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“All Good Things Come To He Who Waits”

Dear Reader,

I will let you into a little secret.

The Military building up in Washington and around the USA right now is not due to a ‘Right-Wing’ threat to President-Elect Biden’s Inauguration.

This Inauguration will not go ahead and quite frankly was never destined to go ahead as Biden is a crook. Of that there is no doubt and his imminent Inauguration will be suspended at the 11th hour due to the timely release and publication of the Durham Report, which will see this corrupt sham halted.

Rather fortuitously due to the public ‘falling out’ between AG Barr and the Trump Administration before Christmas. Which saw the MAGA movement denounce Barr as a disappointing Deep State plant. This suspension on the contents of a report that he insitgated will not be laid at President Trump’s door, far from it in fact.

Particularly as the Mockingbird Media portrayed A.G. Barr as a principled man who didn’t bow to the bullying intimidation of man-child Trump before his recent retirement from Public Office. So much so that when the Report is released there will be sufficient ‘Plausible Deniability’ between Trump and it’s contents to prevent the claim of political inteference being levied against him.

Trump could argue quite correctly that if he had wanted to interfere with the Inauguration of President-Elect Biden that he had ample evidence to prove Foreign Interference in the election and could’ve simply used the powers of the Executive Order that he signed last year but he didn’t as the implications for the Nation and public safety weighed heavily on his mind.

Instead of getting directly involved, as many feared that he would, Trump will simply put his trust in the wonderful laws and law Enforcement Officials who make America Great. That he was as surprised as everyone else that finally law enforcement in the USA had come through and proved that maybe they weren’t all as corrupt as he had thought.

Thus Biden’s inauguration will be suspended pending further investigation and crucially the Mockingbird Media will not be able to claim that that it was down to Trump.

Which is where the assembled Military now come in. As the media have spent the past weekend bulling up stories of how soldiers on the streets would be needed to deal with the threat of ‘Right-Wing’ violent extremists who were seeking to interupt St.Joseph’s inauguration.

However once the inauguration is stopped due to the Durham report, who do you think will riot? You guessed it, the same people who ALWAYS riot. Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the rest of the George Soros rent-a-mob brigade.

How fortuitous it is then that the Military are now in position to deal with any incidences of rioting and looting that make take place by these groups as they once again resort to type and this is the reason for such numbers of Military assets being deployed right now and these people do not have a clue what is in store for them. Particularly as I imagine that the empty FEMA camps will be filled very soon with these anarchists and subversives of the Far-Left who will be left crying for mommy at this turn of events.

Of course the Mockingbird Media will have no choice but to show the rioting and violence but crucially they will no longer be able to state that these violent clashes were down to the mythical ‘Right-Wing’ thugs and extremists. As even CNN, the Communist News Network would find it difficult to suggest that Patriots were rioting because China Joe’s inauguration was suspended. Nor could they claim the moral high ground either and suggest that the people rioting were justified in their display of public violence. As this turn of events had been precipitated in the pursuit of truth and Justice by the forces of Law and Order at the Department of Justice. Who were not under the bullying man-child control of President Trump remember?

Thus Biden doesn’t become President on Wednesday and it wasn’t President Trump who stepped in to prevent it happening either. Nor did the mythical far-right riot. If this has always been the plan (it has), then the huge Military build up not just in Washington but across the State Capitols that also experienced far-left rioting earlier this year makes perfect sense.

Crucially the Mockingbird Media would have nowhere to go with their invented narrative of a far-right threat, as everything that unfolds on our screens will be down to their side, not ours. This is 5D chess and then some by the Trump Administration. Where they’ve waved their left hand at the Mainstream Media for the World to see whilst disguising what was held in their right hand. A right hand that I predict will be opened for the ‘Big Reveal’ within the next 48 hours.

Lin Wood recently posted the Olde English Proverb,

“That all good things come to he who wait’s.”

I would suggest that right now in Washington there isn’t anybody who can wait like President Donald J. Trump.

All Good Things Come To He Who Waits

You Are the Data

At the time of writing, my mind is swirling with confusion as to what our future holds due to the current world situation making no sense whatsoever. It would appear at first glance that our Politicians and leaders have lost their collective senses.

As they promote the idea that Covid is a threat to humanity when it just isn’t. I’m sorry to break it to you. I know many of you will say your TV said it is but it isn’t. The facts and data say so. You’ve been had. Your fears have been manipulated for an ulterior motive. They just have and I shall explain why.

To first understand you have to understand the players. Central to everything we see in this is Bill Gates. Self proclaimed saviour of the World who has bought himself a seat at the top table of World health by literally purchasing the WHO.

