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Trump Never Started World War 3 But He Will Finish It

What if the motivation for Covid and the lockdowns has been simply a plan by the Globalist movement to usurp the USA as the main superpower in the world? As thats what the policies for ‘dealing’ with Covid are directly achieving by bankrupting nations whilst destroying industry and jobs.

How would this destroy US dominance? Simple, the Head of IMF announced last week that World Debt will exceed World GDP in 2021. Effectively the world will be bankrupt https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52326853

What are the rammifications of that? Well for starters they will glibly announce that Capitalism has failed and the current World economic model has failed and thus we need a rethink. That rethink is the Great Reset program, devised and planned by Professor Klaus Schuab over the past Decade.

George Soros announced 4 years ago that China must lead the New World Order https://newspunch.com/george-soros-china-new-world-order/

Covid came from China and was allowed to spread worldwide due to the heavily compromised WHO and its Marxist boss Dr Tedros https://thenewamerican.com/marxist-un-who-boss-must-be-put-on-trial-critics-say/

The Chairman of the IMF is now calling for a new Bretton Woods moment with China as the World economic power https://www.rt.com/shows/keiser-report/504138-china-power-new-bretton-woods/

For those of you who are unaware of what Bretton Woods was, it was a post World War 2 economic summit to lay ground rules for a worldwide economic routemap out of the devastation caused by a world war. It established many of the institutions we see today such as the IMF but it also and crucially established the US Dollar as the Worlds Reserve Currency. That one decision established US financial dominance around the world. Oil is priced in $US dollars for a reason. If you control a nations access to the US Dollar, you can enforce economic sanctions worldwide by limiting access to the US Dollar. This enables the US to project soft power onto troublesome nations who don’t do as they are told by limiting their ability to buy and sell oil on the world market.

However, if the Globalists (read Communists, Marxists, Socialists and Liberals in general), artificially destroyed the Worlds Economy and then reasoned that a new ‘Bretton Woods’ is required. Which will ultimately conclude that US Dominance is over. That the $US Dollar is no longer to be the world reserve currency and that China and its totalitarian approach to control over its citizens will be the new blueprint for the world.

Simply look around you at the approach being taken by many politicians around the world. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson being one. Whose responses to Covid are being led by advice from the Globalists. He is siding with them and aligning the UK response to Covid to their plan. Trudeau in Canada is doing the same, as are many other world leaders who have bought into this Globalist funded agenda. The only person doing his own thing and being reviled by his Globalist loving opposition is Trump. Who is not relying on foreign advice on how to deal with this but on homegrown voices instead.

Theres a reason that Trump has been vilified continually by the fake news media for the past 4 years. He stands in their way. He is the fly in the ointment. They can’t control him and he is the one man capable of not only exposing their plot and potential Crimes Against Humanity but he is also the one man capable of destroying them all as a definite threat to the USA and their interests.

No wonder they hate him so much.

The current leaking of compromising videos, emails and photos of Hunter Biden by Steve Bannon and pro-democracy activists from Hong Kong. Who want freedom and democracy for the people of Hong Kong and China in their opposition to President Xi, the Chinese Communist Party and the Globalist plan is illuminating.

Right now due to media censorship (courtesy of the influence the Globalists hold over the Fake News industry) many people are still unaware of these things being revealed but there is an unpaid army of truthseekers online (myself being one) who are all too happy to share this information to the masses. We need to know these things as the people involved are the same people currently removing our liberties and freedoms under the manufactured political narrative surrounding Covid.

Time will tell if Steve Bannon and his whistleblower contacts within the Chinese Communist Party and their “Blue, Gold, Yellow” Program of Honeypot set ups and subsequent compromising videos of sexual proclivities will release the compromising evidence on other World leaders once Trump wins the election. The rest of the Worlds leaders are no doubt praying that MIA Biden wins.

I have heard that former UK PM David Cameron is compromised but so far no evidence has been forthcoming. Although I expect once Trump wins the US election he will be more than willing to expose this entire nefarious plot to the Worlds populace and let them deal with the traitors amongst their midst.

This US election in my opinion will not just decide the next President of the USA it will also decide if the world falls under Chinese Authoritarian State control, or if we can re-establish freedom throughout the West. Theres a reason that George Soros funds the Social Justice Movements of Black Lives Matter, Extinction Rebellion and Occupy Wall Street via his Open Society Foundation. It is to undermine the West, democracy and our free societies which he hates with a passion. Its no coincidence that he heavily funds the Democrats and its no coincidence that within days of the polls showing Trump taking a lead over Biden that Black Lives Matter activists once again begin rioting, burning and looting in Philadelphia. The useful idiots dance to the Globalists tune, manipulation and funding.

