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Are the Vaccines About to Wreak Havoc ?

One of the major issues with producing a vaccine for Coronavirus’s in the past, was that they may have produced a fantastic antibody reaction in the lab but when the lab animals were exposed to ‘wild coronavirus’ of other variants an enhanced immune response was observed and all of the lab rats died. Every time.
Scientists are not sure of the process but describe a paradoxial pathway that opens which somehow allows even mild coronavirus virus’s to bypass the immune system and wreak havoc to the subject.
This process was a deep concern when producing the mRNA vaccines for Covid, as it should be


However this News just out from Israel would suggest that they haven’t been so successful in preventing this happening again, where its revealed that those who are fully vaccinated are 8 times more likely to be hospitalised or die when exposed to new variants, than those unvaccinated.

Israel COVID-19 study finds South Africa variant able to ‘break through’ Pfizer vaccine

If these results are shown to be the case everywhere, then those who have been jabbed can look forward to 6 monthly booster shots for life now that their immune systems are permanently compromised.

Thats if they arent killed by any relatively mild variant of Coronavirus in the meantime.

As recent predictions by the UK Government suggest that 60%-70% of all deaths experienced in any ‘3rd wave’ would probably be from those who had been fully vaccinated.

Third COVID Wave Will Kill Or Hospitalize 60 To 70% People Who Took Both The Vaccine Doses Says Official UK Govt Model

Only time will tell if this occurs but if you have received the vaccine then it will be an extremely worrying time until this plays out in real time.

There were some who before the vaccine rollout tried to warn of these dangers but they were dismissed as tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists by the Mainstream Media.