority over Corbyn and his treasonous comrades, so that he can then sign us up to his Withdrawal Agreement with the EU. Which will see us paying Billions into their budget for years to come. Continued oversight from the ECJ. A border down the Irish Sea and an agreement that will see the UK underwrite hundreds of billions of Eurozone debt. It’s as if all of the promises and bluster of the previous weeks are to be forgotten without mention. Move on. Focus on the upcoming election where good Sir Boris will defeat the evil Corbyn and the traitors in Parliament who would thwart his new deal, which is Brexit apparently will be defeated.

Apparently his new deal is what we have all voted for. As envisaged by the Tory Party. This is what three and a half years of being called racist, xenophobic, uneducated gammon has been all for. So that the Tory party can sign off on this deal and then tell us that this is Brexit. Of course never forgetting to remind that it is the opposition, not they who are the danger to our Nation. Yet we are split as a Country like never before and according to Boris, we did it all for this deal to be the outcome.
I ask myself is it worth it?

Is this Tory Brexit worth the loss of civility in our nation and the answer is no. It isnt. This deal of Boris’s isn’t Brexit. The Tories have never been willing to deliver what we voted for and to suggest that they have is laughable. The Tories wish to deliver their version of Brexit. It is a version that as a Leave voter I do not recognise. I know that what was promised during the Referendum is actually achievable if we had elected Representatives who wished to deliver it. I know that as a free independent nation we can control our laws, borders, money, fisheries and trade deals. All of those things are still there but in order to have them we need to actually Leave and Leave without a deal which ties us into things that we voted to be rid of.
Something which Boris Johnson and Theresa May simply are not willing to do despite gaining our votes on the pledges that they would. Suddenly the word coming from Tory Brexiteer’s is pragmatism. After three and a half years of the Tory party being in Government, we have to be pragmatic apparently and understand that without a majority in Parliament Boris, despite his best efforts, simply couldn’t deliver due to Parliament but vote for us all again and we will do it next time we promise
Conveniently forgetting that it was Boris’s ridiculous and juvenile extended Prorogation of Parliament that saw him lose his working majority in the House and then just for good measure his new negotiated Withdrawal Agreement, which would see a customs border down the middle of the Irish Sea that saw the DUP withdraw their support. A cynic would suggest that this was the plan all along. That he knew he had no intention of leaving the EU without a deal. Like Theresa May before him. Any deal will do in the eyes of our Political class if that mitigates our vote to Leave, which runs contrary to the path the powers that be have decided is the direction that we shall walk.
Once you realise this and once you see this Pantomime for what it is then it all becomes clear. Our current concept of Democracy is a myth and it is only this way because we allow it to be so. We all sit watching the debates in Parliament played out before us. It is adversarial, our side against their side. Blue against Red. Tories against Labour dividing us as a nation as we shout for our chosen team to be victorious. It is political sport, which we all want to win. Where our chosen ‘Champions’ should emerge victorious and successful as they fight for our beliefs and values.
Yet it’s all a sham. They aren’t fighting for us. None of them are. They are all simply playing a role designed to divide us and distract us, as the real power simply mlve their chess pieces around the board within the corridors and dark rooms of Westminster. Far away from the prying eyes of the public and the media who are simply mouthpieces to relay their world views and agenda.
We are conditioned to believe that watching one fight against the other, be it in politics like in sport is a way to resolve things. The Romans knew the power of this adversarial distraction through the use of the Gladiators fighting in the Colosseum. By vicariously taking part as we view the proceedings, we personally do not need to actually, physically take part in the fight. We have a team. They carry our banner. They fight on our behalf and we accept the result, win lose or draw.
Except Brexit has exposed to many that our system of Government is broken. It doesn’t work on our behalf. They aren’t fighting on our behalf. You’ve only to listen to some of the diatribe which they come out with to understand this. As Corbyn spoke of extending the voting franchise to 16yr olds and EU nationals so that we do not disenfranchise them and all without the accepted irony that for the past 3 and a half years that’s exactly what they have all done to the 17.4million who simply put their cross in the box marked “Leave”. Politicians tell us that they are fighting on our behalf, they tell us this is the case and we have accepted them at their word for generations. It’s time however that we all opened our eyes to the reality. Our democracy is a sham and our Parliament is simply a Pantomime filled with clowns masquerading as politicians.

They are on their side. Not ours

As you digest this, all that is left is for me to wish you all a Happy Third No Brexit Day. I doubt it will be the last.


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Facebook are out of control

I awoke this morning to a Facebook notification. Now we’ve all had them but this one stood out as I had been given a 30 day ban. Banning me from posting content to my personal page, my groups or from using Messenger.

Surely this had to be some mistake?

A 30 day ban, to take me through until November 5th without being able to connect or post regarding Brexit. Just as we are approaching exit day of 31st October? Seriously?