Now many will say this is because he is such a wonderful humanitarian that he is giving back to society, to make the world a better place. There are many who believe that a ruthless Billionaire wakes up one morning with an epiphany to save humanity.


I don’t buy it for a second. Bill Gates is Capitalist through and through but he’s the worst kind of Capitalist. He is the Liberal type. The type who see an opportunity and then shroud themselves in a cloak of decency by claiming that their actions are driven by a higher moral authority. Many people buy into this sham and they do so because they themselves actually do hold those values of decency and fraternity for their fellow man and so can relate when opportunists like Gates speak their language.

The only problem is that people like Gates know this and exploit it as they convince many that they are not like those horrible capitalists and industrialists who poisoned the Earth and enslaved humanity, I’m the good guy here trying to help everyone, when they just aren’t. The helping of others is purely a means to and end

He isn’t the only one though, the world is infested with ‘altrustic’ billionaires and Institutions who are saving the planet, humanity or our souls whilst getting stinking rich in the process.

You have only to look at the Charity, Religions or the Social Justice branch of society for evidences of the same. Capitalists shrouding themselves in a cloak of decency to exploit peoples good nature for their own personal gain. That’s not to tar everyone who works in these industries, charities or religions with the same brush as they too are exploited. They just do not realise it and that isn’t a criticism of them indeed far from it. The people who tend to work for these Institutions, Organisations and Charities genuinely believe that they are doing good and they do in many instances. It’s just that those behind such things live more by the mantra of,

“If we can do some good and make a fortune in the process, then where’s the harm?”

The harm is in not being honest from the outset and the manipulation of good natured people, to me anyway.

How does Bill Gates fit into this with his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation dishing out billions to ‘help’ mankind? Many people wrongly suggest that Bill Gates is a murderer, a psychopath. That he want’s to kill us all with his vaccines as part of some wild eugenics conspiracy theory. Let’s just put that to bed now. He doesn’t. To suggest as such is not only misrepresenting the context of his speech regarding vaccines playing a part in controlling the Worlds population a few years ago during a Ted Talk, its also insane. It really is.

Bill Gates is a vulture. The worst kind of person. He preys on opportunities that open up to him and ruthlessly takes advantage of them. Health is now his area of opportunity and do not forget that Bill Gates is still a computer geek at heart and always will be. So rather than seeking to help develop and develop vaccines as a way of killing people as claimed by many, which as a capitalist makes absolutely no economic sense at all. He has spied himself a nice opportunity to utilise the altruistic persona he projects to the public as a way of making more money than he ever dreamt of.

To understand how you need to examine his past where Bill Gates famously had a falling out with Steve Jobs during their early careers together. Jobs was convinced the future of computing was in the hardware. Gates was convinced it was software. This disagreement led a split in their early careers and led to a lifetime of bitterness between the two.

Why is this relevant?

It’s relevant as Bill Gates has realised once again that the real money isn’t in the hardware, (the vaccine) but in the software which in this case is the nanotechnology contained within the vaccine.

The what you may ask? The nano-what? Let me explain as it’s a little known fact that Gates is a Patent fiend. He patents hundreds, maybe thousands of technology applications every year. These patents afford him an opportunity to exploit and monetise new and exciting technologies.

What if I told you that Bill Gates not only holds patents for various injectable nanotechnology that can monitor your vital signs but he also holds patents for nanotechnology that can record, store and then download data about you, your health and most importantly about every other facet of your life remotely?

It sounds like the script from a Science Fiction movie but it is 100% true I can assure you.

If you think that Facebook and the online Tech giants know things about you from their 20th Century technology, what if you yourself become fully readable in the 21st Century courtesty of this technology?

I’m not just talking about your online data but your actual physical data 24/7. Not just what you do, where you go, what you say, who you associate with, how much exercise you do, how many times you have sex alone or with others. You yourself become readable remotely, all of you and it is all done without your knowledge or input.

The idea of privacy will no longer exist.

Everything and I do mean everything will be downloadable and stored remotely. To be sifted through by Artificial Intelligent run algorythms so that your GP for instance could be notified if your blood pressure was high. Or if you were not sleeping so well. Every facet of your health, wellbeing and physical state will be transcribed into data. Imagine the possibilities for such a thing? Imagine the money and profits that could be made by a Company who not only knew what you needed but could instantly target you with advertising. Imagine being targetted by Viagra instantly if you were experiencing such issues? Or Sanatogen Vitamins if you were feeling under the weather?

All of this will be possible and that data and access to it is money in the bank for whoever controls it. It is the cash and the currency of the future and all of it will be controlled and owned by Bill Gates.

