Climate Change – Follow The Money

If the whole point of the Climate Change industry was to “fix” the worlds climate, then why are they proposing a worldwide tax and control of economic production via a carbon credit scheme instead of instigating a worldwide tree planting programme which would actually combat it effectively?

The Earth itself is a self contained, self regulating entity. If there is too much CO2 in the atmosphere then this feeds plants and trees as they literally need the stuff to grow and as is being seen by recent NASA satellite imagery, this is actually happening as the green foilage cover of the planet is increasing due to the rising CO2 levels. The Earth is literally trying to repair itself, in the way that it knows how to regain it’s delicate equilibrium.
We are told to look to nature to explain an issue and provide a solution and yet instead of embarking on a worldwide tree planting scheme to actually combat this so called issue, the IPCC want to introduce a Carbon Credit Trading Scheme as their “solution”
A system of regulating the amount of carbon emissions for the entire Worlds Economy, with financial payments or penalties running to trillions of dollars every year for any Country that wishes to exceed the limits set and agreed by them, thus making the IPCC in control of the entire World economic output and all under the notion of ‘saving the planet’
Yet heres the thing.
The Earth has shown us how to rebalance the climate. Plant more trees and vegetation. So if they were really serious about combatting this problem then why are they not instigating a worldwide tree planting scheme? Each tree costs what? A hundred bucks or so? Lets plant a billion trees a year worldwide, hell make it 2 billion. Thats a one off $200billion cost to provide an injection of aid directly to the Earth to help re-regulate itself. Make it a 20 year program with the aim of planting 10 billion new trees over 20 years. THIS would fix the climate but of course they wont do this as there is no control of the worlds economy through this method. No-one gets rich by this method as those behind the IPCC (New World Order) wouldnt gain complete control of the world and of its economic output.
If the issue of man made Climate Change was as real as they say it is, then why are they not pursuing a tree planting scheme which would not only combat it but fix it?
Instead they seek to pursue a Carbon Trading scheme whereby those running the IPCC get control of the World’s economic output by getting your Governments to sign up to their plan by utilising such useful idiots as Greta Thunberg and the Extinction Rebellion rabble to create a groundswell of public opinion and pressure to force them to do it
Open your eyes people because as in everything you have to follow the money to gain the full picture as to what is actually going on as opposed to what they wish to tell you is going on


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