Amazingly as coincidence would have it, this also happened to me back in March as we then approached the original exit day of 29th March. I got banned then for a 30 day period also. Which then prevented me from posting, discussing and vocally criticising online what was happening with regard to the appalling state of affairs where a British Prime Minister was going on bended knee to the EU to ask for an extension to Article 50.

By the time that I regained my privileges the Country had moved on. It was just a coincidence I thought at the time but here it is happening once again. Now I don’t claim to be any great shakes when it comes to Brexit or that my voice is so waited upon by millions. It isn’t but what Facebook has shown is that the right word, post or comment CAN be seen by millions. I know this to be true as my recent blog informing why Boris Johnson didnt need to seek an extension under the Benn Act has gone viral and is racking up hits by the minute. This is dangerous to those in power.

Which is why I now genuinely believe that this ban today and the ban I received in March are politically motivated to silence those who are outspoken.

You may ask what was my appalling crime for the news that I awoke to this morning?

I had read a story on a Brexit page last night of how Boris Johnson was going to ask Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister to veto any Article 50 extension request. Now I knew that this wouldn’t happen, as I had actually emailed Viktor Orban last March when Theresa May was about to ask for the previous extension and amazingly he sent me a reply, telling me that he couldn’t get involved. That he couldn’t veto the request as it was being made by the democratically elected British Government. I posted screenshots of my emails up and explained that this course of action wouldn’t work and here was my justification for claiming as such.

Now as a Brexiteer you are imbibed with a certain level of healthy scepticism. So I wasn’t overly concerned when someone on the forum immediately claimed that it was fake. That I had photoshopped the emails and that I was a Remoaner spreading fake news.

Now I’ll be the first to admit, that it isn’t every day you see someone claiming to have emailed and received a personal reply back from Viktor Orban, but I geniunely had. So rather than just ignore or dismiss his witterings I made my fatal mistake, I decided to engage with him using reason, so as to point out where he was wrong in his assertions. That the emails were genuine and to suggest that I was a remainer in disguise, spreading fake news was crossing a line.

I explained this to my online doubter but he was having none of it. So certain was he in his incorrect assumptioms. Now, becoming frustrated and i’ll admit irked at his now increasingly outrageous unbased allegations, I checked his profile to see that we had a mutual friend in common. A fellow Brexiteer. So I tagged her into the thread, asking that she had a word with him which she did. Explaining that not only could she vouch for the authenticity of the emails but that I also ran a Brexit group on Facebook and he was way out of line as I was a committed Brexiteer.

To no avail.

He continued with his rantings of fake news and conspiracy theories. So I blocked him. Commenting that he was an idiot. It was that comment,

“Stephen B******ke get a grip. You are an idiot,” which has seen me wake up to a 30 day ban, which conveniently takes me past exit date before I can comment on Facebook again.

Now usually, I would accept that calling someone an idiot wasnt my finest hour but he was and in my defence I could’ve easily descended into the language that he was using at the time but I didn’t. I was actually quite restrained in my response. So all things being equalmmaybe I could’ve accepted a 24 hour ban. I wouldn’t have liked it but fair enough, I shouldn’t have pointed out to the idiot that he was an idiot but a 30 day ban. Come on? For that?

Even in North Korea, to take away someomes social media privileges and their ability to exercise that most basic of human traits to communicate would be deemed excessive. Yet this is 21st Century Britain. A so called free society where freedom of speech is the cornerstone of our democratic society.

Is this excessive ban politically motivated? Have Facebook got a list somewhere of people whom they class as undesirables? People who they know are outspoken and who have an audience and platform for their viewd?

So much that they seek to silence us when it suits their needs? Damn right they do.

So I have been silenced for 30 days. That means no discussion, no debate and no criticism online of the Government or of the EU until everything is done and dusted post 31st October. I called someone an idiot and they take away my voice. The deep state take away your vote and then silence you when you complain about. Some freedom.

I expect there will be a raft of other outspoken critics in the lead up to Exit Date who will also find themselves silenced by being banned for excessive amounts of time. Often over the most innocuous and incredulous comment. This is how they try to win the debate by silencing those who criticise their plans. Watch this space. I won’t be the first and I certainly wont be the last in the final weeks of the run up to British Independence Day on 31st October

So be careful what you post.

Dont engage with idiots like I did, even the idiotic ones and please repost this blog everywhere. Let my friends and family know that I’m safe and haven’t been kidnapped by the thought police. Make everyone aware that they are monitoring us and for the slightest thing they will kick the stool out away from under our feet. Dont give them the opportunity to do so as these excessive bans are no longer a coincidence anymore. The purge of Conservative voices in the run up to Brexit has begun once again and they intend to silence us all through whatever means they can.



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