Take a step back and try to imagine why Governments would be so keen on this technology being brought into play. Imagine what this would mean for the planning of Health, Policing and every other facet of Societal provision. By using AI algorythms to ‘predict’ your future health based on your actual levels of physical activity, your actual diet and your real time vital signs, they could offer early intervention to prevent future cost expenditure due to your poor health and life choices.

That is just one instance but there are millions of others. Take crime detection and policing. This technology to Police society will be contained within you. It will merge your physical and electronic self. It could instantly place you at the scene of a crime despite your denials. It would be able to monitor your vital signs at the time a crime was committed. Maybe even be able to record your conversations. Imagine the cost of policing and Courts being slashed, when at the touch of a button real time data of events could be retrieved courtesy of the nanotechnology within you?

It is every oppressive Governments wet dream made possible by merging health and technology and that is Bill Gates’s role in all of this. He is central to this technology being made not only available but also viable. Take a second. Think of the possibilities. Think of the advantages. Think of the potential cost savings and benefits to Government. Hopefully you are now beginning to see the bigger picture here and as to why our Governments are so keen to usher in a vaccine, which is the delivery system for this Technology.

This then only becomes possible if you ensure that people take up the vaccine, which I imagine will be relatively harmless to most of us but they needed the right crisis to take advantage of. Step forward Covid.

Now we can argue if it is a man made virus all day long, it probably is but what we cannot argue about is whether our Governments have hijacked it for political purposes. Of course they have as we now have the ridiculous situation of people being told that there is a killer pandemic happening based not on deaths but on numbers of cases, which arent actually cases in any event but positive PCR test results. Which don’t actually detect infection at all but which is scientific enough to baffle most people into frightened compliance with what is about to happen.

The mass vaccination of society and all for a virus so blown out of proportion as to be ludicrous and nonsensical. Yet that isn’t the real purpose of the vaccine as the real purpose is to get the technology inside of you at all costs

When Gates invented (stole) Windows, he did so with that wonderful American sales concept of not just creating a repeatable business model but one that becomes scaleable to such an extent that the applications for the technology becomes limited by your ability to think of applications.

This will transform the World and in the words of Klaus Shwab will help usher in the 4th Industrial Revolution, where your physical self and virtual self will merge together. Gates has taken the concept of a Windows operating system and applied it to people. As not only will we all be forced to receive the initial install of his ‘software’ via the vaccine. We are now the hardware. The vaccine contains the Software and upgrades and Bill Gates owns all of the patents.

As this technology improves over time we will all need updates delivered by further booster shots. Listen to what the experts in the WHO are saying. The vaccine will not mean the end of this. It isn’t going away. Covid will be with us forever and we will need ongoing vaccinations for the rest of our lives.

Now do you understand the importance of this project and technology? Now do you understand why they are hyping this virus beyond all rhyme and reason? Now do you understand the synergy between Bill Gates and his faux altruistic behaviour in funding vaccines, health and nanotechnology? The Data that this will provide to Government to Retailers and Manufacturers is the driver of everything we see and it is set to revolutionise the currency of the future

In the 21st Century we will see 5G the ‘Internet of Things’ occur that will make all of this possible, it just never occurred to most of us that we would be included in the ‘things’ for someone elses profit and control. This is Orwells 1984 enabled by technology and the end of freedom and privacy as we know it. Courtesy of Bill Gates and his quest for power, position, wealth and his ability to monetise a constantly upgradeable operating system off the back of existing hardware. In this case not Computers but humanity.

The only thing that no-one seems to care about in all of this is that we the public are about to be made marketable entities due to Gates and our power mad politicians as I must’ve missed the ethical and theological debates regarding this being allowed to happen. Which is why they want to outlaw debate and discussion and wish to push this through as quickly as possible before you realise the implications for you and your privacy, as you simply will not have any in this 24/7 surveillance state

The scalable applications for this technology are limitless, from a Health, Social and Welfare aspect, to targetted advertising revenue to Military applications (and there will be many of those you can be certain of that). All of which will leave Bill Gates, the man helping humanity through his benevolent good nature owning all of the data and the income generated by it. In effect you and your children will be walking, talking, living, breathing cash generators for him for all of perpetuity.

No wonder the people he funds and the Institutions he heavily infuences do not want any discussion or dissent regarding Covid, the response or the vaccine. Especially when so much money and power derived by it rests upon it being achieved at all costs, as it would just be awful if humanity were to realise this plot before it happened?

