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Get Brexit Done (Brave Sir Boris)

The opposition, the Remain MPs and the EU have been thrown into chaos. They are aware that no matter what deal the Government proposes or negotiates, that they will vote against it. Their plan being to thwart and delay the UK from actually leaving the EU at all costs without exposing their deceit fully to the public. Who would revolt at the betrayal of their vote and of the promises made to respect it.
When Theresa May was Prime Minister, they could get away with this as they knew that she was on their side. That she would present a face to the public where she was trying her best but that events in Parliament were simply going against her. They were but only because she either allowed it to happen at worse or simply didn’t fight her corner enough at best to prevent it.

Then along came Boris, with his do or die pledge that we will be leaving the EU on the 31st October, deal or no deal and he has sent them all into a panicked frenzy.

Yesterday he finally revealed his proposals to remove the backstop to Parliament and immediately the usual suspects reacted as if he had just announced that he wanted to touch their elderly mothers thigh under a table. Scorn, anger, derision and rejection are the standard emotion of Remain MP’s in Parliament as they threw out the usual smears and half truths in an attempt to justify their rejection of his plan.
Anything, other than having to admit to the public that they don’t like it not because it won’t work or that it is not a good compromise but simply because it means that we will leave their precious EU and I will emphasise that again, it is THEIR EU, not ours.

Boris meanwhile was an oasis of calm and concilliation as he parried all attempts to ridicule or demean his efforts. Many times rather than attack and berate those who sought to demean his proposals, he simply reiterated that he respected their view but disagreed with it and if the Honorary Member or Right Honorary Member would like to meet after PMQs that he would be more than happy to discuss it further.

This wasn’t the usual Bombastic Johnson that we have come to recognise but then he doesn’t need to be anymore. He has produced his plan and he has presented it in the spirit of openess and compromise. Refusing to become embroiled in Parliamentary spats, so that he is now framed as rational and reasonable party where they aren’t.

He knows it and they know it. Finally we have a PM who won’t play along with their games and they simply have no answer to it and the frustration at the realisation is evident everywhere you look. With spurious Court Cases, historical smears and regurgitation of past indiscretions. The black arts of the Deep State are in full swing.

There is only one way to stop Boris actually taking this country out of the EU and that is for Parliament to revoke Article 50. The are all aware of this. Yet other than the illiberal democrats, no-one else is prepared to stand up and say the same because in doing so, it would finally expose the betrayal of the promises made to their electorate that the result of the referendum would be respected.

As Corbyn continues to sit on the fence in an attempt to be all things to all men, Boris is winning as he knows the games which they have played for the past 3 years and has now taken his own seat at the table, wise to it all and with a gameplan to turn the tables on them.

So far it is working, he is thwarting them and the countdown to exit day gets ever closer. His team are aware that this will see ever more desperate attempts to remove him from office but ultimately they will all fail, as Boris has the public’s backing and the more that the Establishment practise their Dark Arts, the more that the public will rally around their Champion.

It is public support that will see Boris over the line in his efforts to ‘Get Brexit Done.’ So let’s take a moment to raise a cheer for brave Sir Boris, who is fighting our corner and that of Democracy itsef against the evils and darkness of European Empire builders and their one size fits all strangulating oversight.

Three cheers for brave Sir Boris,
“Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray!”


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