Right now there is a social and economic global powerplay being carried out and most people are blissfully unaware of it all. For all of our sakes I hope that Trump is successful in this election because if Biden wins the White House we can all kiss goodbye to the freedoms and lives we once enjoyed, that is literally how important this US election is.

P.s Big Tech are censoring the Hunter Biden corruption evidence but if you visit http:/ G T V .org/mobile

(Without any spaces) then the evidence being released can be seen there.

World War III


Not one viral pandemic in history has been controlled by a facemask. It will naturally progress through society irrelevant of measures adopted or not. That is just an inescapable fact and cannot be avoided. What can confirm the irrelevance of measures adopted from the severe lockdowns and restrictions of Spain to the do what you want attitude of Sweden, the graphs of this pandemic have ALL followed the same shape. Im not talking deaths or case numbers as they are not the real issue when dealing with a pandemic. The shape of the curves are the important factors, as this shows how the virus has behaved and travelled within differing environments, differing poppulation densities, differing heathcare standards etc over time. In all examples known and yes I have compared many of them, they are all the same shape. Mass deaths and cases early doors, followed by a parabolic decline over time.
We are all experiencing the same outcomes give or take. Which from that only one thing logically can be deduced. That whatever measures Governments have put in place have largely had little or no effect on how the virus has progressed through the population. It may have delayed cases or deaths for a week or so but by and large it runs its course, as any other flu or viral epidemic does.
So why are we demanding additional draconian lockdowns and restrictions on people when the data, the actual bona fide statistical data shows that they make very little if any difference whatsoever? Im not a crank. I believe Covid is real. I just believe that the narrative and hysteria fostered by the authorities is wholly disproportionate to the threat and that it is convenient for them to maintain the fear as it allows them to put in place societal and policy changes that have been agreed and signed off on an International level with the World Economic Forum and helps us meet our commitments under UN Agenda 30. Surely even the most frightened and hysterical of us can see that this is what they are doing as Boris announces his Great Reset to Build Back Better? Its just too convenient by half that a Global pandemic, maintained artificially via flawed testing, on the advice of Global activists such as the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change is being used as the catalyst and springboard to enact further Globalist agreed Policies. Such as letting industries deemed part of the 20th Century, where public gatherings would place are all being let go, to instead push forward a dystopian ‘Stay At Home’ future where everything is done via 5g Internet of Things. Its no coincidence that whilst we were all locked down in March/April that the antenna and infrastructure for 5G was still being installed throughout the countrt and deemed to be Frontline work, despite there supposedly being a scary, killer virus out there.
If by now you cannot join the dots and begin to see that all this may not have been so random after all, then welcome to the Humanity of Resistance. You have taken the first step in kick starting your own logic and reason which may hopefully allow you to overcome the fear that they have purposely instilled into you. Let the ideas and questions form because they will, you were born with the ability to think and reason and once you realise that they have found a way to manipulate you and your fears, the anger will take you over the line into being fully red pilled. The world is smoke and mirrors. None ever more so than right here and right now

Covid – The Truth is Finally Revealed

The UN have now updated their website and are now openly stating that Covid should be used as an ‘opportunity’ for a profound, systemic shift to a more sustainable economy that works for people and the planet

After all what a stroke of luck that a Global pandemic comes along just at the right time that just happens to highlight all of the elements already identified by the Globalists in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of UN Agenda 30, which no-one knew how they would manage to implement but which now can be used as an opportunity for a profound systemic shift in the world economy.

The World Economic Forum have spoken about an AI led 4th Industrial Revolution for the last 10 years and by the same sheer stroke of luck, they too can take advantage that this convenient pandemic affords them as the installation of 5G masts was carried out during the first lockdown of society. What luck!

Seriously though, if you wonder why the response to Covid far outweighs the actual severity of the virus and why the Government are throwing money around left, right and centre well now you know why. Its all part of a wider plan and thats why what we are seeing makes no sense when viewed as the response to a virus. Yet when viewed as a vehicle to enact UN Agenda 30 and the wider agenda of Climate Change, then they will justify it all as the end justifying the means.

If you die from a virus, commit suicide due to isolation, pass away waiting for Cancer treatment or find yourself unemployed and homeless, then its all for a good cause. You have to change your life because the Globalists and those who will find themselves more powerful and richer than God through this change have decided this is what needs to happen. Don’t assume that its all coincidence as where money and power are concerned, nothing is coincidence on a Global scale.

So now that we know what Covid and the manufactured hysteria is really about, what are your thoughts considering the implication that this has all been done on purpose to achieve an ulterior goal, one that will make those pulling the strings wealthier and more powerful than anyone in the history of the world?