As an aside, if you have got this far and think this is pure conspiracy theory, let me point you to the World Economic Forums own website. Its real and this is why there is such a huge rush to force everyone to take a vaccine


Its not a conspiracy. Its real

The Democrats Arrogance Will See Them Jailed

Off to Gitmo for Joe Bedridden

as when the level of corruption and fraud FINALLY gets exposed, Trump will win BIGLY!!
You see the Democrats arrogantly thought that they could steal this election through demoralising Trump’s support with fake polls, fake news, social media manipulation, censoring of actual real life corruption involving their man Joe Bedridden. They had everything in place.
Mail in ballots were needed due to Covid, allegedly
Various Computer Software packages used in the count which could and would be compromised courtesy of #Hammer and #Scorecard to manipulate the results were in place. Not to massively manipulate the count but just enough so as to get the job done but remain undetected. They had it all in place.
The one thing they never expected was the sheer number of Patriotic Americans turning out to vote for Trump. They expected after their 4 year assault on him that his popularity would fall. They were wrong. His base grew stronger and more resolute to see their guy re-elected. The burning cities under Democrat control had showed them what would happen if you let the Democrat party near power again.
So they turned up in their droves to vote for President Trump who would be their salvation against the Globalists and the anarchists of the far-left. The sheer scale of his voter turnout and increase shocked the Democrats. So sure were they that they assumed only a tiny manipulation of the Computer systems would be needed to ensure victory. A manipulation so small that it would be undetectable even under forensic examination. As the evening count proceeded the dawning realisation that a small manipulation could achieve this outcome was blown out of the water. The manipulation needed was so huge that they had to crank up the deception to levels that immediately aroused suspicions with huge spikes noticed for no apparent reason. This was their first mistake.
However this manipulation of data still wasn’t enough to defeat the massive scale of Trumps vote. Bear in mind they were panicked, things weren’t going to plan, they had to do something and do it quickly as they needed more votes or their guy was doomed. So the counts were suspended for the first time in living history in order to buy them some time to try salvage this.
There are many witnesses now coming forward signing affidavits that mail in votes were brought in en-masse and literally submitted into the system without the requisite checks or legal oversight. Basically they panicked and brought in a shit ton of extra votes, included them in the vote count and then expected no challenge because their friends in the media dismissed the accusations of impropriety as unfounded. Big Tech silenced anyone questioning the events and they literally tried to brazen it out with Joe Bedridden being declared President Elect by the Media. This was mistake two and three.
As no way would Donald Trump allow his re-election be criminally hijacked this way by the corrupt Deep State and the Democrats. His Nation, your freedom and the existence of the United States itself depended upon him demanding transparency and explanations. So he set in motion legal challenges to these accusations and he will win and be re-elected as President of the United States. I am certain of it. Which is why I can now declare that Joe Bedridden will very soon end up behind bars, along with the rest of his co-conspirators. Frankly that time cannot come soon enough.

Democracy vs Communism: A Covid Response

At the time of writing England is just about to re-enter another Government enforced lockdown until the 2nd December 2020. The reality of the situation we are in is like this and whether anyone believes this nonsense or not is irrelevant as the actual proof exists.

Lockdowns and the rules we are all suppsed to follow dont work, simply because there is not a place on the planet where they have imposed these rules, for the virus to have then gone away. There isnt. Every country that locked down and imposed rules has now re-entered lockdown, so they have failed for whatever reason.

This we can all agree on as it is fact.

I argue that it has failed because the rules are nonsense and simply at odds with free will and the right of the individual. Others can argue that its because people didnt follow them and that they should be made to do so. One thing we know for sure is that this approach is not working, so we can either adopt the approach we have used for every other virus since year dot, which is protect the vulnerable and gain herd immunity that way

Or we can destroy lives and freedoms to FORCE compliance by an authoritative oppressive state to implement a policy never before used or deemed appropriate in dealing with a viral epidemic. Its your choice but personally I choose freedom. You may choose forced state oppression and thats fine.

However in a democracy is this not supposed to be put to a vote with all the information on the table as opposed to just what the Government and authorities say with every other voice silenced?

Only 12000 Scientists and over 35000 Doctors have signed the Great Barrington Declaration stating that we should open our societies back up to save lives. I agree with them. You may not do so but that again is irrelevant as the real question we should all be asking is,

“Why are they being silenced and ignored by the Government and the media?”

Shouldn’t everyone want to hear the whole story, arguments and options available in dealing with this BEFORE we lose our rights and freedoms or shall we just skip that technicality and go straight for Authoritarian Governmental control via the barrel of a gun? Which is where we are heading

Personally I choose freedom and democracy. You may choose Communist style State Control but right now we live in a Democracy and we should all be united in rejecting the imposition of the latter without first following the agreed rules of the fomer.

Surely that’s not too much to ask before the place descends into the dark days ahead of Civil unrest and violent protest?